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On behalf of the Class of 1998, we would like to dedicate this yearbook 
to Principal Bruce Marshman as a thank you for his years of devotion 
to and support of the student body of Norwell High School. We will 
always appreciate all the time and interest he has given to the 
betterment of our years here. 





Applied Arts 



Mr. Holbert 
Mr. Webber 
Mr. Browne 
Mr. Emerson 
Mr. Healey 


Mr. Herman 
Mr. Rheault 

Mr. Tardie 

Mr. Rogers 
Ms. Traverse 


Ms. Giordano 
Ms. J. Doherty 
Mr. Swartz 
Ms. Connor 
Mr. DiNolo 
Ms. B. Doherty 
Ms. Butler 

Guess Who 


Mr. DiNolo 

A. football captain 


Ms. J. Doherty 

B. voted most likely to succeed 


Mr. Webber 

C. ship building staff 


Ms. Giordano 

D. basketball captain 


Ms. Beyer 

E. dance 


Mr. Emerson 

F. cheerleader 


Dr. Gerety 

G. french club 


Mr. Dargis 

H. tennis 


Ms. Butler 

1. Dracula's victim in school play 


Mr. Holbert 

J. glee club 


Ms. Vemacchio 

K. orchestra 


Mr. Gerety 

L field hockey 


Ms. Dunn 

M. rock 'n roll band 


Mr. Mott 

N. president of french club 

(See answers on page 178) 






Julie Appel Geoff Atkinson Kelly Barry Dana Beguerie Gregory Bunker 

Robert Cooper Mary Costa 






The sparkle in those eyes 
always brings a smile. 
The very best to you as 
you venture out to all new 
challenges. Congratula- 
tions! Love, Auntie 


You've worked hard, it 
made you strong. Five 
years ago, doesn't seem 
that long. You came from 
Belgium and with-out a 
doubt. Each and every 
day you made us proud. 
We love you! Papa, 
Marge, David, Jess (and 


Amanda, You are 
thoughtful , sensitive, 
caring, bright and beauti- 
ful. We are so proud of 
you! Be true to yourself 
and you will always find 
success and happiness. 
Congratulations and keep 
striving for the best. You 
deserve nothing less. 
Love, Mom, Dad, Tim 
and Matt. 

Jessie- You are your own 
person. Keep on that 
path. Wishing you love 
& dreams always. Loving 
you: Ma, Dad, Jason & 

\atie- God has graced us 
vith you. You have 
pecial qualities that some 
)eople will never obtain 
n a lifetime- A gentle 
pirit and a tender heart. 
\\\ blessings to you- With 
nuch love- Mom, Dad, 
:rin, Kerry, Brian, Nana 
.., NanaG., Tony + Jay, 
Cathy + Sal 

If only time could be 
rolled back; not to change 
anything, but to relive 
every precious moment. 
You are a joy Jenifer, and 
have brought us many a 
"Suni Day." Love, Your 


Congratulations! We are 
so proud of you. You are 
such a gift to us. May all 
the years ahead be good 
ones to you. Your family 
will always be there to 
encourage and support 
you. Love, Mom, Dad, 
Caitlin & Matthew 

reg the party animal, 
-ove & Kisses, Mom, 
)ad, Merri & Manda 


You have given us many 
reasons to be proud of 
you and wonderful 
memories to cherish. 
Believe in yourself 
because with your 
enthusiasm, determina- 
tion and humor anything 
is possible! Love, Mom, 
Dad & Jackie 


Our shining star. You fill 
our hearts with love, so 
giving, so caring. Keep 
your beautiful smile and 
bubbly personality! You 
will go far, we love you... 
Mom, Dad, Pete & Sandy 


We are so proud of you. 
You are loved and 
appreciated for your hard 
work and dedication for 
all that you do. Keep 
that great smile and sense 
of humor. Love, Mom, 
Dad, Julie 


We're so proud of you. 

Follow your dreams and 

have fun! Love, Dad, 

Mom, Jessie and Rob 


As you continue on your 

path, always keep your 

smile and openness to 

others. We are all very 

proud of you. Love, 

Mom, Dad, Becky and 



You are the sunshine in 
our life! Bring your spirit, 
faith, strength and 
sensitivity with you and 
success and happiness 
will follow. Love, Mom 
and Dad 


Brains and Bronze, you 
have the winning combi- 
nation: a kind word, a 
helping hand, a caring 
heart. We're so very 
proud of you! Love, 
Mom, Dad and Tina 

Dear Kyrle, 

We are so proud of you 
in so many ways. Your 
hard work and discipline 
will pay off as you 
prepare for a bright and 
successful future. We love 
you. Dad, Mom, Shane, 
and Nicole 


We are so proud of you. 
You have worked hard 
and deserve all you have 
achieved. Stay true to 
yourself and you will 
continue on your path of 
success. We will miss 
you, we love you and we 
wish you much happi- 
ness. Dad, Mom, Lindsay, 
James and Thomas 

Pookie Muffin, Princess, 
Shan, Shannon, Shannon 
Elizabeth, Shannon 

Elizabeth Williams 

Shan-eeee!! You are 
awesome!! You are our 
pride and joy,.... Always 
REACH for the stars!!!! 
All our love. . . Mom and 


Nice smile. Keep it. You 
light up our world. You're 
a great kid! Congratula- 
tions. We all love and 
cherish you very much. 
Mom, Dad, K.C., John 
and Chris 

ood luck Frankie! 
A/e are all so proud of 
)ou. God bless you. Love, 
^om and Dad, Joanne 
nd Brian, Chrissy and 
Aike, Mimi and 
^ob,Dotsie, Nancy and 
lui, Hannah, Abby, 
'^ike, Robbie, and Little 


On the living room, 
recital and community 
theater stages, we have 
proudly watched your 
talents blossom. All the 
world is now your stage. . 
. but we will always be 
your biggest fans. We 
love you. Dad, Mom and 

You have been an enrich- 
ment for us from the child 
you were to the adult you 
are. Watching you develop 
has been our privilege. 
Keep growing and know 
that we are always there 
for you. Love, Mom and 


May you have the cour- 
age, imagination and 
focus to follow your 
dreams into the future. 
Love, Mom, Dad, Jared 
and Greg 


/ou'll always be our 
irown eyed girl. May 
our future be filled with 
Tiuch happiness and love. 
Congratulations! We all 
jve you very much, 
-ove. Dad, Mom, Coll & 

Brian, your charming 
ways and terrific sense of 
humor have brought us 
great joy over the years. 
Follow your dreams but 
never lose sight of what's 
truly important in life. 
With love. Mom, Dad and 


Katrina, your smile brings 
joy to the world. Believe 
in yourself and soar. 
Reach for the stars and 
you will conquer. We're 
all very proud of you! But 
remember, you will 
always be my little "Trina 
Beanna" Love ya, Mom, 
John, Michael, Kayla, 
Dad & Chad 


As hard as it is to let you 
go, we have faith that 
you're ready- Ready to 
meet the world with both 
feet firmly planted on the 
ground; your heart open 
to experience life, and an 
earnest desire to make 
the world a better place. 
Love you, Mom & Dad 

Congratulations Kelly! 
You have survived all the 
different schools and all 
the moves. You have 
been great and handled 
everything so well. We 
are all very proud of you 
and what you have 
accomplished. Love, Dad 
& Mom & Family 

Dear Matt, 

We can't believe you're a 
senior. We are so proud 
of the young man you 
have become. Keep up 
the good work and never 
lose your determination. 

The sky's the limit Little 

Guy! Love, Mom & Dad 

Janny, you have become 
a beautiful young woman, 
blessed with compassion, 
determination and 
integrity. With love, we 
watch as you take your 
gifts to the world, where 
you will find "Fun all over 
the place." Love, Mom, 
Dad, Greg, John 

So many days 
So many years 
A million laughs 
Just a few tears 
So beautiful to look at 
A pleasure to know 
You'll do the right thing 
You always have. 
Go well our daughter 
Mom & Dad 

From our little princess to 
a beautiful young woman, 
you have made us all so 
proud. We know your 
hardwork and dedication 
will bring you a lot of 
success. Congratulations, 
Jenn, we love you 
princess. Mom, Dad, Ray, 
Kayla, Raymond 

"You have brains in your 
head. You have feet in 
your shoes. You can 
steer yourself any direc- 
tion you choose. You're 
on your own. And you 
know what you know. 
And YOU are the gal 
who'll decide where to 
go. " Love, Mom, Dad, 
Kelly, Caitlin, Rory & 


You are a wonderful son 
who we will always be 
proud of. We wish you 
joy, constant love and a 
passionate life surrounded 
with friends. Mom and 


Congratulations on all 
v ou've accomplished. 
Keep on being the active, 
involved, good guy that 
lou are. Love, Dad, Rob 
and Patty 

"J Scott- 

"Trust in the Lord with all 

thine heart and lean not 

unto thine own under- 

standing. In all thy ways 

acknowledge him, and he 

will direct thy paths." 

(Proverbs 3:5-6) We are 

proud of you and love 

you very much. Mom & 


Well, Dave, your first 18 
were not boring. We love 
your uniqueness. We're 
coking forward to more 
excitement as you tune 
yourself in, 'cause you are 
the station that really 
rocks! Mom & Dad 


I'm so proud of you and 
only wish health, happi- 
ness and success in all 
your future plans. Always 
keep your sense of 
humor, kind heart and 
sensitivity toward others. 
Remember, I'll never give 
up on you and believe in 
yourself. I love you. Mom 


You've made a tremen- 
dous start on becoming 
your own person. We're 
all very proud of you and 
wish you the best as you 
take the next step. Set 
your sights high! Love, 
Mom, Dad & Katie 

Love, respect and commu- 
nication is life's journey.... 
and we couldn't ask for a 
better person to share it 
with! The world is your 
playground. Thanks for 
being you. Congratulations. 
Mom and Dad and Family 


I'm sure that you are 
proud of this occasion, 
but we are sure that you 
will have many more. 
Congratulations. Love, 
Dad, Mom, Joe & Laura 


You are a hardworking 
and caring person. 
Whatever goal you set 
forth, you will accom- 
plish. We are proud of 
you and always will be. In 
our heart you are a very 
special part. Love Mom, 
Dad and Cameron 

Even as a young child 
your determination and 
self-confidence was 
apparent. We hope you 
will be anything and 
everything you want to 
be. May all your dreams 
come true. We are so 
proud. We love you 
endlessly, Mom & Dad 

Patt - Congratulations! 
We're so proud of 
everything that you have 
accomplished. Continue 
to believe in yourself, as 
we do. The best is yet to 
come. We love you. 
Mom, Dad, Melissa and 

Josh, we are very proud 
of the young man you 
are. You live the quote, 
To thine own self be 
true," Not a follower, b 
yourself. Stand tall and 
proud. Congratulations, 
Love Mom, Dad and Sa 


Dad and I are so proud of 
the child you were, and 
the young man you have 
become. We look 
forward to the wonderful 
adult you promise to be. 
Congratulations! Love, 
Mom & Dad 


From day one you've had 
us all amused, inspired 
and amazed with your 
blend of industry and 
intellect, sensitivity and 
silliness, self-reliance and 
savvy. You have my love, 
my respect and my 
admiration. Keep 
enjoying all that life has 
to offer! Mom 


We are all very proud of 
you. You have worked 
very hard and achieved 
much success. Great job 
and good luck in the 
future- Love, Mom, Dad, 
Danielle, Janny, Dave, 
Minnie and Annie 

Steven, Congratulation 
We wish you much 
success in life. We "re 
proud of you and we lo 
you. Good luck. Mom, 


Hats off to the best kid 
ever. We love you. Matt! 
Dad, Mom & Alicia 


Congratulations! We arc 
/ery proud of you and 
/ou accomplishments, 
/our special personality 
md smile will help you 
ulfill your dreams. Be 
la ppv in whatever you 
io. Good Luck! We Love 
t'ou. xxoo. Mom. Dad. 
<erri and Benji 

-ongratulations Amanda! 
he world is now yours! 
Ve wish you much 
lappiness in whatever 
ou choose to do. We 
re so proud of you and 
5ve you so much! Best 
Vishes. Mom. Dad. Kara, 
ennifer. Tracy & Jay 
md baby-to-be) 


The future is yours! Be 
strong and follow your 
dreams. The best is yet 
to come! We're proud of 
you! Love always. Mom. 
Dad & Jon 


You have always been 
you're own person. 
We're so proud of you. 
Love. Mom. Dad and 


Congratulations, you 
made it! You're in the 
homestretch now. so aim 
high with your goals, set 
your mind on it and you'll 
succeed at whatever you 
choose. Love. Mom. Dad. 
Jen. Amv & Leanne 


Well. you surprised us. 
You've done really well. 
We all hope your years to 
come are as good as your 
last. Love. Dad 


Dear John 

"May the long time sun 
shine upon you. All love 
surround you. And the 
pure light within you 
Guide your v^.'ay on." 
We "re so proud of you. 
Congratulations. Love. 
Mom. Dad & Justin 

Congratulations, Chrissy! 
Your laughter and smile 
have brightened our lives. 
We know you'll succeed 
in whatever you strive for. 
We're so very proud of 
you! Love, Mom, Dad & 

You have always made us 
proud... not only for your 
accomplishments, which 
are many, but most 
especially for the person 
you are. We wish you 
happiness and the best 
that life has to offer. 
Love, Mom, Dad, & 

E.T. ...Kudos! Yes it's 
finally time to song the 
LOUD version of "To- 
morrow" ! We treasure 
your talents, generous 
spirit and independence. 
We could not be more 
proud of you not love you 
more! Mom, Daddy and 

Erika: " As we wind on 
down the road, Our 
shadow taller than our 
soul. Walks a lady we all 
know; Listen very hard- 
The tune will come at 
last..." Love, Mom, Dad, 
Vanessa, Michael 

"Grace was in all her 
steps, heav'n in her eye, 
in every gesture dignity 
and love. " (Milton) Lisa- 
dance through your life 
with love and laughter. 
Love forever. Mom 


We are all so proud of 
you for all you have 
accomplished so far. 
Follow your dreams to 
the end of the rainbow, 
and your pot of gold will 
be overflowing. We are 
here for you, in every- 
thing you do. Love, 
Mom, Dad, Brandon & 

Congratulations Beth! 
You are the sunshine of 
our lives. Never lose your 
wonderful spirit, determi- 
nation or style. Find your 
passion and reach out for 
the dreams that only you 
can make happen. We 
are so proud of you. Love 
always. Mom, Dad & 

Become someone's heroi 
With much pride and 
love. Mom & Dad 


Congratulations! We are 
very proud of your hard 
work and success in 
school. Good luck with 
all your future dreams. 
Lots of love, Mom, Dad, 
Jon, Chance and 
Munchakin, EB 


hen you were young, 
u didn't understand 
ly you couldn't fly. 
)w, go ahead and fly. 
ve. Mom, Dad, Glenn 

Listen for your soul to cry 
out, "This is me!" Em- 
brace the knowledge and 
let it be life's guide. Your 
soul and your talents will 
lead you to your dreams. 
All our love, Mom and 


We love who you are, our 
fun loving, kind and 
considerate son. The 
world is yours if you focus 
and believe in yourself. 
Our wish for you is much 
happiness and success. 
All of our love. Mom, 
Dad and Jamie 

Dear Sarah ( Heidi?), 
Thanks for bringing your 
world of Switzerland into 
our lives in Norwell! We 
will never forget you! 
With love, Nancy, John 
and Molly 

To Michelle, 

We are very proud of you 
- your self-motivation, 
your determination, your 
quiet yet powerful 
manner and your values. 
Never be afraid to walk to 
the beat of a different 
drummer. We love you! 
Mom, Dad, Jeff & Jason 

' Our Brooks, 
ieems like we first 
ard you "chirp" only 
sterday - and now you 
> about to leave the 
St. Your feathers are 
1 sparse, but with 
nfidence and spirit, 
iny thermals will come 
ur way to help you soar 
great heights. Mom, 
id, Poppy, Norman & 


You are what 

YOU think. 

Having become what 

YOU thought.. 

With all our Love and 

Admiration, Mom, Dad & 



Congratulations, a job 
well done. Good luck in 
the future years. Love, 
Mom and Colleen 

Congratulations Milee! We 
wish you success and 
happiness in your future! 
Remember, success is the 
result of hard work. 
Believe in yourself and 
have fun along the way. 
You have made us so 
proud, now go out and 
make yourself proud. 
Listen to your heart, you'll 
find the right answers. 
Love you. Mom, Dad, 
Erin, John & Misty 

Dayna - We are so proud 
of the wonderful person 
you are. Don't compro- 
mise your values for 
anyone. We know your 
determination will enable 
you to attain your goals. 
Love, Mom, Dad and Joy 


"... the very least you can 
do in your life is to figure 
out what you hope for. 
And the most you can do 
is to live inside that 
hope." (Kingsolver) 
You're a wonderful 
human being. Love, Dad, 
Mom, & Jon 

Dear Mark, 

You lit up our world the 
day you came into our 
lives, and just made it 
brighter with each 
passing year. We're so 
proud of you. Love, Mom 
& Dad 

Sweet Kristin - Congratu- 
lations! You are the 
sunshine of my life - A 
special gift to this world - 
1 wish you much laughter, 
happiness and love on 
your journey. So very 
proud of you. Love, Mom 

JJ - For bringing sunshine 
and happiness into our 
lives, we love you! 
Here's to a great future! 
Keep smiling. Keep 
shining! All our love, j 
Mom, Dad & Meaghan 


Congratulations! We are 
very proud to have such e 
caring, loving and outgo- 
ing person we call our , 
daughter. Always be 
yourself and you will ' 
forever be happy. Love, 
Mom, Dad & Bonnie 


We are all so proud of you 
and the young woman you 
have become. Hold on to 
your wonderful sense of 
humor that keeps us all 
smiling. Congratulations, 
Love, Mom, Dad, Michael, 
Debbie, and your whole 

Alexandra, Good luck in 
your future. We all know 
you can do it if you put 
your mind to it.. With 
Love From, Mom, Dad, 
Scott and Ryan 

)on't worry - we will 
Iways be here for you! 
ove. Mom, Don & Crew 

Ashley - Congratulations 
to you and the class of 
1998! May all your 
hopes and dreams come 
true. Hey, who let you 
grow up? All our love, 
Mom, Dad, Lesley and 

Congratulations Megs! 
We're very proud of you. 
You're a joy and a 
pleasure! Continue to be 
your own person. We 
love you! Dad, Mom, 
Sean, Kate, Leen, Matt & 

'ongratulations Bunkie; 
'e're so proud of you. 
/e love you very much 
nd wish you much 
jccess and happiness in 
le future. Love Always, 
lom. Dad & Kristin 


To the "Good" Child: 
You've certainly kept us 
busy through the years, 
Lyns, and we've loved 
every moment. Your 
high standards and 
dedication to all pursuits 
make you very special to 
us. Thank you for every 
precious memory. Love 
Always, Dad, Mom, 
Shannon & Leigh 

Erica, Accept all of life's 
challenges with your 
warm smile and kind 
heart. Wherever life leads 
you, your family is behind 
you to give you love and 
support. All the best 
Mom, Daddy, Kristen & 


You are the man. Keep 
smiling and let your 
conscience be your guide. 
Love, Mom, Dad, Don, 
Jean, Michael, Marc, 
Jenn, David, Amanda, 
Mitch, Adam, Rachel, 
Sam, and the unnamed 
future family. 


Believe in yourself, the 
love you give to others, 
and the love they give 
back to you. You have 
the power within to be 
anything you choose and 
a heart big enough to 
save the world. WE 
LOVE YOU! Love, Mom, 
Steve, Stephen, Jesse & 


You are our little "Suzi 
Sunshine". Your smiling 
face always brightens our 
day. Always stand your 
ground and be the sincere 
loving person you are and 
you will always be a 
success. Love, Mom, Dad 
& Danielle 

Congratulations Kim and 
the Class of 1998. We 
are all so proud of you. 
Love, Mom, Dad, 
Dianna, Paul & Katie, 
Juju, Paul, Julie, Chase, 
Derek, Alexis and Mat- 

Tara, Congratulations! 
We are so proud of you. 
We wish you luck, success 
and happiness in what- 
ever you do. We love 
you, Mom, Dad & Sean 

Congratulations, Andrew! 
We are all very proud of 
you. Continue on your 
new journey with faith 
and courage. Our love 
and support will always 
be with you. Love, Mom, 
Dad and Derek 

Congratulations BOBBY! 
You made it! We are so 
proud of you. We wish 
you love and success in 
your future endeavors. 
This picture is a perfect 
example of you- sweet & 
buff! Love, Mom & Dad, 
Jenelle & Mike 


You have always been 
your own person. A ree 
blessing, you fill our live 
with love and laughter. 
Use Your special gifts an 
you'll be successful. Lov 
you. Mom, Dad, Vinnie' 
Paul & Ashley i 

Erin- You have always 
met every challenge- 
always consistent, always 
dependable- Continued 
success in everything you 
do. We are so proud of 
you- Love- Mom, Dad, 
Katie, Kerry, Brian, Nana 
L., Nana G., Tony -i- Jay 
+ Family 

Andria, My wish for you 
is that your special day 
will be the start of a 
lifetime full of happiness 
and success. We are proud 
of you. Love Mom, Lisa 
and Peter. 

-ori. You have come so 
ar by letting your heart 
ind head steer the way. 
Me love you as a family 
oves, but like you for the 
)erson you are. If you 
vere not our daughter or 
ister, you would be our 
riend. We are very proud 
)f you and wish you only 
lappiness and success. 
,ots of Love and Best 
A/ishes!! Mom, Dad and 

Twirling white petticoats 
& bare feet exchanged 
for pirouetting canvas 
ballet slippers. Red Stride- 
Rites exchanged for black 
leather "Doc Martens". 
Crayons exchanged for 
paint brushes. Memories 
exchanged for dreams. 
Tessa, artists soul, we 
love you! M,T,P,B,D,J,M 

Dearest Jenn, 
You arc a special gift to 
us. How quickly our 
daughter has grown into 
a caring and generous 
young woman and a 
loving older sister! May 
what God has begun in 
you continue to grow and 
may you always dance in 
the sunshine that delights 
in your heart.. Love, 
Mom, Dad, Pattie & Joey 

On behalf of the Class of 
1998, we would like to 
thanks all the parents for 
their love and support!! 

^ood WcR «ic&« Qilf wniit^j^*^^. 

Do You 

Elementary school wars, Sesami 
Street, ice cream socials, indoo: 
recess, extra gym, Mr. Flaherty' 
choc, chip cookies, after school 
basketball w/ Mr. Hutt, breakfa.' 
with Santa, 4-square, tether ball 
magic circle, the uh-oh feeling, 
poker in Mr. Holmes's class, fiei 
days, chorus & Christmas con- 
certs, symphony, slap bracelets, 
dodge-ball, kissing at recess, 
George's Island, 4-H dances, 8tl 
grade dance, Wild Bill, Silent 
Reading, spin the bottle, the ro; 
course, silent lunches, 'Teen 
magazine. Doctor Spy, cell cake 
freshman overnight, Brian 
Reardon peeing in Cheez-its ba* 
Emo's Christmas trivia game, 
Clipper Fun Nights, the snow d 
w/ no power, school plays, Nev 
Kids on the Block, Mill Pond, si: 
grade video, pegging pants, bac 
perms, "risking the risk", powd 
puffs, homecomings. 


nd Laura Starry, Kristie Kirby, 
!atie Covel, Amanda Heller, 
ichard Grant, Hannah Montgom- 
ry. Jade Munsini, Kevin 
'reyheim, James Lawson, Ross 
asmussen, Lynne Thompson, 
,my Stankiewicz, Leigh-Anne 
!ole, Caitlin Morrill, Tim 
mallcomb, Mark Thorell, Ben 
largro, Alison Banks, Alan 
iardner, Nick Menconi, Laura 
lodgkins, Anthony Finn, Jackie 
ushee, Kathleen Dunton, Alicia 
'iNatale, Chris Dypko, Dan 
>"Brien, Erik Johnson, Eric Coles, 
ara Osborne, Laura Levangie, 
atherine McKelvey, Jonathan 
immons, Liam McDevitt, Ryan 
ox, Shayna Dippel, Kaleb Smith, 
anis Gray, Mary Beth Kunigonis, 
ay Hainer, Townshend Thayer, 
ick Salter, Nate Mega, Leigh- 
nne Cubi, Jenna Kiely, Brooke 
aker, Shara Tierney and Gillen 


Tara Marie Acton 

T, Big T, TaTa, T-Bag^ Teretski, Tiara. Balcky 

Genuine laughter is a great healer. Don't take life so seriously. 
Laugh at yourself. Life was not meant to be a struggle. Denise Linn 

Student Gov t 1-4, Peer Ed 3-4, Soccer 1-3, Basketball 1-4. Track 1-4 
ICapt. 4). Chem Club 3-4, Newspaper Z-4, Yearbook 3-4. Nat l 
Honor Society 3-4 " ^ 

T-squared. Flashlight Tag^,Front yard Football, Sing Songs in Science w/ 
KH.AB.AB Hey RO! OH MY GOD, BHey now,Hey nowB New Years 
Tradition Ballet w/CK SH you can have Nicola Nantasket, Scituate 
Harbor w/AR,AB.CK,EG #1 Italians Claudio's braids Hypnotized 
MOO& AHHH w/AM Revolution Games w/EG,AB,JL I have news 
Call to cry I have a song JOD Friendly friends Gold Avalon w/AB little 
Santa's Trivial Pursuit in MV Spy Missions and midnight drives w/AM ' , 

Telepathy Twins RH JS SL Jetta Foolish Games.EI PDPs Prom97 DMB concert 96-7 Mom,Dad thinks 
Good Luck Sean. I love you! 

Jonathan Dakin Alabiso 

Jon, Jqfiny, Jon Jon, Jonitalia 

"Find some inspiration. It's dowri deep inside of you. Amehd yot<r 
situation. Your whole life is ahead of you. " -Daue Matthews Bartd 

Football 1-2. Baseball 1, Student Gov't 2,4. Class Officer 1-2, Bowling 
Club 1, Spanish Club 2, Chem Club 3, Yearbook 

4 AB-6:2(fe, 1/21 TalentShow, Kidscene, skiin§, cpllegetours, XMas, 
Newport, Wangplays, U2, Lionking, Clueless, Fear, Wallflowers. DMB, 
promnightwJT&LA, interruptions, goodnight, Roger&Sara&Twins, 
Pizza Hut&movie, FamilyFunctions,7/3;LM;DMB'97,JMV'sRoom w/ 
JP&EK, phases,Colby; CB-Free,the Reaper,Plymouthw/SG,JB, JL;ED- 
rides, plays; DA,AC,MB,BF,BR,NShanginout, BostonParty@Reardon's, 
BeachHouse ,DMB'95BackPorches,BirdSanctuary, Batman; DA 
SteveMiller; AK-kitchen;JT-hog&swine,nuts. I vj/ish AB the best of luck 
and all my love. Mom, Dad, Vin, Paul, Ash. thanks for evgrything and I love you all 

Li«al\nn Allen . 

Lis. Lisy, Laa.Laa's, Allen., 

"In order to live this life one should not have to make so man{; 
twists and turns, but the\; seem required for an\)bod\j who wants to 
get it all straight." Karen Rose . ' 

X-C 9-10, Winter Track 9, Spring Track 9,10 Class Secretary 9 

3rd of July Humarock JT,AB,JA. Norris trips JT. Frsh summer bike 
trips LD. Getting lost KH. 18th B-Day LW,AW,KW. Hockey trips PD, 
AB.KH. XBHS dances PD.ABo. X-Mas vaca AB&DM Fr year. After 
prom @JA's AB&JT Cape trips LW,AW,KS,KH,MA,LA,DP. Bagel trips 
KH. TP&E KH. SCI bike trips PD, Friendlys LD,KH,PD, ABo. HORDE 
KL. SO, JA.- JT. DMB96, 97.Star crew iRati MB. LL's-KH,KS. SW 
Chaw. To all my friends good luck I love you all! To my fam thanks for 
everything. JT love you always, thanks for the memories. J A good luck 
next year! 

Daniel Anderson 

62 • Class of 1998 


* Andrea Maria Barber 

Dre. Barbs, Baba, Kimmy Gibbler, Andrea, Nladonna.Tigger 

"Don't waste your time thinking about who you ought to be, just be 
content u\th who iiou're becoming" - Anonyfnous 


Soccer 1-4, French Club 1-2, Band 1-4, Pep Band 2-4, Newspaper 3-4 
Yearbook 4, Nat l Honor Society 3-4, Service Clutj 2, Peer Ed 4, 
Chorus 4 

"But I don't like you!", Ted. Claudio, trip to Grc&It^,french tree w/ 
scratchy head,shwang,Tu as danse hierCK?,WannaTaco w/BB, Soccer 
w/Emo,SAAB,Ou est Jorge?-Scanky tanky-P on Chtt-grapes-GetBali- 
Revs w/EG. asparagus, happymovie's w/DM,watermelon&Fargo w/ 
JL,AR-Chris@Lunch, tainted OJ-fleecesocks-CB4-Prom-great talks 
&everything w/DG (girls&cats rule!)Insensitive.JOD-milkcow-shakeOJ- 
dog&cat-24/7homecomings-bandparties-trombone wA)rick-that was 
fun, fight, Nantasket, Prom97,New Year's, Red Sox-Flameboy-OPM&House love w/AM,amish w/ 
TA,chem30w/SF,spilling drinks&DTs w/SW Good luck PM&BM-I'll miss you guys! Thanks for 
everything, Mom Dad&Tina,I love u all. 

Amanda Jayne Beaudette 

Manda, Bobo. Mands, Beaudie 

"See. you and me haue a better time than most can dream. Have it 
better than the best, so (we) can pull on through whatever tears at 
us, whatever holds us down. And if nothing can be done, we'll 
make the best of what's around. " -Daue^atthews Band 

Gymnastics 1-4 (Capt. 4), Cheerieading 1-4 (Capt. 4), Student Gov't 1- 
4, SpanisPrClub 2, Peer Ed 3, Chem Club 3, Yrbk 4, Newspaper 4 

LA, gymcamp.songsw/KHTAAB.Heehee, Friendly s, Vineyard, Der, after 
Homecpmings,Spanw/LD,D&D,HWprobsw/MG,promw/ JALAJT, 
skiing, fam. functions, LionKing, Clueless, secrets, U2,beachhouses, 
cdllegetours, haircutswJH, summer97 fans, wrestling, lnfantToddler,ClipperClips,Ro^r&Sara,movie& 
pizza, OhJ^eze. Jon, thanks,! could never have made it w/out you. Best of luck.l love you 
always. T&M, good luck.M&D, thanks for everything.! love you. 

Mark Peter Bizzozero 

Bizz, Baco. Sparky. Bizzo, Bozz 

"Like the morning sun you come, and like the wind you go. Ain't no 
time to hate, baret'i) time to wait. What I want to know, where does 
the time go. " G.D. » 

^occer 1-2, Tennis 2-3. Wrestling 3, Chem Club, Hi-Five Club 

Canada brawl, Party@Reardon's, All DMB's,Bosstones w/ 
DA,AC,{^S,JA,Beach Fires w/Mfl gang KW,JR,JJ,KW,KL,MC,P-Bal! 
my house.Gurnet, wA)A,BF,AC,Evilfight6@Pithies,IV!y heart hurts: - • 
Nordic Village.Chem w/BD.Caps in the field@MC,R!P Timothy,HR@ 
York w/KW,Massages@WH,Pots-HPans w/AC,Surfing w/KW,Bird Sane 
w/JA,AC^PA,BF,BR,DollyCopp,NS we missed ya. Oct^6@JP,Good 
fini^@MV w/CZ. To Mom-hDad thanks for all your support and 
encouragement. John-i-Angela good luck in school and have fun. 

^atrina Marie Bois 

Kat, Trin, 

"Soni^ people cd/tie into our lives and quickli; go. Some people 
move our souls to dance. They awaken us to new understanding with 
the passing whisper of theirwisdom. Some people make the s/cy 
more beautiful to gaze upon. They stay in our lives for a while, leave 
footprints on our.hearts and we arefiever the same. " 

soccer 1-2, x-country 3, track 1^3, wrestling mgr. 2, basketball mgr. 3, 
student gov't 3-4, yearbook 4'^v^ ' ''^ 

lost wey.&babystg w/BS;walks home from BRs;9thgr.wAR;SM:IVI.E., 
sthn accent;smr95w/J!-!&B9rcharlie;JA&;PD,who do you love?JA, cheat 
much?MJ,! kid b/c I care;AB,tnmhs up;prm.size;hey,you only liveonte; 
xcntry&TGIFw/KF;CH:my best fr.&moreimy eternal love;my friends&fam;thanx for always being 
through the rough times-J love u crii;best of memories, may they never end &party on 


Class of 1998 • 63 

Amanda Jacqualyq Bo wen 

Bowen, Bo, Mandy 

"This bridge will take you half may there, the last few steps you'// 
have to take alone" -Shel Silversteen 

|FHS-NHS/Hey what's happening ?S.Stky Xav dances w/PD,LA-6x's- 
M5mins.Loon Mtn w/PD,LD&Shai?Elvtor rides-wet pllw.Sci ride- 
What's his last name?Drvs Ed w/PD&Anthony.4th@Srfsde Hldy.Swim 
@5am.9/14/96-AD. Kindred w/AD,SB,LD.PD&CE.Go on Mass Ave- 
SM.Caught@PD's.PJ's. Cache shopping w/SB. Feels weird-don't do 
it.Sr boy trbles w/JH-not worth it!Ex night. Prty ptrl@AD's.l5 pssengr 
prm van. Prty@PC. Fear & corn prties w/LD-missing toe.Chem 30/ 
32.Lbr pains@grad.Mmm w/PD@RH's.FI. w/AD-hot tubs.Hard 
gdbye.Obsrvtions. 17&no permit. To my fam, thanks 4 your support. 
Keyroy&Jenroy.have fun! 

Michael James Brennan 

MB. Peanuts _ 
"Always do what you are afraid to do. " — Ralph Waldo Emerson * 
Baseball 1-4 

ACE, the Hut, Star Market(MC), TK 2-4, Great Woods(DMB, Wu-Tang- 
Rage, Aerosmith, etc.) Homecoming, Martin's House, lan's house, TP 
the town then picking it up, getting arrested w/ FS, BK, JH, the rock in 
the Elks w/ FB, KH. DM. Worms-FS.Cole School, the reserve, fire- 
cracker incident. King don't run, stake outs at Tedeschi's, Jacobs, FS is 
tough, "How old r u- not old enough", the photocopy at drums w/ NM, 
MG,TK, BHG, High speed chase, woofers^ass, missions, mustard on 
sweatshirt, b-ball at the courts. Thanks 4 everything mom, dad. Laura 
and Joe. Good Luck class of '98. 

Bruce Cole Bryan 

Big Bad Brucy B.. Bructifur, Zeus 

"Do net worr]^ about [;our beard when you are losing ^lour head" - 
The Seven Samurai 

Soccer 1,4, Drama 1-4, Amnesty international 2-4 (publicity 3. social 
coordinator 4), Math Team 1-4 (vice pres. 4), Mock trial team 3-4, 
Service Club 1-2, Gay Straight Alliance 3-4 

'All I need is food and creative love"-Rusted Root 
"When 1 meet my lord in the next world 1 will not be asked 'Why wasn't 
1 more like the great man Moses?' I shall be asked, "Why wasn't I more 
like the great man Zusya'" -Rabbi Zusya 

"I'm gonna do the best that 1 can till I can't" -Willie D. Wimberly 

"So I'll walk the plank and I'll jump with a smile. If I'm gonna go down 

I'll do it with style. "-Ani Difranco 

"Don't pee uphill unless you want wet boots" -Albert Einstien 
"I'd rather be a forest than a street" - Simon and Garfunkel 
"The sun ain't yellow, it's chicken" - Bob Dylan 

Sarah Buck 

// there is a will, there is a way 

Horseback riding, babysitting, letters, phonecalls 

I have just started to experience' my NHS memories... Switzerland 
meets USA, AFS, Ian, Homecoming, Jen. Tom and all the other nice 
kids and teachers at NHS, AFS, "do yoTj speak Swedish?", where is my 

64 . Class of 1998 

' Ewing Brooks Buitta 

Sweetie T., Buddha, Boots, Poppy, Norman, S^tormin', Borland 

"We are the music makers and the dreamers of dreams" -Will]; 
Wonka v 

Football 3-4 (capt.). Track 3-4, Basketball 1-2, Baseball 2, Soccer 1 a mofo, backyard fb,Europe'95,sega bets, Revnjr, painting talks, 
qrowing up w/BB,Foges's pool, Fabio, Great Woods,Shaft,FS"real man" 
(40-t-),TG game'96,Hold it!, IS rippers,Vermont, Carolina, sup there 
chief !,post-GW w/SP, Worms !,bocce w/NS,the basement, Rackaram!, 
ACE pizza, the Jet,Northend,lil sis, Boston w/PB, homework w/lS, Pearl 
Jam@the Ferd's, Friday dinners, blacktop b-ball, Blockbuster, Save the 
baby!, Vnachs"Ewing!",Baja, Norm's, Here comes Rusty!, Ready team, 
Youthgroup. 7-0..., thanks to my friends for fun, thanks to my family for 
everything, my best to KS and classmates of '98. 

Frederick Wardrop Bunker, III 

Fred, Blunder, Ricky, Bunkeroo, Guru, Freddie Teddy Ruxpin, Turtle, 
Snapper, The Town Crier, Pickles 

"You know, Hobjbes, sometimes even my /ucfcy rocketship under- 
pants don't help." -Caluin 
"Like, let's get out of here, ScoobH!" — Shaggy 


Student Gov't 1, Bowling Club 1, Basketball 2-4, Mock Trial 3-4 

Cole School Footy, Celtics games w/ IS, BB, MB, DM, FS, SO, SO's 
■Shrimp Boat", DMB w/ MB, SO, KH, Rage + Wu-Tang w/ CT, KH, 
MB, JR, etc. , Lollapalooza w/ MB,SO,KH, IS,FS, Boston w/ MB,MC, 
IS.BB.DM, Thumbcuffing IS in Fanueil Hall, MB-hMC 4 Hfe, Bunker 
Memories, The Elks w/ KH, DM, MB "Where's that smoke coming 
from?". Star Market w/ JL, JR,SR,MB, The Hyt w/ the crew, "Would 
anyone else like\to take this kid on?",pickles. Dill Life, NWO, Cole 
_Scfi^ol 4 Life, I'd like to thank the peers that have^been with Luck Class of '98 

Kenneth J. Camerota 

Dave Campbell 

Soup , Campbell , DirtyDave 

"// / had my way^ would tear this old building down " -Grateful Dead 

OilyDoinks Stop Squirting I can't hangout 2many people Bottle Rocket 
Dedgeball Wknds at JKs when the black light broke Wheres Greg RC 
breaking GLs stairs Kathy -i- the Monte New Years in the hotel the 
talent show DM noswasupDD Road trip toHolioke 2the Freedom Rally 
in he Microbus 54" HelloChickenBriteway Reptik Roberta Abraham 
BCNPew Tati stickers MrHolbeijt's class w/RC and the water displace- 
ment bucket 4th campouts Mti^s class w/DP The Pits Returning from 
Canada killing the escort jammif* getting my liscence the frog (sorry TK) 
the whole crew: JK,RC,GL,DO,DM,AK,PK and MSThanks MsB for 
your help. 

Class of 1998 

Richard Hunt Cl^everie 

Rich, Chcvcy 

"What a long strange trip it's been" Greatful Dead 
Football 1 

Cjoatmilk,Aerosmith,Road trips, Parties jn the barn, Jacobs, North River, 
my car, the greenhouse effect, my party, (X/here's greg.lollapaloza, DMB, 
fungus party, going 117 in the aclaim, getting pulled over in the explorer, 
cops are at the door. college day w/ a fat 8th grader, Uh Oh my mom 
went away.Limerock.Suftdays w/DA, AC, Thanks to all my friends 1 will 
never forget you and to Jenn thanks for all the good times and I will 
always love you mom. dad and Danielle thanks for putting up w/me I 
love you guys.MJ thanks for always being there. keep on burning class of 

Andrew Chi Yuen Chin 

Andy. Drew. Chin, John Lepnon, Not-John Lennon, Undertaker, Liam 
Gallagher, Andre, Big John, Spider Monkey, Matthevw^ • 

Ani^bod[j who knows our histort^ knows that we went though all hell 
together-though miscarriages and terrible times"-John Lennon 

X-Countfv 1-4. Track 3-4,Winter Track 1-4, Norwell Navigator 2-4, 
Self Hi-5 Club l-4(pres.), 

St. Ambrose, Sister Elanore. being tripped at Burger K. my old friends- my beloved grandparents, bedroom drawings, 
Arizona and Auntie Wai K, camping out at^ape Cod, falling down the 
stairs, AW. Pirates of Penzance (pants), my Cousins Oliver. Tiffany, and 
Anthony. BF .my favorite sensei/sifu. Anthology 1+2, MM, diving. KH 
-i-her lil' pal Andrew, KG's lost postcard." MM.BM.RM.-t-the rest oTX-C. 
Lennon impressions, the flowers KK broken pencil box, New York race. 

and bad hotel rooms, our new house, the Purple H.AN;SM.MM.AR,AA.IS et al, -a.k.a. AR's sleeper, 
JP's 4 Life, D.C. trips, Full Metal, "what is he saying?", floor hockey, Driving with Mr.C, What's the 
Story(Morning Glory?). Thanks to all who have helped me. Maybe we'll meet each other again. 

Aron Ross Cingolani 

J.R., Cingroilani, Mint 

"I just want to look back and say, / had as much fun while 
imprisioned in this place." 

summer time, the gournet w/MB.DA,BF wierd tide, all summer w/MJ. 
BB.BH. R I P Timothy. Caps w/MC. Barn Raisin w/ every-1. North 
River sessions. D.A. house w/out D.A. Fitchburg w/MB.BR. Million 
Dollar Plan. B.R. pad through the years. RC lab. Canada w/MB,NS,BR, 
BF.KW the brawl, surfing w/MB.KW,DA,NS. driving 4 MC,DA.MS,BF. 
camp fires @ MB's. rolling around on the beach, shady parties, stuffy's 
knugs. Sugadoaf @ DA w/NS. times @ Great Woods. MB's roof + pball 
contest w/MC what fun-1. gravitational pull. soph. summer. 20mins long 
I'm a bird, cloudy trek MC house, random hook-ups. K.K. a waste of 
time, freshman pifs w/DA,MC,NS,MB. thanx JC. parking lot breakfasts. 

Merrill Comeau 

Comeau, Como 

"// / ruled the world and ever^ithing in it skies the limit. " 

rootball 1-4. baseball 2-3. basl<fetball 1-2. lacrosse 2 

DA house w/out DA.JP barn. Trip around town in DA car w/ AC.BF, 
MS. Going to TC house. Times <?! Great Woods. BR parties through the 
years. Timothy R.I. P. Contests w/ AC what fun-1. MB pad every summer 
DA pad w/ AC.DA-i-PS.CL.Freshman pits w/ AC,DA.MB.NS.North 
River sessions. MB roof . Parking lot breakfasts. Thanx JC.IIl activities @ 
CM house. Going to humar'ock w/ DA in the cherokee. First day of 
practice. That time w/ AL,SM,BK,DL+phelesia. Thanx mom-i-dad for 
putting up w/ me through the years. 

66 • Class of 1998 

Melissa Conway 

Lissa, Ooby 

"If you stress out about a situation. ..your energy everything that you 
put out is^oing to come back to you, so if you don't take everything 
so seriously, I think things come easier. " 

Tennis 1; Basketball 1-2 > 

New Years in Boston w/ GL, KG, RC, DC, AW, MB, MS; October 3, 
1997 w/ GL. Best year of my life. Don't ever lose^ that school spirit KG. 
Prom 97 going on the "luxury" van. Movies and M&M's w/ KL. Trip to 
New Hampshire w/ RF, KL, MS. Lying beneath Prudential in Boston w/ 
GL. Big ball bowling w/ KL, BD, and friends. Lowest score. Disco 
bowling w/ everyone. Smell of strawberries at Greenday concert. KG, 
MS "Party" in Holbrook. Trip to New Hampshire w/ Litch. Do you 
know how to get there?? Trip to Maine w/ GL. Talking all night. 1-2 

skip a few 99-100 you lost!! PSAT party at Litch's. Scavenger hunt w/ everyone. Road trip to 
GL, KL,BD. What ya wanna eat?? 

NH w. 

Brian James Delaney 

Big D, Benito, Benits, D Funk, BD 

To be happy, you must have taken the measi/re of your powers, 
tasted the fruits of your passion, and learned your place in the 
world. --Santayana 


Lacrosse 1-4, Basketball 1-2, Band 1-4 (Vice Pres. 3,4), Pep Band 1-4, 
Stage Band 3-4, Mock Trial 3-4. Peer Ed 3-4 

Swimming for endless hours at NM's house-"Get off me boat! ".All those 
nights of p.b.-i-crackers after 4-H dances and"Remember that guy?"Cole 
school football w/the gang. Going to Tom's w/NM,TK and MG-Falmost 
flipping Qver.Starland go-carts, lighting up TK'$ car-i-What seems to be 
the problem officer?Parties at ABs, JOs+DMs-building forts, watching 
movies and the dreaded board games. Brown lax-the naked guy. Loon Mtn,Lahoots,-fthe old guy w/ 
NM-hMB.AJI of the great times I shared w/JO-catsup anyone? Chillin w/SW-hDM. Chicken in a pile! 
Thanks for all the memories-too many to remember! 

Joseph Anthony DeLuca 

Dookie, Buddha, Kitty 

"It is betterjo beUjiought of as a fool than to open your mouth and 
remove all doubt" -Mark Twain 

Hockey 1-4, Golf 2-4 

SC w/TK; Cole School Football w/SR, DM,MB,DJM, JP,SC,BD,NM , 
JRH,RB'X3B(rolls); Sleepovers w/SR,JRH,MB; Touch Footie in gym w/ 
CT,DM,SC,TK; Morning Practice w/TK^Car accident with MB; Car ' 
Accident on South Street; Bowling w/BF,SR,JP,JM,KC; Rockland Golf 
Course w/SR,MB,KC; Soccer @ Recess, Fight w/BS; July 4th w/SR; 
DJM's Money-collecting interest; Mini-Bike Trails in wc5ods; Ruler 
Hoikey; 5th Grade; Mr. Dav.; ChemSO w/CT,DM; Racing BF home; 
Everyone-It's been a blast. Good Luck, Class of '98! 

Pamela Denayer 

Pammy, Spam, Boo-boo 

This is the time to remember cause it will not last forever. These are 
the days to hold on to 'cause w^won't, although we want to. - Billy 

Loon w/AB,LD&shai, Shopping 4 gas w/KS,Tob Gun, LD weekend of 
freedom, DMB concerts, Bruins w/SB,pjs w/AB,tweety,sci guys @ door, 
LA's boat, blockbuster runs.DI's house after prom, AD immigrant, ded- 
ications, JT scatman & def.frank.SM can't eat burnt bagel, SB g-trips, 
xav. dances, LA's tractor, patriots game, DK&AT, beach w/JH, super 
bowl taco bell rush,CE&pumpkin,wwg w/AB,3T, split-ends, KB &JA 
who do u luv?ADu giOa.confi^sions, hanging over JH's house, TK trips, 
lost@humaroGk, sleepless w/LD, outside RH's house, cranberries, steal- 
ing SB's car. All my friends- I'll miss u,love you guyslThanks to my 
family-l love you all!! Best of ludk Q,J & class of 98.. 

Class of 1998 • 67 


Emilee Elizabeth, Dennis 

Em, Emmy. Ebee, Bemileigh, Amalia, Amals 

/ belieue that I am no longer reaching for the moon, but the moon 
is in fact reaching for me. -Audrey Hepburn 

Drama, Field Hockey, Chorus, Student Government, GSA, 2-5 Club 

cole, TCT, bellybuttons, Breakfast Club, prom, 4;30, Jan Brady, 
home-comings, GC, T shows w/ RH&MM KE:Fillip, movies (B&B), 
brkn lite bulb, pizza nites, DMB-thanx, En&Den JA:Kev, gr9 eng, 
bball $, Mr Pippi, car rides ETtfield, Emel&Rod, fri nite, backdeck, 
stardate 2.469. duets ER&PL: dd runs. Max. festival EK:in the d door, 
dd ditch JH:TTs, choc ice c bomb ADifld h, sugar plum, 32oz 
MM;Sankos KS:3 death nite NK:sunset brwn SW:6 Ave HrtAche 
Thanx JR BS BL JM ES JG. Mom-my inspiration, Dad-my influence 
& Lara-my support, 1 love you. Here 1 come world. 

Leigh Candace DiRenzo 

Leigh-le, weewe, leighavege 
"before u know it everi;thing can pass u fay" 

Cheerleading, Pep-band, The picasso's, Homecomin '97 w/KT, TS, 
Aloha, "swishes". Cider in the room, Oh nuts andy. The group AD, 
TG, NM.BQ. S&PA, stace& red harboring a runaway, Courtney's 
newyear's parties. Awatchamacalit w/AC & SP. Silver city w/ mike & 
bill. Greg & a bike, Skaterats- TS. CS, JD. EN melissa where's waldo. 
Tree Look to the front & left. LLjay, Stace&Annie-P-t-ti-m-#26, j.e& 
the pictures, radioshow w/katie, the white beast w/kristen, 
Myrtlebeach, delta force. Good luck kim&mike.Thanxs to mrs.a.toges, 
riles,iava, charlie2, my cousins, aunts SturToles. The crew inBr. 
bud&bell. Mom & dad, kim and my dog scooter.- 

Brian Doherty 


"Take pride in how far you've come, have faith in how far you can 

3°' '\ » 

Soccer l"?botball 2-4 (Captain), Basketball 1-3, Lacrosse 3,4, 
Spring Track 1,2, Student Government 2,3, Norwell Pride 3, Chem 

F-Bair97, A-Beach, "Rusty" w/RC @Rayn/Taun, B-Pong, MillPond 
w/ LM,MS,RC,MF, CapeCod w/ SW,BS,AD, BC- "T" 
BF,LML,RC,MS, T-Day'96, Overnights @SW, Betting-RC$$, 
StoneHarbor BB,MF, Mary-land-EK,KD,SW,Norman s-BB-Party Ball, 
Kava-EK, Heat jn Euro.Ap-BB, Premium Seating-SW @KE, P-Puff'96, 
F-BA11'96-J0,ML,RH,KD, Snippy, Dinners. WHYC, Shower-, 

Poopsies, Thanks for the lasting memories SW, you'll always be special to me-Love Always, to RC an 
BB-thanks for the laughs, Mom/Dad and Fam. thanks for your support and love. 

Ashley Katherine Donoghue 

Princess, Boogs. Actually, Ashaley, Shley, Donaspew 

"Right Now. Hey! It's yourjomorrow. Come on, it's your every- 
thing. Catch your magic moment. Do it right here and now. It's 
your everything" -Van Halen 

Field Hockey l-4(Capt). Gymnastics 2, Softball 1-2, Track 3-4,Year- 
book, Spanish Club. Student Outreach. Norwell Pride 

Ready?T&popcorn;grillcbeese&bowling;donuts&funnies;Woe is me; 
fight wLF;Meadowcroft-goodtimes;candleclic-AREKKE;camera in 
pool; AR-Los tBoyz; EternalFlame;Bluehills;8grdance; walkietalkie 
party; stowe;yogurtfight;bikes wJHLD; JAonED;Kissconcert;driveKS; 
faceinmy face;promJM;DMB- 

notgettingincollege;aftershocknight;bitter;bumper MF;SlurpeesinFB; 
FHtourney; 4ofJuly;hoochiemama;dramaqueenEK ED;JH,LD^nd homcs& 
moms;Talks(espJHEKLDKS) Mom, Dad, Greg,Lesley:l Love you very much^and appreciate all you've 
done. To all my friends-Best of luck& success in the future, I'll keep our memories forever... 

68 • Class of 1998 

Lori Jane Dunford 

Skinny little Lori, Loralei. Lor, L.J. 
"Moving on is simple, it is what we leave behind that is hard 
Soccer Ca^t., Gymnastics, Track 

Winter rides AD,JH-KS Mexico??-LW Busted-Loon PD,AB,MG,SH-ABe 
DD,fishing-ED my tri DDD-Summer 97'JH,AD,IS,BB,EK,MF,KS,JM- 
Bickfeds JA-RF lemons-BS,BS 32cents-AD Fla,17B-Day,Winnap-AB 
pics on fan,froz corn-PD ded.,7,10,2,Spag.O's'I get it-JM pasta mixs- 
AR toes&birds,soxes-NY 95'-KG JLFP-Aftershock-P.F.P.KS,PD,AD-JH 
chunks-Scrunchies-LA Gunstock-KB notes, "It looks nice out"-JH wtw- 
AB,AD,JH,PD,ABe.KS 1 have nothing but respect & a lasting friend- 
ship-KD my best friend & worst enemy, Good Luck-M &D everything 
I've accomplished is due to your support I Love You. 

Kelly Burke Ennis 

Kheli, Kel, Pennis, Smelly 

"These are the times to remember, cause they will not last forever. 
These are the days to hold onto, cause we won't although we'll want 
to. " -Billy Joel 

Crew 3-4, Basketball 1-4. President 2-4, National Honor Society 3-4, 
Student Gov t 1-4, Peer Ed 3-4. Yearbook 3-4, Cross Country 1-2, 
Track l-2,Jell-0 club 

Diablo, lisp & southern accident. candle clique w/ EK,AD,AR&SG, Filip, 
B&B video,ENN&DENN,sucky,sucky,Italy '96-Pat,Chartes& Alfredo.NY 
w/ KB&SW,Yogi Bear Park w/ KB, super friends, JA "my Vinal boy- 
friend. monkey, love shack. EK "close the window", DMB concerts, Prom 
97 w/IS:Elmo,3/12/96-Fri.-s-l-fl=2-thanks LT.MWA, squishy dog, 
wild thing.Pizza nites w/ ED, chem w/KF,Minot,summer96-KB,SW,BS,CH.AD,RH^B-AK:my 
wonderwall,blue cheese, straw short blanket, Head of the Charles, ghetto. CRI thanks.JG my pinock 
&.25 rings'.thanks to all my friends and Em, Beck, Mom, and Dad, -I love you! 


Jenifer Ann Ewart 

Jen,JGni, Niffy, Niffer 

"What lies behind us. and what lies before us are tiny matters, 
compared to whdt lies within us. "- Ralph Waldo Emerson 
"Among them be it"- Susan Hamilton (Grapnie) 

strawberry mentos parties w/ SF,AM,&PD in algebra w/ Mr. D "slow 
■-down!!"... History w/ Mr. W- "ah, yeah, the fearless leada!!" "hpw do 
you spell that?"... IPS w/ Mr.H- & PD's accident w/ alcohol burnet;...Bio 
w/ Mr, ViJ & frog lab... Chem w/ Emo & chemboats... lunch w/ IP, SB, 
LD.CW... ropes course w/ AC- "You go ^ider monkey!!"., loser cruiser. 
.. track w/ the NHS HOGS &Emo... peer ed... crushes... band class w/ 
LEX. .pep band w/ everyone... track meets w/ LP... Halloween w/ SB as 
a Wampire!!... Friday's w/ IP,SB...VNA Haunted House.w/ KK& bloody 
rubber rat.'.. gym w/ 0Z& "high impact " activities... Homecoming... all 
my teachers... everything else that happened!!... And to the class of '98: 
I wish you good luck in the future, and prosperity in all your endeavors! 

Catherine Fitzgerald Finkenstaedt 

■ ■ Finks, Finka, Finkle, Sphinx 

"Very'little is netiHed to make a happy life. It is all within yourself, 
in your way of thinking" - Marcos Aurelius 

X^ountry l-4(capt.4), Winter Track 1-4, Spring Track 1-4 (capt. 4), 
Stuc^. Gov. 2-4\ Peer Ed 3-4, Nat'l Hgnor Society 3-4, Yearbook 3-4 

Brown w/LF & EK, French skits, chwang, X-mas dance 96', car crash 
w/SM, D&D in gym, lacs games, prom w/LT, IS s house, KE: chem 
naps. Olivier KB:ghettos, chefs.^tea AD:sister fights, traffic, setting off 
alarm EK:ovary, JB NK: Bertuccis, TCBY, same dress-JP,SHYC w/MO 
& DM. boyfriend drawings-KS, janitors where?-SG, IPS w/nitch & IS, 
Fanueil Hall shopping, wet sweater fight^, RM s abcs, exclusive, comedy 
hour, slackers bible, woods ruh, board games. To Mom, Dad, Lindsay, 
James, Thomas, thanks for everything, I love you! To all my friends my 
love and thanks! Good luck in the future! 

Class of 1998 • 69 

Matthew Stuart Finlayson 

Sunburns, Finny 

"Just because your paranoid don't mean thex^'re not after you. " - 
Kurt Cobain 

'Art Club 1, Drama 1-3. Chem Club 3.4> -Math Team 4 

TATI, going to pastimes w/ LM and JP. The MP adventures w/ LM. 
DC s plans of domination, 9th grade last per. Breakfast in Pascal, the 
hypercard choose your aclventure games. JD did it. What's a stoning? 
Up grading Mr. Herman's PC. KC and JM's 'conversations" at the 
lunch table. Going out to eat w/ KT. Exploring the WWW and the Joke 
of the Day. AC you're not british! The Chem Battles during free 

Lynsey Erin Fitzgerald 

Lily, Fitz; Lyns, Lil, Fitzy, Lynnie 

The future belongs to those who'belieue in the beauty; of their 
dreams" - Eleanor Roosevelt \. 

Basketb^l l-4(capt.), Soccer l-4(capt.), SoftbalU-4(capt.), Football Mng 
2-4. Student Govt. 1-4, Yearbook 4, Peer Ed. 3-4, Nat. Honor Soc. 3-4 

Sandwich man-SG, Tiny Tim-RC, 4th grade fight-AD, KISS concert-EK, 
AD. Grand canyon-SM,EK,KD, Cape 97, SSICP, Fluffy Rebellion, 
Trolly crash-NK, Stealth in homes, JP's shoe. Silent Bob, Prom-MF, 
Lost @UVM w/EK, the Ru. CS driveway, Bnball coach w/BD, French 
skits-KF, Football-AB&NK, "my nose"-SW, If, Post-its, Brown,GNO at 
Cape-KS, EK,SG. Toy Story, Salem Hosp-3am, Pat-G & wildthings- 
KE,MO,BR. Superbowl night @IS, AAU hotel fire w/ SF, Sugarloaf- LF, 
Garth rides -BS, confirmation-AD. Walk the dog. stranded on the Vineyard. chwang. Cross St. garden 
parties, Sparrell, Circuit St backward, DMB w/AD. New? Years @ Attitash. deadlines-MO, the snake-Ml! 
Thanks for everything Mom and Dad- 1 love you! Leigh and Shannon- Good luck in all you do - have fu; 


Sarah Beth Flannery 

SF, Sarah B.. Sarrrah, Animal (1 1/2) 

For / dipp'd into the future, far as human eye could see, Saw the 
Vision of the world, and all the wonder that would be. - Alfred Lord 
Tennyson, Locksley Hall 

Mock Trial, 
Girls State 

Yearbook, Newspaper. Soccer (2-3). Peer-Ed, PepBand (1), 

"Life is the garment we continue to alter, but which never seems to fit. " 
Cole School, Docs, Latin Scholars. TS:Ode to Phil. JL:Shakes, freshlunch. 
studygrps. JE. AM, PD: Strawberry mento parties. Mr. K., AR: Miguel. EG: 
Elvis S.,LL Bean, Swedish Fish=Brain Food, honeystick,Gavin,T, accent. 
Hockey Brian. TA,AB,CK.EG:speedo's,Julio.Nicola&Claudio, Rev. game. 
JO: "I don't unde'rstand!." Mel. AM: garage chalk, gym. HR,AH:soccGr. 

KH...Mute? shoe tying. SW: objections. AB:Chem30. MH:hlw rdv. JR:ltaly, "Antonello,don't touchV 
getting lost,"muy guapo, "disco, "scuzi." AA:spinning clocks. KK-the Homes. Powder Puff. Friencjs, 
thanks for the laughs and memories. Mom. Dad, KC.John, Chris: my love and gratitude. "Dreams are 
tomorrows waiting to happen." Best wishes to the class of '98. ""Squint your eyes and look closer. "(A. p| 

Matthew Joseph Fogarty 

Foges, Matty, Yogi, Shmog 

" These are the days you'll remember, Never before and never since. 
Will the world be more like tJjis?" ■ N. Merchartt 

Soccer 1-4 (capt. 4); Lacrosse 1-4 (capt.3-4), W. Track 1, Norwell Pride 
3-4, Chem club 3-4 

In the woods barefoot w/JM at DMs. Being young and naive at BRs. 
Skiing up at Nordic Village. Trip to N.H. vj^/ 97 Seniors. The After 
Parties at TIS. U2 w/ TIS..DMB. SMB- how old are you u son? BR s 
and BD's 16th Bday parties. LAX is life w/ KD -i- MB. AD's bumper. 
College Bound Landscaping. Camp w/ the Hingham boys. BD always 
in my memories. Anyone for a game of pong? Worms. Surprise Bday. 
Big Red. Ohh Fronny. SG + Texas. QF + him playing games. Rides to 
the cape w/ MB KD DS. KS -i- EK- the biggest "scrubs " The dam w/ 
MS RC BB LM. Cards at Fronny's. Free stuff from Duff. Thanrto all my buds. Good Luck. Thank yoi; 
Mom, Dad, Sean, -i- Brian. 

William Ernest Ford 

Bill, Billy, Ernest, Guillermo 

"When I got my pride and I know that I'm free, lookin in the mirror 
and I like^hat I see, livin in a world that puts limits on me. / know 
one day, ope day /'// be free. " - The Qucky Boys 

"you dogs liftin" -Stephen Ford 

Football 2-4 

going to shows at the rat w/Ken and Pat, Kenslea's class, campinw/ AA 
JK JA, Alex lighting himself on fire, paintballing w/ KC JR, bowling w/ 
JD KC JR JK, riding w/ JA, getting hit in the eye w/ yellow M & M, 
code name penguin (Bane!) so incredibly greasy. Word to the mother! 

Robyn Margaret Foulsham 


"Oh the places You'll Go! You have the brains in your head. You 
have the feet in your shoes. You can steer yOurself any direction you 
choose. " - Dr. Seuss 

Summer 974he best! NH-KL.7/4/97BostoB.Squeegies.My 1st car. 
Scavenger hunts. Headless barbie, facepaints, squeaking. Veterans day 
97,circus, Maine, Swampscott- KG,Spookyworld-IS. BUMP! Hercules. 
GLs parties. Getting ISs tattoo. Live.Lovebread. I am Batman. Ames- 
KL. Blinky lights.- China! MBs parties. My pool. Castle Island. Marvin the 
Moth. MrBs SH. Lemons-LD. Nora-PD.S&S. Junior year-NK. Home- 
coming 97. Copcar goes woo! 102.5. To the group, I love you all- KG 
MB SM SS DC JO DK. 2 B W L L T B M C-stay cool. Why did 1 kick 
my shoes off? Finally to M H F D& Gram-Thanks 4 putting up w/mel 

Robert Douglas Foye 

Bobby, Bob, Foye, Shelly, Boba 

"As time goes by, things change, but locked in my heart the 
memories remaitTS - B.F. 

Soccer 1-4, Lacrosse 1-4, Basketball 1 ' 

iXhilling in the park, 8th grade dance w/ AR,Rididng my bike to SW's, 
bD and the zebra. Reardons,all night every weekend MS w/DAi?C LM, ' 
Smoking groves w/ DA AC, greatwoods and DMB -123, Marhfield KW, 
KW slee"6less nights, 143-2-EM SB KL. Thanx 2 KL 4 everythiog.U R 
the best Rexham w/ MB KW BR DA AC surfing w/ MB, chilling by the 
fir^. 3rd of july, trekking through KW woods, summer tirtup in Winnepau 
blond hair. Where is Justin? MC BR's bouncyhouse, open house at 
DA's, posh installs w/ CZ. BC football w/ LM ,DA AR^B at the 
goiimet. JP's rippers since 7th grade. 8th grade style w/ SM, Jetta! 
Throw me a page!! Thanx 2 JC 4 the memories. Sully's and the beach house. P.Bali at MB s, holiday 
rambler. To all my boys thanks and good luck. 143-2-KV always thank you for the good times and 
memories. Mike, Jenelle, Mom, Dad thank you for all your help and I love you!! And I am out! 

^ Michael Paul Galvin 

• V 

_ _ ' Mike, Galvinator, G-Funk 

'There are no unldckdbh~doors,^There are no unwinnabiiy^ars. 
There are no unrightable wrongs or unsingable songs" -Ozzy 

"Hej^, never gh/e up, do you think the U.S. gave up when the 
Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?" -Bluto Blutaps^i. (Animal House) 

Football (1-4) Baseball (1-3) Mock Trial (3-4) Computer Club (1) Chem 
Club (3) Pool Club^fChairmanjflM) 

Past,Football,4 years w/MM,FS,DM,MC,Hull Brawl, Dinners, Thanksgiv- 
ing '96 17-0, Bomber,Celica^eegs,5a^le(I hit a stump), 914, Spec-t, 
Vinnies w/TK,DM,CZ,DA,FS)Cops got me in Dennis, Gaffield,The ^ 
mall, on 5 3 w/TK,BD,NM"Cue Tim€S,DMB 96-97 What? Cape (My 

car is dead) Attitash w/NM (Brown Snow?) BK w/JP,JR,JM,BD,Sutherlands 96,Labans 96-97(Howstha 
pool EK?)"Should I hit it?^-The Reserve, P-funks,an(rDew. To my family and everyone else thanks and 
good lucl«To all the boys wordup,to aayone I have left out I luv u too. So many memories, so little space. 


Class of 1998 • 71 

Michelle Lynn Galvin 

"It's the little things that get you down, it's the bigger things you 
can't get around and it's uiay foo flat on the middle ground. " - Mr. T 

tross Country, Track ^ 

Bumbles, Ugly boy.moonboots.flcuning bi^nana bread-meg, the mint, baby 
soft skin, Jane Fonda skank.a palm tree and a scab, trips to Northeastern 
(Oh my god!). weird T people, maxima and pimpage, midgets, 
snowboarding,Mr Jenkins. blue and gold pride dmb concerts, punk 
rockers, mullets, cool, fast drivers, midnight 
mission, art class, clown song, cm comedy hour. Bolt, firestarter. Boston, 
afros.hoochies. skater boys, parking lots, beasts. Belchertown. going to 
shows, Fridays w/Meg, psychics, good luck Jeff and Jason, love to all 
my friends- you know who you are 

Claire Noelle Gerety-Mott 

Claire Be^, Geretott, Gorg, Patoot 

"People are different. And'it is thp best wai;." -Mark Twain 

Diversity Club 2-3, Gay/Straight Alliance 3, Peer-ed 3. Drama 1-2. v 
Amnesty 1-3. Field Hockey 1-3. Community Service Club 1-3. Yrbook 
3-4. St. Gov't 1,3 Nat. Honor Society 3-4. Bowling 1, Spanish Club 1 

A special goodbye to LT EG MO(Ja-Ja Woman) Elisajulisabanne. 
BBBB{Big Bad Brucey B) & his BFD.DG.FL.GM. to & those already 
gone AB.JA.BN.KCF.RK.JS.JW, & to ILS my love! "pizza." Dreams 
they come at night. Chexmix.hemroids.ltali^.More'Jello Mooncozzi. 
Twinkies & Choc, milk, concert '97. last day 'Carpool. cast parties. special 
lunches. Calm hor-mones. Honey Chicken Pie.Myrfie.Beanery.33.3% 
Klondike cult & DM's duck. books & fans out window. Span. Bounty 
x2.Dark Crystal w/JR. slaps, board games, Gaffield snoball fights. JA & 

BK.upsidedown lake @JA's. lunch, it's all a big game, love interest folder. Salt n Pepa game.divets w/BL 
AIDS walk, drama fight. water fights, puddle jumping w/ Scop, Da Dim. George's Island, S.n'B fT.s Ian in 
dress. Pitch n Putt. cape x2 Bo. trucha. J'taime beacoup. Thanks guys, enjoy life and have a good time. 

Erin Lynn Gibbons 

Gibbie. Gibbs. Nire. Erie 

"Make, the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you" - Ralph 
Waldo Emerson 

Soccer 1-4. Basketball 1-2, Softball 1-4 (Capt.), Chem Club 3-4. Chorus 
1-2. Newspaper 2-4. Peer Ed 3-4 National Honor Society 3-4. Service 
Club 1-2, Student Gov't. 3-4, Yearbook 3-4 

Buta.He's It.R's House C.N&J, Rev Game, PDP, Soccer & EMO TA 
FrLunch & Slush. T2, It coach AB Ted, Imad .C. FCar. Kics. Bob. 
MNY. Grapes. PonChit. SkTky. James. Andy & Dave. GRE & It. SFIt s 
Perf. Nat. EngAcc. Elvis, Gavin. Hockey Brian, IC. Hny StAMFLT starw 
/ SL, MV. Can BF. Drivn & SpdBps JL J Beans. Bernie-Mufasa! H-Das 
TSFUB. DS& Prom. Scot Pris. Dallas & Simon CK Emo Chem.ill 

boneuse. B-R trips/ Cboats. WEDude! 140HN0IMH&RS. Nutella Max •»- 
. FB fans. All of my friends-What would I do without you?I love you guys! M.D,K.K&B, Thanks for 
your love and support throughout everything. 98" -The future belongs to those who believe in the 
beauty of their dreams. Good Luck! 

Katie Marie Gibbons 

"Getting Ready is the secret of success" -Henry Ford 

i Softball-Manager 1-2, Amnesty International 1. Navigator 1 

I want to thank you, all the teachers of Norwell High and thanks to Mr 
Marshman and Ms. Martin for all the things that they have done for 
everyone. I want to thank my Mom and Dad, Nana L., Nana Kay. 
Kerry and Brian and all my friends and family. Thank you to Mrs. 
Field. Mrs. Scott. Mrs Inqeme and Nursie. for the time to take care of 
all of my needs. Having fun at dances, patties and field trip, and 
hanging with friends at the mall or the movies. 

72 • Class of 1998 

' Sara Katherine Gifford 

"After a while you learn that even sunshine burns if you get too 
much. So plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, 
instead of^waiting for someone to bring you flowers. 

Soccer l-4^capt 4), Tennis 3-4{capt 4), Track 1-2 

Sparrell, midnight mission-nurses LT, cape ■moods'EK- first loveMF- 
towing Falmouth, pickle sandwich, ultimate CC bender NHKDRC- 
sandwich guy-LF, Silent Bob.LF s Ru2, cat advice-, doritos, Mexico, 
Marshfield PD- tang @ LM's RC, LM -Did you play Dux football- 
catmanduvodoocrew, snow angels, ducks in puddles, Circuit St 
backward. My Best Friend's Wedding, the sqeal, lunch w/ sophs, soccer 
chats-LF, GNO @ Cape w/ LF, KS, EK, DMB wrong light, Seinfeld, 
NJHS, frosh yr visits, hold my hand, 64 bit, Kunda, BS-Are you serious, 
willow, snaps & naps, PDP's. JCS: Starship, neon fball. Keystone, West 
Coast, Grem, unsuper open cont- football sits. Friends I love you guys-JP what can 1 say you're hella 
cool, GR you're the best babe, BF thanks for everything esp love & patience, M-f-D 18 yrs admit it you 
loved every min, Jon- you are my hero— This is how we chill from 98 until. 

Kristin Marie Goodwin 

Goody, Kris, P.C. 

"Life is a pathway;, many doors will open up, \;our eyes become a 
kalidescope. the possibilities are limitless"-Jim Morrison 

Basketball 1-4, Tennis 1-4, Drama, Amnesty, Diversity, Yearbook 

Skiing w/KL,MAID,Sebago95-96-AR, squeegies, facepaints,& Then I 
ran away,Jbase-AA JK,the barn, SWH, smashing pumpkins, school 
spirit, Holbrook party-MC MS, scavenger hunts. Cranberries, 7/4/97 
Boston, squeaks, MrBsSH, Tom Petty, SS party. Federal Furnace-LD 
KD, Marvin the Moth, Bush -AA,a quarter-MB my husband, frog flag,DRs 
shed 1-4, stalking w/HB,Rfs pool, artistic tattoing-RFlS 1 cried, fries 
done.copcar goes woo!, prom 97. headless barbie SUMMER 97 the best, 
the gang JO MB DR DC SM RF SS lS-143, back seat-DM MM, Salem, 
Swampscott, Maine-RF,Vet. day weekend-RF, CHINA, batman, BAVNKRWIB, circus- 
RF,good luck A K H C A G S& Julia, the Gibbons thanks 4 everything, 143-SK. morft I couldn't have 
done it w/out u! Thanks to everyone else who helped me through the years! Good luck class of 98! 

David Edward Gordon 

Dave, Gordo, Davy G, Pud'n 

"Never let i^our schoolwork interfere with your education" -Samuel 
Clemens, Mark Twain 

"From dust man was created and to dust man will return" -Bible 
"No Mrs. Cavis. The article on diet cheese was not ment to have a 
f ■ Xl^ommunist slant. " -Berkely Breathed 

j "We are all here to get through it together. Whatever it is. " ^^r/c_ 

Newspaper (Editor 'n Chief 12, Creative-Arts Editor 10-11), Historian' 
10-12, Wrestling 9-12 (co-captain). Tennis 9-12 (co-capt^in). Yearbook 
Photo Editor 12, Pep band 9-12 drama 9-10 

Foiir years of fun and hysteria. Beyond the hysteria, my true friends, 

those that put up with my argumentative personality & even those that didn't, have earned a warm 
place in my heart for making Norwell a more than enjoyable experience. 1 thank you. DF & all the times 
we had, concepts, sneaking out, sledding down the street, scandalous activity- fun, sexual innuendoes & 
arguments with the liberal gang, uncanny ability to spill drinks with the band crew, late nights Navigator. 

Erika Marie Gully-Santiago 

"It is best to live at random, as one may"-Antigone..."rm going 
huntt?)g for mysteries. I'm going to prove the impossible really 
exists"- Bjork..."Nothingls impossible-nothing is unlikely"-Ani 

Amnesty Internfitional 1-4 (publicity 3-4); Drama 1,2,4 (publicity 4); 
Mock Trial 3-4; Newspaper 3-4; Nat'l Honor Society 3-4 (publicity 4); 
X-Country 1-2; Track(spring) 1-2; Diversity Club 2-4; Yrbk 4. 

Like mirrors, we ar€ the reflecfTchn of each other-"When you look in the 
mirror, do you see visions of the past?When I look in the mirror I see the 
days to come,&my face is just a trace of where I'm coming from";upside 
down lake/FR-SO.yr w/AB;G.O.E./soulgearching"Dreams.. "/soul talks 
wRS;Italy96:"It's never too latV to get up&go "/Seattle affair/Foursotne/ 

NY.SFC/"wilI they follow?""/proposal in th"rain/ThayerSt./FR,SO,JR,Proms/brkfast club-KH,LT/ 
Gaf.Park w/LT:"Can"t stop laughing "'/Scit.sidwlksw/CS&HB B19w/CS;heart-2-heart w/SK;"I don"t 
like liars; I usually ask them to leave'"(thanx BL!)/Latin gossip w/ET;/Westport/BL's-'"Life is a soap 
opera... ""/First Nite w/LT,RK,JS/"BCN RR w/LT-Woburn?! Accdnt w/SPC'darling"'). 

Class of 1W8 • 7?, 


Michelle Christine^Harding 

Shelly. M5ch-meister, Deuce, Ellehcim. Mecheile-my-belle 

"This town thinks I'm crazu. fhey think I'm strange. Sometimes thev 
want to own me, sometimes the\; wish I'd change. " -Melissa " 
Etheridge ^ 

Blue 42, 43, MB, Simon, Charly.moonchfeez, tapioca puddin , twice on 
Tues! Nebs, Toes, etc. Scarlett. So, 1 was getting dressed. ..Potato! OJ 
incident, TV+BR's bday prty.brdge jumpn',Bosstones blaring, Hngm 
guys,Ec's Hallwn prty w/ JCBS.etcVampr Hntr.Dvl Man, tango on the 
T,Bostn trp w/TS<GL<RS<KT,Fri's,Unos,TS's bdy prty.modln tp, 
Dp+DC's ride on the space trolley, fishhat.Tai chi, Omar, They Might Be 
Giants, BF's cake, green chikens, Lump, Dream On-KT,Ya'll the violent 
type^ Dade,Trnsptn,Jan s straw.Hl HOLLY! Harriet... 0=P=V=B,Buffy, 
certs. tIctacs.FUB, Scott. prisn,Christy's,checzballs, tinfoil cones, Chupa- 
cabras, Art&Man, auras, Ayla,Jondolar, Clan, totems, monkey, lion, - * ^ 

Trompc loi'.Wa mp rollerBLADES, Kark,Anne+Petr,Branca, Hi+Bye to ViS.sJL, TS,EC,RS„AL,HR, ' 
CD, GH,EG,BR,ND,AF,MF, PS,KT,JE,MD,BD,PV,97 Cheerldrs+Janice,Ms N,my fam.. +anyone else 1 
haven t mentioned yet.ROLLERBLADES!! 

J.R. Harty 


"What's going on" - Matt Fogarti) , 
Cross Country, Winter Track, Spring Track 

Colsseys candie window. Don't touch the bar. The hendoo mobile + 
The medaugh mobile, burn victim. Christies run'in with MB,BK,FS, 
Servise with FS. NH fingers in door, paintball. TK all the way. "BACON 
BACON" Government Reservation. Ben's house with gravity shed. 
ROSS. Fishing with BM JK. Newberry. 

Jeonifer Hasham 


Time may wash out my Footprints, but can never wash out the fact I 
walked here... 

COLE, If Anyone Asks Bomb In Cho'c Icream, 137? Spell Dont I look 
Huge, Mazda, Big Red, Pep Rally, 4H, Hotshots. BlitzPics WTW-M& 
Pfight, Flemmish, Not Necessary,Afte rshock,Rd2,PDP, B19. Steeds 
Fnerm, Famp, Gym camp, Humpty. Wormsm Jakes: Hip Hop Coolio. 
Mmm I like, DMB, Steam Rolla, NJHS, JPfights, NKBday, Ronald, 
Fridays, EggRoll, Ho Chi Min, Rocky, Matta Dance, KG 2dolla, F-Bird, 
Summer '97, jh ek ad Id ks If ar bb is jm mf, Fron PA tag, BB#1, dye, 
NH Nature Denied Spice pa gk bs, BO mol Fest Rope swing CZ 
smoothie Inf6 jh ar ek ad Id. Mom & Dad, RayRay & Kay: "You Are My 
Sunshine. Friends; I Love You 4 ever, I Like You 4 Always As Long As 
I'm Living In My Memories You'll Be; Every Exit Is An Entry Some- 
where Else... 

Nicholas Fredrick Henderson 

House, Hendu, Hempo, Recterruw 
"Norwell High School Football Rules" 
Computer club, Football 

The football team. Thanksgiving day game last year and the way we 
came to play the game. I also liked going to the play in sophomore 

74 • Class of 1998 

' Kimberly Beth Hogan 

Hogin, Hagan-daz 

"The happiness of hfe is made up of minute fractions-the little, soon- 
forgotten ^harities of a kiss or smile, a kind look, a heartfelt 
complimem.. " -Samuel Tai^lor Coleridge 

Where did that jag go? 

breakfast club with LT and EG, Anderson boys and* DP, Bickfords, 
lighthouse, nightime fire, fun at LL, driving in reverse, DM, is that lan's 
house, JO at the river, bowling, the special twinkle, LA, where are we 
going? eggs, KS poems, gym class, LW Chinese fire drill, AW trip to 
N.H. Thanks LA, MA; RA, DP, KS, JO, LA, KS, LW, AW, for always 
being there. 

Kyrle Thomas Holland 

Woo, Ky-Woo, Radley 

"Don 't get good at a bad job" - My Dad 

"Without struggle, there is no progress" -Frederick Douglas 

Soccer 1-4, Basketball 1-4, Track 1-4 (Capt. 4), Student Gov't 2-4. 
Peer Ed 3-4^ Year Book 4 

I'm a good driver, Italy w/IS/CT, DaStang ih Da Sand, TomPetty w/ 
KG/KL-hmm which 1, Cranberries w/Pam-maybe, Wu-Tang w/ Dale, 
After skool Footi w/IS/BB/MF/CT, Sitn da bench w/ da 
boys, lGoal=3Years, Ryan Smith is FootiGod, Hurdling w/Meyer, JV 
JR-Im good, no UR not as bad-Ian. KA is hot-me&Dale, kill D PIG, Kilr 
K wi/MAGZ, Lokn keys in car w/TK, Yw/Tasha, J U have a cool walk, 
"Worms "-Frani, Scavngr hunt w/MM/EC/BK/KC(whom I love), Drivn 
range w/MM/EC/BM, Georgi UR not funny,. LANDERS!, BM UR nevr 
getn youK ladr bak. Dad thanx 4D advice, Monvlll do my H-work, 
Shane/Nicole UR my drivn Tchers-Love U all-Wu 

Autumn Elizabeth Keene 

Dudum, L' autone, nmutua, pepe 

To all my friends, HW,TB,AC,RC,DM,DC,JW,PJ,JK,DO'B,luv u all, 
thanx 4 all the memories. HW, remember all the X's at museum. TB at 
Radisson T'ing and w/NM+RM.AC at LP all those nights.HW at PC's w/ 
MC -i-JD.TB.HW at the punk rock DWN.TWN,w/DB's. HH out back, 
High times at Cross St. Gl's Barn. Late nights at DO'B's.TB, always 
^temember Phoenix, pulsating church. Me-i-DM driving @ aimlessly looking 
for something. DM,CU,AL at the harbor. LK-i-GK remember theXls at 
cool schqpl w/Me -i-DM.DM laying on my floor saying she's a PP And last 
to MB; Stay cool always. ,^ 

Patt Keljley 

" As I bit into the nectarine, it had a crisp juiciness about it that was 
very fyleasureabl^ until I realized it uiasn 't a nectarine at all. but A 
HUMAN HEAD!!" -Jackf{andi\ 

trees could scream, tjuould we be so cavalier about cutting them 
down? We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason. " 
-Jack Handy ^ 

"Why don't you Ujke a picture, it'll last longert" - Pee Wee Herman 

Psycho Boy and Mrs. Fat- 1 Loye nuns. Haunted House and JR scream- 
ing like a woman, "KC falling do\lun the stairs and licking garden chem- 
icals from his hands, chocolate doughnut fight in car. It smells funny in 
there.... No it doesn't, Planet of the K«ns and the inbred brothers, 
closing Nick's hand in the doe^.PUUUUUHHH!!!!, I'm gonna Gary!, I'm 
allergic to staples, Falling down^Par|< St. stairs.dying yesterday 

Christine Marie Kelliher ^ 

" Chrissy. Twinkle Toes. Spot. Scooch 

"Far auiay in the sunshine are my highest dreams, goals and wishes. I 
may not reach them but I look up and see their beauty, believe in 
hem and rry to follow where the\; lead". -Louisa May Alcott 

,allet... ballet... ballet! 

Trip2Nut w/lPS;JO-cat..R, cough. wrist. bananas. donuts.Snapple. slap, 
raph.MnBop.Tu t'appetle comment?aixelsid. pencil, chest, froyo; AB, trip2 Needham &Italy, WOW.ldont like ulcoach. 
Max.Claudio;trip2NY.Toph, Sebast.w/AB; Rosie, scratch. Oh nollaugh, 
shwatig. Moles Rule!B-room&cafidy trips w/EG-R&M,chem boats in the 
tinkle toom, bones, nutella;AM-Squaw:Nantasket. Friendlys, Fridays, New 
Yrs E\^@AB, scream. BB nit€S;MH-hoinecoming, altoids. bork,archery; 
CK-nites @ Boston, CBW.BB, Las Vegas, BeFri4eva! Good Luck Class of 
98!Mom&Dad-thank you4all your love&support over the years!! luv u! 


Natasha Kelly 

Nitch, Natalia, Tash» Natals, Nati. Queen of the abrevs. 

"GiOe me a place to stand and I will move the earth. ' Archimides 

Track 1-4. Football 1-4. Student Gov. 1-4, Nafl Honor Society 3-4,"^ 
Yearbook 3-4, Newspaper 1-4 

Abrevs, are life the rest is just dets. Is that sunset brown your wearing? 
goya B.B: lax w/ J.P; froyo. pizza. TGIF w/ K.F. K.B, K.E; 123D; drive 
by parties w/ E.D; whateves: Alexa next on the agenda; sleepover 
parties; chem w/ D.M; fannypacks from CM; IPS w/ I.S & K.F; list- 
ening to stories; pancakes in the morning B.Srsimma; norm; trolley 
crash; red jeans boy; 6th grade fights; xmas^nce; playing the recorder 
w/ J.M; throw notebooks A.R; algebra; disco in It^ly; cooking; carnival 
at HM; J.H b-day party; L.T&E.D teased hair; thax game; Milton trip 
w/ B.S&C.M; trip to NY w/ K B; prom stress;, he w/ stalker T.H; 
hairdresser for he; V; >^-^ 

Kelly Anne Kilcoyne 

"One of my goals in life was to be surrounded by unpretentious, 
rich, i/oung men. " Ted Turner 

Basketball Manager 1. Winter Track 2. Softball 1 

7th period TK's class Jr. Yr., REM concert in 95. Kiss concert in 96. 
Dave Matthews band in 96. Going to Boston, class trips to Canobie 
Lake, breaking beakers in sugar bear's class, Jr. /Sr. cruise, Mr. F's 
class. Red Sox's games. Mom, Dad, and Coll, thanks for everything. To 
the class of 98. Good Luck. 


Erica Lynn Kilduff 

Duff. Duffa. Arga, Dove, Arica 

"Smile away the fears that alwai^s seem to try and run me around" - 
VH ^ ^ 

X-C 1-3, Gymnastics 1,2,4, Spring Track 1-2, Wrestling Manager 3-4, 
Lacrosse manager 3-4. French club 1-4, Yearbook 3-4 

GNOw/LF,KS&SG,UVM-window,Six Flags-JH.Cape gy.KF.ST&KB- 
Our projects.JH fighting BK. candle clique.vv/AD,AR,KE&SG,lost in 
woods w/ED, Brown w/LF&KF-Hans.last day of school at JH's,5AM w/ 
SB. block parties w/JH.CS s parties-MJ.RC's party w/KS-scrubs,lax ball 
w/LM. Maryland trip w/SW.KD&BD. nature walk w/JH,Kiss con-cert w/ 
LF&AD, stealth in homes, prom w.CZ,grand canyon w/LF,KD& SM.if... 
IS s parties. long talks w/SG. concerts of 97,DMBw/JP,my so called life 
moment, homecomings at AD's,tiny tim in cape, Thanks for the mem- 
ories Kcv-I love you always.Thanks to mom&daddy for every-thing.Good Luck to my sisters-you have a 
long way to go. Lastly to the class of '98 Good Luck next year! 

* Timothy Paul King 

Tim, Kinga, King-o-ling 

"Life's a journey not a destination and I just can't tell just what 
tomorrouf^rings. "-Aerosmith 

Hockey 1-4 (capt.), Lacrosse 1-4, Football 1 

SAM practices, black thursday,dia.PUs-Atkins.WORMS,Get out and push 
-NMMG.Should I hit it?3tx2NP,DMB96/97Hug?^hat?Golf-AA, 
Where's your V?LAC,LaLaLa-MLAC,Rockland Woods-MB-BK-FS-JH, 
SCw/JD,Stang in sand-Woo,Prom97-KH, 311, Cape Trip-NM-lts the Big 
Dipper,lce Cream,The99,10<t:copies-NM, Driveway Incident-NM, Re- 
mote-AC,Labans-Wheres MG?Snowangels-AA,Tried-NMLACJA, Dayl- 
Locksmith,Air freshener on fire, To everyone-especially mom,dad&crew- 

Justin William Kirby 

Krustin, Kirfay 

"This is the end my on/y friend the end. " THE DOORS 

D C. house, the workshop 2 and 4 foota, the pit the parties at my 
house. RC's- party, Mom's away everyone plays, Lime Rock, GL the 
barn, MS super meltdown, SM goodbye, I still love you. IL, CC, DA, 
AS, JK, MM, JH, you never know what's coming nex,! Cordage Park, 
Salem, North River, the Bridge, AK's house. DO's house, DM's car, 
MD your hot! The Band, the fun, the things I remember, the things I 

Jesse Paul Knudsen 

Ka No Nuts 

" / went the distance now I am not going to stop, just a man and hi6 
will to survive"," '-^Survivor 

Football 1,2; Wresding 2-4 : Golf 1 -4 

Jhe JR,XR,YZ riding w/ EA,RL,JK,RB at Grove St, the p-lines.4x4 in 
th(2 p-lines w/ EA JK JS,JP,RL. 'Tishing" at the bridge w/ RC^MM, 
JH. "1 was sleeping dude " Camping in the p-lines w/ GL,RC,KG. ACE 
smoke rt grooves 96 w/ EA,RF,JN, MJ. DMB 97 blackout .Striper 
fishing w/ NS MS AC The barn,Jacobs, The bridge Homecoming 96 In 
the; barn .fishing at the Boggs, wild brothers w/ RL,EA. "rione ", worms. 
The K W/ DA,AC,GL,RC. Oct 31 w/ DA,AC,JP,GL,RC. college day 
w/ DA,RG,GL. To anyone or thing that I left out I am Sorry. To the 
Faiji you guys are great. Thannxs for the support. See ya NHS! 

Gregory George Laban 

*Labes,Labano,LL, Gregorio,LL Cool J 

"Li/e7s too shortTso lo.ije th§ one you got, cause you might get 
runover or you mighl get shot". \ 

Football 1,2 

The Barn -i- Su)nmerbashes 94 - 97.4 wheelin w/ RC.DC,MB,MS,JK. 
TK's 7th period english. Destruction nights w/M3, MB.Allor-i-Maine-i- 
NewHamp w/RS.New Years in Harvard Square. Top of the Prudential 
w/MC. Brockton tuns w/MS, V^Q. Freedom Rally 96-t-97.Late Night 
walks to Tedeschis.Many trips to Salem. "I'm not even touched ".Camp- 
ing in New Hamp w/MM. Scavenger hunts. Official Goatmilk Cow- 
bellist.Jacobs.North River, Wompatuck,Pine Street, Tac Factory, 
Coordage Park. Special Than5^to MJ yoi) made high school bear- 
able.Thanx to my Fam.My love to MC. And to the rest of you, ChccK ya 
later. ^ ' 


Jennifer Marie LaCroix 

SuperJenn, Jennpner, Le 
[the millions of way? you can a?fectionately pronounce LaCroix) 

/ a/ways knew looking back on my tears would make me laugh, but I 
never thought looking back on my laughter would make me cry. 

School Newspaper 1-4 (Editor 3, Editor*-In-Chief 4), Soccer Manager 2- 
4, Basketball Manager 1-4, Softball ManSiger 1-2, Peer-Ed 2-4, Year- 
book 3-4. French Club 1,-4, Chem Club 3-4 

B-(-late nite BB runs-CORRUPTlVE movies. Scream, Fargo, Speed, 
Ghost.Scarlet, StrictlyBalloon,Hull.CampB.JH&MC-Mofasa. Water- 
melon! Haagen-DaslBugaboo, Frid2iys(straw)Uno's.Jellie Beans-H20 
aerobics. fub.FamFeud. Hey girls, wanaride?Perry. car. tom. juice. MV. 
Assassin. PROM. Skankinpickle.Frosh peanut gallery@news (crash, 
fleece. my cookies&DG s swears. my b-day parties(sorry!) The mothershipSacy 
AR.TS.SWrThanks 4 all the "good times "guys-never forget them.Thanks M,D,P,J&S 4 all your 
love&support.Good Luck Class of '98! 

Erica Dorothy Lawford 


Then as it was and again it will be. though the course may change 
sometimes, rivers alwai^s reach the sea. " -Led Zeppelin ^ 

Tennis 1-2, Field Hockey 2, Spanish Club 1-2 

Fiesty, Pi ntos, Newport 95&96 w/AR,Red convert, Get in!,B-State 
hotties; DC,JW,DMthws 96&97,Nantasket,hrly night calls J&J,tank 
tops.C-town IDs.BC.CM game,BBinEng 97, Boston trips, AR-Bessie 
can't make it,KT-racin with Al, Aloha, Edel/demag^tinted wndws, Hing- 
ham profits, Arturo, Liquid. in a Maxima, AR-jiying in my car, Mobile 
man, Under cover/Horde 97'/Searching my>:ar, Washing my drvwy@ 
6am, DD man,BC Party, DQ, the jacket, Pete-4 more years good luck! 
Thanks to my Mom,Dad,Pete& Sandy I iove you alHThanx for your 
undying love and support and to all my friends good luck I'll never forget 
all our memories. Good Luck class of 98"! 

Kristin Litchfield 

Litch, Litchy 

"// you want to see the rainbow you have to survive the rain first. " 
Doll\; Parton 

Fieldhockey 1-4 (capt); Tennis 1; Softball 2 

Skiing at Loon w/ KG and the boys, you're a maid. Sebago, orange 
sherbert 1 need a back massage. Nantasket. Trip to NH w/ RF, MC, 
MS. Christmas vaca 95, 96, & 97 w/ RF in NH. A cow stepped on my 
foot Normand's Laundry Mat. Falling through the pond. Walk around 
Rocky Bound, Veteran's dinner, Ames, that's all 1 have to say. Stop & 
Shop, Movies and M&M s w/ MC, trip to NH w/ MC, GL & BD, Tom 
Petty, REM Live w/ KG, RS, GL HORDE, Live w/ RF, KG,MC,BD,GL Bronco Drive w/ SM, 
Nantucket FH tourney, PSAT party. Good Luck next year Stacy, Alex, Coley, Kelsie, & Tori good 
luck in the years to come, they stink, ♦ 

Peter Stanley Lukow 

Pete, peTER, Geek 


"A man is what he does with his attention" John Ciardi 

Drama 1-4, GSA 3^4, Amnesfi^-lnternational 3-4, Diversity Club 3-4, 
Yearbook, Outdoor\unch 2-4, 2-5 Club. Other 1-4 - , 

All sorts of fun and mischief with BM, JS. BLB, JPW, AFK, LT.EGS, 
DG, LM, RS, MB, ER, MC, and everyone else with whom I've shared a 
joke, and cannot remember. Drama. D&Q, Massive puns, TATI, "You 
run like an old woman ", Tori, Magic, Total Confusion, Marathon, in- 
sults, wit, fun NCCJ stuff, "Would you still be my friend if... ', Pascal & 
breakfast, DTP, and HTCC. There's more, but due to space, I'll leave 
you all with this: "This is the way the world ends..." Wait, this is it: "I'd 
rather learn from one bird how to sing, than teach ten thousand stars 
how not to dance" 

' Leith Calder MacDonald 

"Knowledge is structured in consciousness" -Maharishi Mahesh Yogi 
"Love. Love. Love, Loue. Love. Love, Love. Loue, Love, Loue, Love, Evolve" 
-Perry Faftell 

Punk 1-4 

TATl. South Street w/JB DA NS. B.S.A. w/NM. Art w/MM JP MG 
EK JM, Shoe Box, P.O.S. $150 w/FK. China Town w/BB. Rage w/ 
EGS. I love NHS. Straightedge w/MG. Swimming w/BB CC AS RS 
EGS ET. Skating w/BB RS. 7th Period Willis w/MM ET MF TS EGS 
PD. CAD w/LW Good Times w/JA TM RM JD BB CV MF. Grave 
Yard w/BB. Bio w/RS DM CT. Gen w/JB KT RS AA. Jokes w/MM. 
MTG w/MF JP. Freshman CC w/RS JH. Mischief w/MM PL MF DP 
DC ET. Connor+ET. Thank you Geiger, Gaiman. Moebius. Laird, 

Matthew Brenton Mangum 

Mags, Magz, Lightweight 

"The problems of this world cannot possibly be solved by skeptics or 
cynics whose horizons are limited by the obvious realities. We need 
men and women who can dream of things that never were and ask 
Why not?" -Spencer W. Kimball 

Football 1-4 (Captain 4), Lacrosse 2-4, Wrestling 3, Spring Track 1, 
Basketball 1, Winter Track 2, Class President 1 \ 

Goatmilk, TurnipTruck, The Notebook, Goofing around all the time, 
Sankos? Freshman Football, Being a new man, Kenslea's class, Art w/ 
LM JP MG DD POS, Goofing off, Chem, Merkur{breaking down) Week- 
end friends. Mormon jokes w/ DM LM, Goofing off w/ Sam, Football 
1997, Yelling, Summers, Concerts, TT=EK, wishing 1 had done more 
work, weekday friends can call me any weekend. In the words of Yogi 

thg Bear "Hey BooBoo Let's go get ourselves a pic-a-nic basket" Lastly thanks Fam^Thanks Mitch I'! 
never forget you. 

Nicholas Peter Mantia 

Nick. Nack, Tia, Pisant 

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- 1 took the one less traveled by 
and that has made all the difference" - Robert Frost 

Hockey 1: Lax 1-4; Mock trial 3-4; Pool Club 1-4 (captain) 

Hifblack Thursday";Bomber;"should I hit it?";lS=GF;b puddles;DMB , 
96-97-hug-TK what?;""BD TK cape;squishy ;Tried TK,LAC,JA;Lal?aas 
96-97-BlS pool;MG?;311;NG w/BD;Where's your v?;locksmith;914; ' 
EMS/NC? TK;Cape trips;smokin groovesjNB in BC s truck w/LM=14; 
JMsgood luck in years to come; AJ good luck in future- peas and 
carrots; Mom add Dad, thanks for everything- 1 love y^.guys;LAC 
thanks forTieing there-I ll never forget you-I love you. To the boys, 
WQRD;MCF; PTS! I'll always remember you guys. If I forgot anyone, 

Douglas Edwin Martin 

Dqi5§, Doug E Fresh, Dooglas, The Russian Kid 

"Theyneeting of^o personalities is like the contact of two chemical 
substances: if there is dh^ reactign. both are transformed." - 

Basketball l-4)^Baseball 1-4 

SO-'Tm Irish!", MM+KG in the backseat, Steve-Miller 97, times w/ Big 
Red and The Whiffo, The river rave w/ IS, TP Norwell w/ MB-i-FS, 
Soph. Yr. Post prom party, witb KO,the ACE, The hut, all the eats. 
Mormon jokes w/MM, GFCS football, BB+the entire school family. 
BBal!@IS's. Turning 2 w/BM. Soph, JV bball. TK's Soph Eng w/ 
MM+KG. IS and his influence. Mom,Dad, Jen, Amy, "and Leanne have 
a good life and be ready to siiRport me. Everyone that has ever touched 
my life. Good or bad, good lyck, have fun and remember to take carfe of 
one another. 


Class of 1998 • 79 

Amanda Beth Mayhew \ 

^ Mcipda, Panda, Mandy, Beth.^Adnama, Larry 

Give me the serenit\/ to accept the\things I can't change, the courage 
to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. 

X-Country 1, Tennis 1-4. National Honors Society 3-4, Peer-ed 3-4. 
Student Government 4. French Cluh 1-4, Spanish Club 2, Service Club 

GoodTimes! Oh My God! Donk NH12, DDK Love Tri. Spy Mish. 007 
Chem. Frndly sw/E. Ski Trips. Fishlt Tag w/SL,EG.DMBw/TA. Home- 
stead Surp. Engaged, Jetta. Close Gar mail. Car Tag. You're Delicious! 
Nice Hair! MV b-days. Shagwag. 0PM. Bang. DM confuse w/KE. Sit In 
Path. Moo. Fool Game w/ Ki. Big Pic. w/ TH. RO, Get Outa There! w/ 
TA. Brakefail Brig. How Much Fun? wetsuit AB. Stand by U w/DI. Rev 
Games. Gar Chalk w/ SF. Tea & Coffee w/ CK. Aahhgh, basement w/ 
JO. Bus w/ AR. Carb Tom Juice, w? JL. Ugh Marc! Ultimate Fans. 
Friends, thanks for the memories. Mom, Dad, Anna you've always been.— ^ 
there for me. Thanks for the support! I love you. 

^ Dayna Mazzola 

Dee, Dayn, Day, Spaz 

"What is right for one soul may not be right for another. It "may ■ 
mean having to stand on ],iour own and do something strange in the 
eyes of others. " Eileen Caddi^ , 

Gymnastics 1-4 (capt. 4), Soccer 1-2, Cheerleading 4, Spanish Club 1, 
Outdoors Club 1-2, Band 1-2, Pep Band 1-2 > 

Bike rides.Tunnelvision.That night w/GA,EK(Ack!),blue sky's w/ 
DM, VC, Roe, Alicia y Margarita,walks at Norris w/TM,Any visibilities?, "A 
friend in need is more important than... "our obsession w/TH,CE,The 
basement,double 16, summer 96w/DM,SB, JA, VC,TH& all our 
concerts, Lations&Roonsters,JN,Aruba,Ellis^>Prom 97 w/DC, LW,KH, 
KS, Lighthouse, LL& gang, Indigo Squirrels w/LW.'-'what yield sign? 'AK's 
obsession with BM, I'm a PP. Justins house, 17 yr old baby, Sunoco, 
Hingham harbor, AL,CU,DB, Steven Tyler's 30 sec. hug, Aerosmith '97 
w/ AL, Mrs.Boyer -t- Mr. Dinolo, thanks so muQhIThanks Mom & Dad I couldn't have made it without 
you. Joy you're the bestll love you!To my friends 1 wisR you the best of luck,&to the rest of you... (HA!) 

Abigail Colby McCarthy 

Abby, Abs, Abba, Bigales MicCaffries, Abbabutt, Abiloppicus, Mic, Biff, 

"Who will pay for all the days I lived awake but half asleep?" 

-Primitive Radio Gods 

Floyd, REM, DMB,River Rave,U2,H0RDEw/LT,KG,KL,JR,JD,TS.; 
Kickin' Kiwi Lime!;Dr. Funk, Oilcan, I don't care!, get out of my driveway!, 
what's goin' on over there?;No Digity.No Doubt!:JR clothes lined by a 
clothesline;Nantasket nights w/JR.AS,IP,KS,JD,RL,TP;lt's Burton not 
Burtn;Son meets Bunsen Honey Dew, Excursions in Plymouth, 
Skating,Ars and Cuetime.w/MM, CJ, JB, AR, RM, BE, JD, JD2, DM, 
JR,TS,LT,DM2;Goobie;l love you Mom, Dad, Mike, and Deb, to you I 
give the most thanks. To my closest friends: Jenn, don't forget me and 
all the stupid things we do. Ian, 1 hope nothing stands in the way of 
your dreams and goals. Jeff,l am always here for you and my love will 
never grow weak. Let us never forget the Buick Beast (Christine), Little 
Pinto. 1-800-dirtbag. Drumming in the attic. The Crazies.. Bye Everyone! 

Daniel Joseph McGloin 

Dan, Danny 

"There's a choice. It's my destiny. In my hands. Yeah, its up to me" 
(Van Halen) 

"There is no royal road to anything. One thing at a time, all things . 
in succession. That which grows fast withers as rapidly; that which 
grows slowly endures. " (J.G. Holland) 

Football 1-4, Wrestling 2-4 (Capt.4), Baseball 1-4, Band 1-4 (Pres.4), 
Pep Band 1, Chorus 4, Chem Club 3-4 

Parties @ AB's, the "band group", Hull brawl. Football dinners, WH31 
w/ MG + JO, Lunch w/ SW,BD,+RB, Jan -i- the ketchup,Football 4 yrs 
w/ MG,MM, SO,AR,FS-)-MC, Wrestling w/DG, Laban play, prom party 
NWF, finally beating EB (monkey's off the back!). I would like to thank 
all the teachers and coaches who have taught me and guided me 
through 4 yrs @ NHS. To Football-i- Wrestling next year lots of luck and 
success. To the GANG you guys are the best friends a guy could- ever want. To Mom, Dad + Julie, thanks 
million. I couldn't have done it w/out you. To the class of '98, lots of luck in the future. Peace out! 

80 • Class of 1998 

Suzanne McLaughlin 

Sue, Suzi, Sushi, Suzi Q 

''Life is leaded and guided by destiny and you stay on its path and 
follow its course, but don't be afraid to step out of its path and 
create yo^y own. for life has so much more to offer" 

Soccer 1-3, Basketball 1-2, Track 1, Tennis 1-3, Student government 
1 , Service club 1 ,^ 

Bio.w KB, littleMouse, allNighter, anti, mains, walksm FromBRs. CZ 
dolphins, goodLies, acura, you've changed, shad^i! prospectSt. Party 
mile, FridayA.M Whos Driving? 10/26/97 What happened, stealthOp, 
everyday® MCs, apple Creations, drivebys, piercings, broncoRides, 
poolTime, experiments, summer 97, catapillar, MBsBeach, broncoRide 
KL, honeydipped. Food Game, youngMorningsET, butterflies, girls 
NightsW/AB, prom night, bonsai, Beth you dropped something, Beth? 
Martha's Vineyard , theories, decibelles. To my family, thank you for all 
your support and love, and to my friends, thanxs for being there and for the good times shared. 

John Stuart Meddaugh, III 

Golf team. Bowling club, Spanish club, Computer club 

Going out on Friday & Saturday nights with jp, sr, jd, nh. Scituate, 
Plymouth, Duxbury Beach, Kingston & Braintree. Junior -Senior cruise, 
going out for pizza, movies(how many did we see??), thanksgiving foot- 
ball games, dances, summers on Nantucket, caddying, golf, beach, 
skiing, aol, malls, to jp- thanx for being a great friend and good luck in 
the future. Bowling with jd, and to all my friends, have fun and good 
luck in everything you do! !! Many thanx to Justin, Mom and Dad for 
everything you've done for me. :-) 

Joel Earl Milliken 

( Sieve ) 

" Beauty is only a light switch away 
Lacrosse: 3-, 4 { Cciptain ) 

It would be impossible to write my life at Notwell in a 576 character 
space. Friends, you know who you are and how much fun we've had... 
_^covers moving after the prom -Nobody Saw !!! Wave ride w/ Zona (Still 
"alive). Greatwoods: me & Alex Vs. Limo drivers. Disco bowling'vy/ the 
gang. Oh No!! (S.M.B.). New kid w/ the yellow vest. Poems to Amy 
Leek. -p^. I Love You. Thanx to N,K. A.R. K L. K.C. A.D. C.G, g.R. 
and especially S.M. Sorry BHS, couldn't be w/ you, Thanx June Dad 
Gl^nn & Eric for putting up w/ me. Bye 


Meghan Marie O'Connor 

•- Oakie, Meglet, Myrtle, O'C, Oce 

"rtcrisk, I was an ^oglish muffin, so I could make the most out of a 
toaster, easy myself doian, cbmi^' up brown. " -S&G 

Field hockey 1-4, basketball 1-4, Amnesty 1-4 (pub. 2, treas. 3,4), math 
team 1-4 (pres. 4), peer-ed 3,4, yearbook 3-4, Nat'l Honor Society 
3,4, drama 2,3\ Diversity & GSA (cofounder) 

IPS super group, name game, special lunches, secret passage to fun land 
and ironman w/BB, rice chex^ ER's tin foil, pigtails, ugliest shoes I've 
ever seen, the gang, slaps, Sunday night XFiles group, drive-ins, beach 
(BN's coke bottle)w/DG,LT,EG, NewYrs @Loon x2, apple-pickin w/ 
NK,AB, Anytown w/PL,ER- thurs nite-caramel brownies-disco dancin, 
SHYC w/KF, PF dances w/UN. art w/QC, FH w/KL, ED, AD, LW, 
"God loves you" w/ED Ani&Dylan w/all, Italy -bus in Rome -Antonallo 
w/SF -model walk -underwear incident, 80s bday.w/ER, the max, 1st day of chem w/LT,ER, "come 
play w/me " vibes, llama joke, dratpa, jumping, BN'§ pizza, BF's flips, as the ball bounces w/KE, stuck 
on Martha's Vineyard, NCCJ w/ER,PL,SK,SM Pacini's in the library w/LF, PhD stories w/SK, steady 
friend AK, To Mom, Dad, Kelly, Caitlin, Rory, Brendan and all my friends: Thanks and lots of love! 

Janmarie Lyn O'Donnell V 

\ ' Jan. Janny, Little O D., Biffy, Janno 

//you keep \ua\i\nq for just the ri^t time, you may never begin. 
Begin now! Begin where you are with what you are. 

Soccer 1-4. softball 1-4, basketball 1,2 Band 1-4, Pep Band 1-4, Peer- 
^ed 3.4, Service Club 1-3, chorus 4. ^ 

CampB w/JL&EG JoeH FamFeud QueenSheeba AB- Cat, Dog, brick, 
24/7, French, that was fun, OJ! CK-Friend, cheesits, etc. Lunch Soph 
Yr. Paul came out! A.Hpss, wrist. Pencil, R, rings, oloniD, your laugh. 
KH-the sparkle. bloody nose. coed naked. bowling, skiing w/CW. AM-I 
like your pants! DM-catsup& Homecoming JrYr. TA-all the laughs. SW- 
elepnant shoes, marshmallow. UNC. AR&EL-lunch SrYr. TS-o=p-i-v=b. 
SF-s6ccer coaching. Brian-all the great times. Forts, catsup, babysitters, 
twins, movies, cough. You're the best. Love You! Mom. Dad, Greg, 
and John, thanks for always being there for me. I love You! 

Stephen Arthur O'Neill 

OOO'Neill, Shaq. Lenny, Black Cloud 

"Hey you get off my cloud you dont know me and you don( knou* 
my s(y/e. " Method Man 

Football 1-4 (capt). Basketball 1-4, Baseball 1-4 

What seems to be da problem;Frosh Football Fight w/Hull;140 in 
Legend w/CZ; B-l-t-Jeep kicking Bass; Beating Rob-i-Clan in B-Ball in 
Reading;Sign stealth ops; G-Woods w/IS,FS,JM,BB,MB,BBQ-i-CLS;lS 
4th Ripper; Da Wiffo w/Back Assassain at DM's;Scooter; NWO; 4W 
heeling w/CZ.NS,MC,AC; Lawn Driving;Da Beach; B calls; 3 pt King, 
RECOLA; WuTang;B yd F games;"Dont worry about it"-CZ; Rehab is 
for quitters; BRs Rippas;3K DAMAGE TO'SC; B-Ball at Ians;Trip 2 
Bermuda;ND party w/IS-t-JE;Best of Luck Jack artd to all who stood by 
me and didnt sell me out. Thanks Mom+Dad for putting up with my 

Jason David Petitti 

Jay J. P., Petittito 

"Dream on. Dream until {^our Dreams come true. " Aerosmith 

Band 1-4 , 

T.K.'a class the past 2.5 yrs why did you write pepe on the board? 
Bowling with JD.JM,SR,and JH. The wind up car and it's red button. 
Racing DeLuca and always losing, mini golf with A.W. and J.M. A.C's 
$Life O'Neill #:16 and Fenway Frank's on Halloween. Lynwood's with 
Steve and John. Cole School Football and the violent hit's. Summer of 

97 with A.W. I Love you. Angel! B-Ball at my house. To the class of 

98 good luck in the future. To Steve, Joey, John, and J.R. you guys 
were my closest friends thank you for everything I love you. To those I 
forgot good luck and best wishes. 

Jessica Lee Pithie 

Jess, Jessie, Pith, Pitty, Pathy, Pithmeist, Pithdoggs, Kate Jenkins 

"Life moves pretty/ fast- If you don 't look around once in a while. 
you could miss it. ''-F.B. 

Student Gov 3-4, Yearbook 3-4, Chem Club. Wrestling Mgr.2-4. 
Lacrosse Mgr. 3-4. Hi-Five Club 1-4 (Pres. 4) 

Cole, Crazy Nights @ My House, Slip&Fall incident. always thinkin. 
midwk. CapeParties @ML/JM,Summer97-SB'd.MB beach Bonfires. 
20min!RIPtimothy, PhishinMonchi, Latenites-MPKLJMMS MT.Shady 
thats me, V-Day Dance- MPKLEOAS, Cat,C-St,Dr,Benny, Hey Dad! 
Honeydip SM, 6:15 HitThis! Meeting Mr A,10/26-rage,EliteSophs- 
BS,Prospect Party Mile,Anti-SMKB,FriAM-SM "WhosDriving?"What 
Happened @MC,Illegal-DAACMBBRBFMS RCMJ,To all my buds- 
thanks for making me laugh-my houseis always open,LoveYou all-esp 
SMSGSOMPKL Thanks to my fam.esp. H&J. Thanks Sue for potting up w/all of us, Check 
NHS, What along strange trip... 

U Later 

82 • Class of 1998 


Ian Price 

I, E, Ea, 

"After one has discovered what he is made for. he should surrender 
all of the power in his being to the achievement of this. He should 
seek to do ft so well that nobodij could do it better. " - Dr. Martin 
Luther King Jr. 

Spanish Club 1, Newspaper 1, Bowling Cub 2. Amnesty International 
1-2. Computer Club 2, Chem Club 3-4, Yearb-o<Jk 3-4 

Prom 95, 96, & 97; All of my close friends, GE, VW, LC, AM, JR.JE; 
My new friend from Switzerland SB, thanks for going to homecoming 
w/me, 1 had a great time; All my weekend trips to Boston; Family 
vacations; Granny(the best grandmother anyone could ask for): "Oh 
Shoot" , "Ah Shut Up" ,"Why are you always in by business"; Edward ( 
the best grandfather in the world): "Ah! Shut up Lolly" ;Mom and Cam the best family I could only hope 
for; El and all of her desperate men;Thank you Mommy. Cam, Granny, and Edward (Pop) - I will 
remember all that you have done for me, and will always love you. 

Andria Ruth Rampino 

"So on and on I go. the seconds tick the time out, there's so much 
left to know: I'm on the road to find out. " -C.S. 

Field Hocky 1-2, Tennis 1-2, Amnesty International 1, Spanish Club 3-4 

Martha's Vineyard'95 & 96 with AM,TA. AB,JO,SF,JL,EG; sunburns, 
baygel.Newport'96 w/EL, Salve guys, red convertible, horses, electric 
fence. Summer w/Is & Mai w/KT, brown trooper, red hat. Aloha trips w/ 
KT&EL, slick, blue hair, gordo. Dave Matthews '96&97. Beg. of summer, 
racing w/A&C,$250 ticket. do to do. Smashing Pumpkins, squeeze 
bottles, very random. HORDE, busted, rainy, EL in toga. Nantasket.The 
iacket,carrots. To my b.f's KT,EL, AB, AM,TA, JO.JL, EG,CK,SF, 
thanx for everything you're the best! To my mom, Lisa &Peter I love 
you! And to the class of 98, Good Luck! 

Brian Reardon 

B, Bri, Suka 

Haven't you read the handbook? You can't do anything around here. 

Spanish Club 1-2, Soccer 1-2, Tennis 1-3, 

*Tvly PAD w/my friends,MF cru,Canada brawl, PV,3w/Kl,16B-Day,PP 
Mile, Great Woods, All night w/JP,DA,Illgl nights w/everyone, A • 
special s1<iout to NS-we missed ya!CJ's Posh HACKS.20 MJATDA' s& 
Bird Sanc.DAs vacanthouse.N.H.AR's episodes, Homecoming&Pfom 
97,w/SW, BD, KL,BS,RC,lt s gone already?Chillin w/MJ&BL, Phil- 
osdphies w/RC,DA,JP,SM,Driving SW.My littleCEASE, Special shout to 
BF thanx.f.or being such a good friend, KL your care &-love is irreplace- 
able, you'll always be a part of my life, 143. Alex even though you've 
been a PIMA, I love you anyway, MA&PA, thank you for supporting me, 
1 love you & everyone else I missed! And... I'm out. 

Amanda Cummings Reed 

^- Reed, Apollo Creed, Steeds 

It is gbod to hav«-an end to journe]; towards, but it is the journet^ 
that matters in the end ~' ,^ 

SBccer 1, Basketball 1-2, Track 3-4, Treasurer 4, Yearbook 4 

Candle Clic-KBEK AD,limitidians,Spin the Bottle @ JH & JP's.l37, 
obsessed w/ BF, George's Island, fighting w/ KB ior BR, freshman hair- 
cut,skiing w/ SM-Mr Bendy Poles, w/ AD-Lost Boyz, parties @ BR,BN's 
house, Italy & CG. Point Sebago w/ KG-Dan & Jeff , cheesy 80's w/ JC, 
1st ever kicked out of PDP,Big Bob's #l,Worst Thing That Can Hap- 
pen, How'd u spell, prom court, ME & RWF, people beeping, talking all 
nite w/ MJ, little pup, spaghetti, W of F.i love you Mike thanks for your 
great friendship. Thanks Mom-,^ Dad for^supportinq me from riding to 
school you've always been behind me pushing me forward. 

Class of 1998 • 83 

Adam Paul Robertson S 

' Roberto son, Animal 

You're never too old to rock and roll if you're too young to die" 
Football 1-4 

Laban bash all 4. Elbows RF.Pool drooD JP&RC.Pool at KT.Never eats 
MC. Freshmen never won. Fellow GnR lover MG. Bus to prom thanks 
KG.Midnight runs GL.Fire alarm MrK.Many years with Kelly. 1 like 
Santa. 1 like the tin man SO. Prom night in the Barn. All the rules 1 broke. 
All my friends old and new can come to the wedding. All the brothers 
will be in it. From Adam and Angel. 

Steven Elio Roffo 

Steve. Wieve, Roff 

Baseball 1-4 

ColeSchool, Touch footie OZ, CloseLine Chin, Stealing Bases on bus-. 
JP Slamming door on Doyle, Cape Cod DJM, ColeSchool Football JP, 
SC,MB.JD,DM,DJM,BD,NM.JR,RB. Rolls. Backyard Football & baseball 
DM. MB. taking O'Neil s $ from bets. Spitball on ceiling. Tin Foil Ball, 
Colsy s candy, Sleep over's Joes, Foodfight 5th grade. Street Hockey, 
Ruler Hockey, Dav, Vogal. Driving JP,JM, Basketball Jay's, SO, SC ,JP 
Dolphins, Sonics Rule! Why did you write Pepe on the board, Maine JR, 
Soccer Recess, Fenway Franks, Tuff, Archig, Huss! Bowling KC.JD,JP, 
JR,BF,JM. Rockland GC JD.MB.KC.DJM.Gtiys it was so much fun, 
good luck. 

Jennifer Anne Rosebach 

Jcnn, NiNi, Jenzo, Nifer, Bacha 

"Celebrate we will, because life is short but sweet for certain. " DMB 

Field Hockey 1-2, Tennis 1, Spanish Club 2-3, Bowling Club 1, Chem 
Club 3 

Death rides w/AS; 4 wheeling w/AM,MM,MG;Camping w/AM,DM,KP: 
late nites w/RC; trip to Braintree w/AS,JM,JC;Prom '97 w/JA,lP & his 
jeep; Boston w/KS,AM,IP.JD; 9&10 w/RC; Northeastern wknd.; I am 
on fire!; Barque Hill w/AS,AM.JD; New Hamp. w/JN.JH,MH,MP; TS- 
ittle grn. men; FS-KK Turbo Boosters; IP-hauntd. house; KS-letting it all 
out; Jr. High dances w/KR; Halloween w/FK,JN;ltaly w/SF, Antonelloi; 
Mom, Dad, PJ, thanx for evrythng, could not have done it w/o you, love 
you; AM-thanx for being there when 1 needed it most; RC-will love you 
always. To all my friends & class of 'QS-congrats & gd. luck! 

Elisabeth. Julianne Ryan 

Ankasunamun, Milisibeth, Elisajulissabanne, Hoochie Mama *3, Lisard 

"i am not saying that i am a saint, i just don't wanna live that way - i 
will never be a saint, but i w'M always say. squ'mt your eyes and look 
closer, i'm not between you and your ambition, i am a poster girl 
with no poster, i am 32 flavors and then some. " ~ani difranco 

Amnesty Int'l 1-4 (Sec. 2, VP 3. Pres 4)-Drama 1-4-NHS-Peer Ed-Math 
Team 1-4 (Sec. 4)- 'Yearbook-Diversity Clu^ (co-founder)-GSA (co- 
founder)-Student Gov't-Mock Trial 

i don't understand-what's going on?"~)umping~foil~ja and that xmas 
dance- buried coke bottle-electrical tape- "i'm crazy drivin' girl - gimme 
some gas money!- RENT; rushes w/lk-katie's dad-tremont st-ca; 50 
60million timesf-hoochies-the board^~lc=babcmhmo'l~mn w/lk&sb: 

pizza @lm's-fb-gw-mp & the proposed gb — 2-5 club, suckah!*-ed,pl,ja,mo,bb,ab,bn,ta~the 
max-Anytown '96: thurs nite-disco-loft talks — Girls' state; nationals! -insane in the membrane- 
queen dida — dmb(s)-random drive to boston-brown couch-italy; antonello Sstng-fd's spilling 
story-slaps-underwear incident — drama -the old gang :P 


" Tessa Marina Sestina 

Tess, Set, SBT, "Tessaaa Sestina' 

■'We were not put on this earth to see through each other, but to see 
each othe^^through." -Michelle Wyrebek 

FUB/Smidad/Shawn/Excuse me, my straw doesn't suck/Hey, what are 
you going to do?/Boop!Aark/Nebs/Ode to Phil/0=P+V=B/Charlie/ 
So anyway I was getting dressed &.../Tocs/Ellehciln/Zil/Blue Beard/ 
Black leather boots/Jellybeans and fishnets/Particle Man/Hagendaas/ 
Zengal/Tebeth Constina/Peter and Anne/Pink Sferdid water/Thatsssme 
/Art & Man/Branka/Parler a la main... /maroon jeeps... & to those who 
have been there when I needed them most LC,JL,MH,RS,SP,EG, & al 
of those who I have befriended oveT the years, keep in touch! 

Beth Sharkin 

Sharkin, Shark, Bitter, Mary 

"The road goes on forever and the part\^ never ends... The best is yet 
to come. " -Jack Ingram 

Soccer l-2,--Tennis 1-4 (capt. 4), Student Government 3-4 

Crazy times @JP's & IS's,Mixfest 97,KS's p"arty- "I never... ", babysitting 
incident w/KB,CE obsessions, tradeoffs w/AD, premium size.RW soccer 
camp, rope swing, DMB concerts, my life in NH-my everlasting love for 
Dusty, sketchy counselor boyfriends. New Seabury w/SW &Pat, elite incident-LT, summer 96w SW,AD,RH,CE,CH, 
KB. KE, SB. fights w/RC,ping pong, Bradlees-SW, KB, suspension. sweet 
16 party, bad car experiences w/LF, Italy '96 Pat, Charles, &Alfredo, 
Martha's Vineyard, mopeds w/AD,SW,BD.To all my friends. 1 11 miss 
you,Moni&Dad-I love you&thanx for putting up w/me. 

Thomas Shea 

Tom, Tommy, Tommy boy. Shea, Mr. Shea, ' Sheadoggas", Monkey, 
Monkey boy 

"// human beingfstop using their mouths for too long, their 
brains start working. " Douglas Adams 

Quiet new kid 2, Smart nerd 3-4 

Matthew Paul Sheehan 

Matt, Matty, She-dog 

"U is'^od to haie an end to journe\^ toward; but it is the journey 
that matters in the end. "'^ -Ursula K. Le Gain 

Soccer 1-4 (capt);- basketball 1; Track 1,4, ; Lacrosse 2, ; Spanish 
Club 2 \ . ^ - 

J,P.,end of school 96, B.R's pad, D.A's pad all night-Where's Dan? 
M.B-beach house. T.B's w/D.A,, B.F.,M.C.,A.C. driving, B.Y.'s all 
month, SavannahT Killington96-97, run@e!ks w/B.Y, Prom 97, surfing 
w/M.B,B.F,K.W,P.B@M.B's, CD s w/B.F,M.B-Berts ripped, Me-i-B.F 
always hangin out. Night® E.M's pad; K.N s pad w/B".F,E.M. couldn't 
really see, Blues Broes, State^eam97, J.M's Cape pad. Class of 97, 
you were missed! E.M., you arfe the best thing that ever happened t(5 
me, I will always love you and never forget you. To all my friends, thanx for the memories. Mom, Dad, 
Jon. thanx for all your support and love when 1 needed it. 1 love all of you. Later! 

Class of 1W8 • 85 

Tennis 2-4 

Kelly Tara Si^ell 

Snell, Snell Pie, Kel 


Always reinember:AD-80085,DE&our trips around RT parking lot.NH 
w/LW,"Hogan we're in reverse "&the rest of our bonding night, * 
'prueggers runs&other adventures in the getaway car w/ EK-my sister in 
partying, keep scrubbingldon't worry EK, I'll write my note&yours & 
whoever elses. teeter-totter w/SW.sumrrter concerts. Pornstar. Hanging 
out w/AW in MM's parking lot. PFP. triple death joy ride W/ED. we're 
going to eat gas PD.SG-want spme more tang?summer beach and pool 
days. Trips to China Town and benches W/ BB.LD. where's Mexico? 
Thanks to everyone who has, still is and will always be there for me. 


Megan Elizabeth Spearin 

Megs,PLUGS,Baldly,Straight Edge 

Originalitt; is simpl{^ a pair of fresti e\^es" Thomas Higgfnsor^ 
"Most people like to talk a lot including you, there isn't much I ha^e 
to soy , that I would rather shut up & do" -Ani DiFranco 

My qood" old memories of being in a closed in brtck building with no 
windows for four years hmmm .Chillin in Boston, going to the RAT& 
Middle East with Galvin&Forest seeing some sweet old shows. Getting 
mad piercings by the gay guys at Tribals!Soon will get ink!Snowboard- 
ing. going boarding ever Feb. meet matt,GQin bbcin with the old crew, 
good old clothing class with "Rheaultedge " "truck driving down the hall " 
Shaving the head bald&red. Rainbow, chilling with<the bros girl, hang 
with adamP.closet case.Meeting HC.theJst. Being STRAIGHT EDGE 
&VEGETARlAN,the stalker m&m, sticking pens & pencils in my ear 
lobes. "PLUGS "Gordon screaming. Thanks to Mfs.Field&Mrs. Scott for getting me through 4 yrs at 
NHS&to my folks thanks again&l will always love ya! 

Francis Patrick Spring 

Frank, Frauny, Fennel, Beano, Scooter 
What, do }^a' have worms?" 
Football (1-4). Basketball (1-3) 

Worms!, Great Woods, "That's what I'm talking about. ", Summer of 
97. Hook ups (old and young), Frosh and Senior football. Coaches, 
ACE, Stufty, Nights w/B,K., I S. parties, BIG RED, The Cape, G.L.'s 
barn. "What's Webba doin' w/McCarthy? ", "Get over here Steven!", 
Hey Zona, what are you doin' tonight?", Zona installs, Crocka!, 
Henpoo. Turna!, Bunka!, Woo, Stormin' and Stretchin', D.M.'s parties, 
P-funks, N.W.O,, Bloodhound Gang, BB nights, O. Ross. Tim's tan- 
trums, Tuppa. Ferret, loosies. Thanx Mr. B, Mrs. B, Nurse, OZ, Mrs. R, 
My family for being there and friends you know who you are. 

Patricia Marie Stempleski 

Puffy, Tri, Tosh, Milo,Stemps,Stempy,Tricia,Trish 

"The only regrets in life, are the risks you don't take. " 

Spanish-21 w/LW,AW,LD-BdX3 la Television?The DeciBelles.Art-1 w/ 
DH.TV-Who is Wang FIo?clay. BILL. Ramon. Carnations on V-Day. ^ 
Homecoming. Prom. Destinos.Skating vv/ AM,JR,LT.Don't Fall!Little 
Green Men.Town Dances w/ KT,AM.JR.You Stink!B-Ball Tryouts. 
Softball.TW's Party.College Mini-Fair w/ DM&LD.The Art Wall.Snow 
Day in Cafeteria. Art Field Trips. Fire Drill^First Day at N.H.S. First 
Times. MOLES RULE!E.J.-,Music Video.Qulncy w/MC. JC&TV.DH- 
Watch out for the wet leaveslCongrats & Gobd Luck Class of '98 I'll 
Miss You All!Thanks for being there! Mom.Dad. Caitlin,& Matthew - I 
Love You Guys! 

86 • Class of 1998 

Ryan Sullivan 

Sully, Uncle Jezibah, Sachegio, AaKiH. 

"The soul of sweet delight can never be defil'd". -William Blake 

Capt. Monbco Diary, Orange baseball w/ G, Dave te nomad. Women 
w/ GW, Tig te fire demon, CA w/ GL?, Stabbed by GL, B. Maunchaus- 
sen, George Clinton, book of Love, P. lemonade w/ KG, Tom Jones, 
MIB's w/ CS, Shaker Village, bee farmer, ''Arretei*, Way of the wizard, 
M. To Beck, decapitation arrows. Total Confusion, Bluebeard, Devilman 
YMCA w/ LM, spam. Kill te Hag, 5 Blocks, Pumpkin Jim, the ebon 
wurm, gypsies eating mud, Breyfogle III, Conn. -homicidal golfing w/ 
G+E, Allor, Rocky Horror, Romeo + Juliet, KG-brocoli, crazy w/ CW, 
Silver Squid, Goatmilk, Braveheart- King's Fair-Medeival feast-music w/ 
GL, Phantom, Shara. Infinite adventures w/L-i-Greg, cowbell player. 


Thomas Ian Sutherland 

Ian, Tom, Thomas Ian, Evan Sullivan 

"These days I sit around and laugh at the man]; rivers I've crossed, 
but on the far banks there's alwaifs another forest where a wan can 
get lost. " -Bruce Springsteen 

Football (1,3), soccer (2), basketball (1-4) : 

Break out BIG RED, Worms, Frosh football, Great Woods, Chicago nights. 
That is what I'm talkin' 'bout, The rainbow girls, Ybor City, OOONeill!, 
PD's voice,GL's Barn, KG's crying, Lost w/Rob.Tatty (10''r97),The 
Hut, ACE, My parties, Chin's Lennon, Rackaram's clothes, Green Flame, 
Summa painting, U2 w/Fogs,Zona installs, Free smoothies from EK,Car 
trouble wAVoo,Var.s moccasins, Henpoo,Turna. Hey Dalearito!, Siva 
,AD's wir^stling suit, Rockin' w/Sully, Blunt w/AB,Richerd, Sterile, Fabio, 
KS's basement, What are you doing after school?, Bloodhound Gang,F/ 
F/T'who have made my life most excellent. 

Lisa Anna Toth 

Strangers, the]! are exciting, their m^ister]; never ends, but there is 
nothing like looking at }^our own history, the faces of your friends. ..- 
Ani DiFranco ' >. 

Yearbook 3-4, Peer Ed 2-4, National Honor*Society 3-4, Amnesty 
international 1-4, Drama Club 1-4, Mock Trial 3-4, Diversity Club( co- 
foiinder 2). Dance . dance.. dance.. ""'•^ ' 

Never fdrget strawberry /s-np game/spanish bounty /fountain/super 
summer-reduced speed ahead/pizza/slaps/L05/carriage ride/Fe'efsorae 
Foursome/JC runs/"you are my fav"/what stage?/wolb&kcus/EGS-will 
they follow?/BCnites-211Cushing/boot E light/First Nite-"well actually" 
/Woburn?/soap6peraA>each talks/Rep shows/Drama/B-ford's/SNCF/ 
Ga&HiAireakfast club/coffee, coffee, coffee and lots o' laughs... Thanks 
M&D - "maybe its time to wave goodbye now..." 

Katherine Maria Tower 

Kate, Katie, Nate, Natie Katie, Maria Torre 

"In the dark savd^e jungle of ignorant depravit];. thou didst touch 
my soul with thy enlightening ki^owledge and thou didst make me 
thine!" -unknown 

Newspaper, yearbook, cheerleading, (papt 4) 

metallica homecoming 94 w/FS aloha Steve slicR RC waiter oh la oh 
la ay AW-i- his mom puck-i- project MF in the car w/EL K stands for 
captain cheerleadiag gang DMB,97 SP w/IS River RaOe w/LM straw- 
berries my Stephen stripe I said a boom chic a boom Mr R frosh class 
his song-t- sweater Mr K class dunkin donuts Isaac Maljci hair dryer Hord 
w/EL AR-i- guys in disguise beach bruln^w/CW fros Ftball Osiris Gen 
4H dance w/RS DM PK+ pu^ hibernating in the art room w/MH T§ 
Jarred trampled by the ftball-team cheering in math w/DM score 64 
shop class Chester whats up with the led foot Katherine?! 

Class of 1998 • 87 

Elizabeth Trazzi 

Liz, ET, Troz 

"The sun shines in your bedroom when we p/ay. The raining always 
starts, when you go awaii. "- The Vaselines 
"Mmmmm m mmmm bean mmmmm mmmmmmm mm 
mmmm '"- Mr. Bean \ 

Field hockey, Tennis. Gymnastics. Drania. Spanish Club. Service Club. 
A Capella, Peer Ed 

my roof, GK- the Irish basketball team, reds on my porch with ED. 
ooweeoo.BS & the Bokou.Wed nights w/SM,JP,KB,Jamie.Mr. Bean. 
Veruea w/BB. nightmare with BM at LD's, chorus. SG & Bob at 
Nurse's, hair dye w / ED. Phil. Spies Like Us w / BB. sleepover at MB, 
ED & MF-I was awake the whole time, Juliana w / BB, 218, tendo w / 
Suzi Q. home-coming break in. 1/22/97. Bruce's moon, sancos. latin goatip w/ EG. Blur & Rivers 
w/BB. 12/5/96, my week vaca. peppermints w/BB. LM -yer good to me. Pitffeee- bank bank! "Let 
love rule" -Lenny Kravitz 

Christopher David Truesdell 


Soccer 1-4 Capt 4. Tennis 1-4 Capt 4. Basketball 1. Class Officfer 3-4, 
Peer Ed 3-4. Yearbook 4. \ 

Latlk w/ KH & IS: 16-0-0; The stang on the beach:Wu/Rage w/KH; 
SM- Neighborhood fun- snowballs on River St. "Meyer I lost my boot", 
the wrath of Big Rick; "She is too young Woo;The Polish Cannon; 
LANDERS!; "Do u stuff birds?"; BM. do the face; GG and Jersey; 
lunches w/ the crew; Physics w/ DM. GG; Italy w/KH, IS; wish you 
came here JT; Pats at JT's w/ LA. JA; EC's Volvp; SM. EC etc- I'll miss 
you guys. Good luck Sr yr; driving range atitics;Eli. settle down; KA is 
hot Woo; to my good friends SM. KH. EC e"fe- we'll keep in touch. 
Katie- best of luck. U can do it. Mom. Dad and Kate- thanx for the 
support and I love u! 

Leigh Ann Turner 

Turna, Uh-oh, Leigh-a-vidge, Hgiel, Nuppa 
■' Tfie trouble with trouble is that it^isuall]; starts out as fun. 
Bowling club 1, Softball 2-3, Chem. Club 3 

Pink Floyd 94. Areosmith 94. Lollapalooza 95. Six Flags 96~Tenn. 97. 
TR's house all sum. 97 jumping quarries w/ TR. CZ. TC, &BW. soccer 
@ 610 Broad St. climbing the herring run w/ CZ. TR, &JG. Sam walks 
to Christies, the wishingpuddle-running from 50's w/ EZ. EC. ML. & 
TS. TS running out of gas @Nantasket. sleeping out for Bush tickets w/ 
EM &LAM. CM's house w/TS. FY, LAM, &KS~week @TS's. mad 
maggies getting lost on way to NH. Brothers' Too! -raidingKT's closet, 
late night pool games &chats w/ KT~14 Main w/ DZ. CT. &TJM. 
giving Cookie Monstercookies w/DZ & TJM. the pit. Hiding from truck 
the Glades w/ DZ &TJM. Whomp. w/ DZ. getting coffee, beeper chats 
w/ DZ — To the Class of 98, good luck in the future. To Mom & Dad. thanks for ALWAYS being 
there!! and to DZ i luv ya! BYE! :) 

Scott Alan Webber 

Otis Jr.. Weebs, Webs, Scotty Potty 

Insist on ^lourself, never imitate. — Emerson 

Soccer 1-2, Wrestling 1-2, Football 3-4, Track 2, Band 1-4 

Elephant shoes, movies with spilled drinks and sippy cups. Skankin' 
with JL. DG. and MG in Geo. 21, Upchucked Noodle Coorporation. I 
just love staring at people, arm wrestling, pizza at Papa Ginos. Snap- 
per, football games at Harvard and BU. al.Jenn's party: EG- thanks for 
the scar on my knee, marshmallow, Liz I love you. MSND w/BB 
Thanks to all my friends (in order of shortest to tallest)- SF, AM, JO'D, 
AB. DG. JL, EG. CK, BD, DM. TA- 1 really appreciate you guys alot. 
Thank you Mom and Dad for all the support and love that you have 
shown to me. Good luck and best wishes to the senior class. 

Lizabeth Edwards Weber 

Liz, Lizzie. Los. Webs. Weaver Chicken 

" A dream is a wish your heart makes. " - Cinderella 

Field Hocl<^y 1-4 ; Basketball 1-4 ; Softball 1-4 ; Class Treasurer 1-3 

Cape Trips w/ LA; KL-What Poss do u play?; Cracking Backs w/ 
AW-i-KS; Lamard! Marination; Fifi? Indigo Squirrels w/ DM; after Prom 
•97 w/ KH.AW.DM-i-KLS; Shells w/ FS; JH Softball w/ LT; 
Woodaperv; Stickers w/ KH; DAH,DAH,DAH w/ RB; Decibelles; 
Mem. Day Wknd. w/ KS:LA S B-DAY -97: Busted w/ LD: Yield Sign 
w/ DM; Tighty Reds w/ RA-fKH; Autumn!; Where did that jag go?; 
Fanny Packs w/ KLS; Hockey Games w/ TS; Ladies Night; The 
Web(b)ers; Dress Up w/ JW-fKH; Nantkt FH'96 w/ The Fam; Beep 
Me! w/ KG; Hey Cuz! w/JW-i-KLS, I've Had Fun These Past 4 Years, 
Good Luck to all my Friends 

Courtenay Webster ' 

Penelope, Court. Courto, CW. Webbie, Courka 

"Such being the happiness of the times, that you may think as you 
wish, and speak as you think. " Tacitus 

X-Country 1-4, Winter Track 1,2.4, Spring Track 1-4, Diversity Club 2- 
4, Peer Education 3-4 ^ 

Track traveling w/JO &ST telling jokes. X-C. GC.SP.The Simpsons the 
best show in the world X-C. CM clothes. S fights w?Cm, atX-C.Kiss C. 
DMV The Bomb. Class w/FL.18th B-Day D w/BD, CC.I miss you MA, 
Prom w/CM. My family thanks so much for your support. KF, HC 
Queen X-C. M and ME about our stalker. Grow a little taller JS. HC 
night lots of fun.The M w/BD.CC.PP, B-Day Party, CS for beans to 
Miss S. T^ll, slender, hmmm. Soph year when JW started to dance. KS 
thanks for being my best friend. Its a great day to run. The BG with KT 

what, a blast. Lunches what fun. D to S with EG and KG. X-C fun. A, B-Day P, FB and BBgames 
w?EG and the friends. Dreams about Carrotman. Running by the FBP and all the other sports. Oya 
"toast me a bagel." MS,AW. Thanx to all theteachers at NHS. Especially Miss F & Miss S. 

Alexandra Williams 

Ali, Lexi, Aiejandra 

/ believe euery person has a heart, and if you can reach it, you can 
make a difference. - Ulli Derickson 

Field Hockey 1-3, Spanish Club 1-2 

Siblings wknd w/KG Hyannis w/CB,DB,CM Craigville beach w/CB. 
Egypt b^ack w/KS. King Richard's Faire w/DB,MB,CM Teeth ~ 
breaking w/RC Hula hooping w/PH Bruins & Patriots games w/KG, 
Karaoke w/KLS. Lisa's 18 b-day w/LW&. KW. Lighthouse Cape trips. 
LajDan's w/MB. July 4 @ CM's. Burning my nose by CB., Cracking 
backs w/ LW &.KS. Poker. NH w/KH. Thank you Ms. Field. Ms. Scott, 
& ^s. Boyer 

Shannon Elizabeth Williams 

Feebes, Cease 

"There are so mtiny different ways to be connected to people. There 
are the people you feel this unspoken connection to. even though 
there's not even a word for it. There's the people who you've 
known forever who know you in this way that other people can't 
because they'Ue seen you change. They've let you change. " 

Tennis 2-4, Soccer 1-2, Student Gov't, Nor. Pride 3-4, Yearbook 3-4 

Teeter-totter at IS, 8963680, DMB @ GW, worms, NY95 w/KE-i-KB, 
A-beach, RH, Dusty, 'here comes Rusty!"-RC, CC w/BD, BR-my secret 
flave, 'save the baby "-BB, the shower, premium seating, pickle 
sandwich, Bradlees, sweet 1^, quikava, {Maryland, 'droppin deuces ", 
MFKR @ Snells, AD's closet ^d bathroom, New Seabury / Pat, long 
talks w/BF, Sam Goody, chickings, John Wilkes Booth, LF's summer 

rage?, crew, VW bus, PDP's, post prom party 97, and maisy's worm. To all my friends thanx for 
the memories, BD thanx for your love and mspiration, you are in my heart always. Mom and Dad 1 
owe it all to you, I love you, and thanx for everything. 

Class of 1998 

Christopher Leo^ Zona ^ 

^ 'Chris, Brub. Leo, Posh. Shaddy. Zona 

■*/ never let my schooling infer/era with my education. " JK quoting 
Mark Twain 

iFootball 2-3 ,Golf, 3-4 ,Work 1-4 ' 

Sailing.SSSO.Gaffield, Monastery-DA:^ach house, MV (tiger /pirate / 
parsonage). Diesel smoke show-MB:Drivihg lessons, dolphins, tigger. 
Uie-SM: Waves, candy machine-JM:Acura. trailblazers-SO: 
Hack. engine noise. never ending instaJl,250X-BR:Fireworks 
displays. Climbers Club, GreeseMonkeys-NS: Blues Brothers-MS; What 
RU doing tonight?-FS;F-250 w/Louie; Breakfast@Joe's-JH;Friday 
Morriirigs-DA,MP.KL:Beach Fires-Everybody:Club Vinny's:Guidance w/ 
GrattoiNurse Mclnnis:Posh ^lobile Electronics:Out in Jan.! 2 more yrs.- 
KZ See-ya Bye!!"-BJ _ 

Seniors Not Appearing 

Alexander S. Ayers 
Joshua D. Pilalas 
David R. Porcello 

& Good Luck, 

Class of 1998! 

90 • Class of 1998 

"O^reab LiV€r(Lbu_re shaptes u)ho boe are'! 
Togefher^ duLOng tVie \ast tu>€.l\)e yea.r^, 
loe Kao>€_ prog re56ecL R-anm our day^ 
of "vS.'lent f<:eadm^" LOifK TKe baby^i^^"^ 

6f ^haKe^p-eoLre and Joijce. U^e Viao€ 

aeS5 u^ibVL 5cout and Jem^ and 
5af(cred -fhe ^I'Hg^ cuad arrouCi^ of 
oafm^eoo^ for^oe uDifcK Hamlet. 
flouCi^ as uo€_ re^^kct upoTv tire 
stories fch,ab haue bo-H^ ^liap^d 

our miadj ouad Com^riba+ecl bo 
the ^eopl£ ix>e Kaue become toe hove 
bhab yoL^ u3iU loolc bacK Upm itiis 
(^eoAbooK a5 Ljot^r favJOD^^ and 
mo3+ memorable reminder of uour 
(jears c5perit Kere ab MHs. U^e U3i5h 
^pu. tVie b€5+ of lacli ^id. Vfidnu 
good bime6 tD Cowe i 

Our Fondest Memories! 

"Good times with all my 

-Jenn LaCroix 

"I Love NHS!" 

-Brian Reardon 

"Singing in the halls with Erica' 
-Emilee Dennis" 

Matt Sheehan 

I The field hockey tourney game " ^^V^ Soccer" 
' in Nantucket 

-Kristin Litchfield 

"Latin trip to Italy." 

-Meghan O'Connor 

"Playing soccer with all my 

-Erin Gibbons 

"The many escapades in the 
blue cafeteria with the sophs.' 
-Sara Gifford 

ti'iiotl^^ii miliiii it liiiliiiiiii 

"Next year I will miss being a 
senior and having superiority' 
-Amanda Reed 

"Mr. Marshman cross-dressing 
at the Pep Rally" 

-Ryan Sullivan 

"I'll miss hanging out at the 
beach house" 

-Merrill Comeau 

"Lunchtime with the crew" 
-Chris Truesdell 

"The Latin Scholars, Italy, and 
all the laughs" 

-Sarah Flannery 

"Mr. Kenslea shaving his beard 
-Kristin Goodwin 

"The best NHS memory is the 
1996 field hockey tournament 
game in Nantucket" 

-Liz Weber 

of Norwell High 

"I'll miss Ms. Martin, the Bestest 
Principal ever" 

-Bruce Bryan 

"Friday Mornings" 

-Jess Pithie 

"Hanging out with the nurse." 
-Matt Fogarty 

"My favorite memory is corner 
dancing in the bathrooms" 

-Amanda Mayhew 

"Powderpuff Practice" 
-Tara Acton 

"Having Dunkin' Donuts each 

-Michelle Harding 

"Miss V.'s charming personal- 

-Lisa Toth 

"The great teachers" 

-Nick Henderson 

"Brueggers runs and singing in 
the halls" 

-Erica Kilduff 

"My favorite memory of NHS is 
Senior year football and becom- 
ing Superbowl Champs" 
-Dan McGloin 

"My favorite memory is the 
freshman year talent show" 

-Amanda Beaudette 

"Soccer with Emo" 

-Andrea Barber 

"The familiarity and friendliness 
of NHS" 

-Kelly Ennis 

"Girls basketball getting 
stranded on the Vineyard and 
the French trip." 

-Lynsey Fitzgerald 

'First period volleyball with Oz" 
-Brian Doherty 

Last Will And Testament 

I. Tara Aclon. leave to AB&EG Italy, JL-Braveheart, 
EG-a watch. AM-PD. a rat. goats. Barber foods, spy 
mission, yellow jacket, skoos. good times. Steve. SA 
luck & bugs to all my friends. 

1, Jon Alabiso. leave to LM JamScssions. rumors, 
SeniorYear: DA.MB.AC.BR.BF, BirdCalls, Beach 
Fires; ED PepeTalks; JT, CT Patriots Games: MB 
MoreTime: AC Highway in Jeep; JB Practice; AB 
talks, trips, happiness, My Love. 

I. Lisa Allen, leave to AB-memories. KH-sensc of 
direction, good guy & call waiting; JL-star; RA-lunch 
table; KT-MS; PD-poochies; LD-ski trip; SW-chaw; 
JBA-new ride; JA-ther. chat: ABO A&F guy; AW- 
cape; LW-cows & chick; JT-30.21.1 & love always. 

I. Andrea Barber, leave to EG a skanky-tanky & an 
Italian Stallion, CK a Brian. SW midnight chats & a 
sippy cup, AM a neverending supply of guys, JO a 
good cry, JL a watermelon. MH a heartfelt email. 

I, Amanda Beaudette, leave to LD-D&D & a perfect 
guy; KH-ice cream & happiness; LA-pictures & a 
friends forever; BNR-a base; JH-fluff, thanks &smiles, 
AJ; T&M-luck; JA-memories. a friend forever, 
endless happiness & my eternal love. 

I, Mark P. Bizzozero. leave to DA Jettal & Pnerm, 
AC 6 months. JA less time w/AB. MC Friday. CZ 
ShadyOO?, BR 72/55, KL summer -98 BF Fivel. 
MS Smooth Like Butterscotch, JB Turbo Diesel. 

I, Katrina Bois, leave to JA: a game of hide-and-seek 
& Ace Ventura; AB, PD. & JH: a social life: CH: my 
heart, my soul and all my love: SM: a foreign 
roomate; my 2 best friends. SM & LT: a day of 
school, my eternal respect, love & thanks as well as 
forever happiness. 

1. Amanda Bowen. leave to JH rm. "1213 & plcather 
couch; to LD fruitie pebbles, VROOM & driving 
lessons: to PD makeover & cousin Derek; to IS and 
A&P movie; to KB bf chats; to LA allegato; to CZ 
father's $. 

1, Bruce Bryan, leave to AR a Revolution, SK to look 
like Jesus, ET a hairy moon, ED a cross, JA, ER, LT, 
BN, MO, CGM. AB. EGS. AF a freshman summer, 
MO a busride from Festival, Heather little guys out of 
my chest. 

I. Brooks Buitta. leave to IS a kamikaze, a concert 
ticket & a juice box, BD my sega debt, JM a pearl, 
MF a p-no. FS a 40+, EK some family food, & KS a 
night w/Lucy and happiness, 

I, Fred Bunker, leave the west side Cole School; 
IS.KH.DM.FS a Pizza Hut night; SO a new shrimp 
boat; MB $50 from the bet I lost; SR.JD.DM.MB.BD 
a game of Cole School footy; SC.BM keep the 
tradition alive. 

I, Andrew Chin, leave to LM, hi-5 from self hi-5 club, 
JD a loving husband JE, RS. BD, AR, KG,AR, SW, 
SK, JA, KK, MR, KB, and others, hugs, kisses, and 
whatever you ask of your dear old friend. 

I, Merrill Comeau. leave to AC a new girlfriend & a 
pair of running shoes, BF some gravy, MS a 
Rodriguez, BR a pair of rims, CZ a shady style, DA a 
couple of car rides, MB $, NS a new CJ. 

1, Brian Delaney, leave to JO kalsup, a DD & a year 
of great memories, to NM a sign to the mill, SW a 
Sat. night w/o hw., DM endless rides. MG a car 
shampoo. FB an early morning call 

1. Joe DeLuca. leave to BD-snakes. TK-another new 
car. MG-quake. NHS Hockey-a winning season, NM- 
a good Porsche, MP Ritalin. MB-a new putter. BF-a 
bowling bowl. MB, TK. MG. NM-dlrections to 
Brigantine Circle. JG-common sense. SC-burglar 

1. Pam Denayer. leave to LD a shopping buddy & my 
car, IS a free video, LA the perfect guy, AB pjs & 
"my house", JT ice!, RF a bio buddy, CZ a makeover, 
JH a new Flemish friend, SB a trip to the aquarium & 
all my love. 

1, Emilee Dennis, leave to KE an Eastcoast Sunset, JA 
a nite cityview, ER an oasis, ET a field, MM an angel 
of happiness, IS earplugs, EK a hallway duet. AD a 
FH win. & JR my hand to hold forever. 

1, Ashley Donoghue, leave to JH-100 thanx, EK-good 
voice, LD-straight fingers, KS-llpton, ED-sugarplum 
fairy, AR-BF picture, IS-hug. KF-admiration, LF-fight, 
SO-smile, love to my family & best of luck & 
happiness to my friends. 

1. Lori Dunford, leave to AB DuDo & happiness, ABo 
19N Fear Chauffeur, AD entire movie & friend 
forever, JH pt. p & mouse, the respect you deserve, 
JA therapist, KB, AR a snow storm, RF a lemon, PD 
deds 11:11 gratitude. KS, PFP. KD a good sister. 

1. Kelly Ennis, leave to SW a pink elastic; ED a play; 
EK a car window; KF a lab partner; NK a sucky- 
sucky; AR & AD a drip candle & the Crush; KK a 
dip; JA a Vinal girlfriend. IS a French voice; & to eill a 
ride home and X-mas mix. 

I, Kate Finkenstaedt, leave to: LF: a phone line & 
alarm clock, KE: a nudge. EK: a hot cocoa machine, 
NK: Bertuccl's, LyF: an identical schedule, AD: a 
Blockbuster night, XC: slacking ability, BW: a crown. 

1, Lynsey Fitzgerald, leave to EK white side zip pants 
& a walk In the canyon; SG lobster claws; AD a fight; 
KF skits & a schedule; MF a prom date; BD a b-ball 
team; MO a cropper, MD a bluntfree day; BR Ritalin; 
SF *12 and LF my height. 

I. Sarah B. Flannery. leave to EG 1/2 day hockey, 
trip to Italy, disorder. It-nt talks; JL ultimate trig. table; 
SW $ ring; AR bath bead; MH b-ball; JO perfect 
Docs.;JR Italian refund; KH an evil eye & smile; TA. 

AB, EG, CK: bkyd scr, songs & adventure. 

I. Matthew J. Fogarty. leave EK info about KD, TIS 
you know what we need, BB some new nicknames, 

AC. MC, MB, BR, MS some time to be w/Rodriguez, 
LF a night someone else drives, MD two more years 
and a ride to school. 

I, Robyn Foulsham, leave to KG-priest, bologna, SM- 
bbq sauce, MB-China, DC-clothes, IS-ice cream, PD- 
blo buddy, LD-lemons. AR-HOHOs. DR-frog flag. 
JO-girlfriend, Sam-our love, GL-$38, SS-friends, MC- 
Prozac (KG&RF), SP-5 min, KL&NK-each other, RS- 

1. Bobby Foye. leave to; DA a Sr. year. JP a ripper, 
MC someone to keep up with, BR more bass. MB 
DAScAC the Gernet. MS holiday rambler. SM a cool 
girl to hang out w/, JB 3 more years. KV good luck. 

I, Michelle Galvin, leave to MS Fridays, silver & 
snowboarding trips, LM a rock & roll girlfriend and 
art class. DG & PL a rap concert & hipsters. XC a 
comedy hour. 

1, Mike Galvin, leave to JD a new trofco, TK a new 
Celica, P-Funks, ice cream and hooking up at DMB. 

NM a phat 911. rootdown. Barbies and Cue Times 
BD a stinkin' Lincoln. LW-TK-NM Cape Trips. 

I. Erin Gibbons, leave to AB Claudio in a Silver Sa 
TA Ireland, SW scar, MH :), JL HD s, TS Perfect 
Prom Night, CK my clothes & Nutella. SF MOTM 
talks. Accents & Advice, The Perfect Italian Guy. 

I. Katie Gibbons, leave to the school the knowledg | 
of the future, MH fun going to Friday's after the X 
mas dance, Mr. Browne fudge recipe that 1 could i 
make for him, Mrs. Fields my Geometry notes. 

I. Sara Gilford, leave to JP cat advice. BS Jr. High 
Beauty, LT truck driver fan, HMOS a female drone 
LF a Cape trip GNO, NH a prom date, MB 
something to share, MF memories. JB Friday a m 
BF success, happiness. 

1, Kristin Goodwin, leave to RF-ambulance "friend 
JO-Batman, MB-Quarter China. SM-bbq sauce. D( 
clothes. DR-halr. AA-Joe. HB-swIt. KD-duck. SS- 
friends. IS-ice cream. CV-a concert. Sam-our love 
AK-$5. GL-$38. SP-Terell, GD-cheese, RS-storv. 

1. David Gordon, leave a perfect concept to DF. a 
math class, punkrocker & lb to MG, to the Liberal 
Gang 5 seconds to take a breath, a dog & fuzzy so 
to AB, a hot tub, an innuendo & coffee chat to LT 

1, Erika Gully-Santiago, leave to: CS the world to 
conquer & another obsession; SK a prom date & 
gossip; LT juicy details, everlasting friendship. New 
Years, joy & laughter; SP confidence, a fairytale sto 
book, a bite, whipped cream & a perfect relationshi 
the Old Gangg-memories; to everyone-more free tir 
and a smile. 

1, Michelle Harding, leave to JD-T RIDE,TS-flour & 
Jondolar,MS-S&L, license, quiet dogs, AL-toaster, 
JH-poms. JL-Pringles, Mrs.N.-Art & Man. KT- 
Plcasso. KH-perfect Bf, MF-pcz, Ec-Ewan. Sully- 
pasta, "nice shoes... " 

1, Jenn Hasham. leave to: AB:smile. BO:trucluv. 
LD:VROOM. AD:BF4ever. LT:B19, KB: TGIF, 
IS:buddyNifer. PD:RI. MJ:chat. SM:brownie, Miss 
\.';St.Jude. Mom:best friend. Dads: thanx, R&K:mv 

1. Kyfle Holland, leave 2RL a Dog Collar. EC & Ml 
& SM & BM something 2DO. NHS Soccer-A Start 
Spot. AJ-A date w/KM. Robln-A right name, ER S 
MO-A Fox. SF-A Stang Date. Eli-A part. SN & KT 
more yrz. Dale-A great Friendship. 

I. Christine Kelliher, leave to EG, TA, AB. SF:ltalla 
Stallions; EG:Nutella. Leo; AM: Eggnog; AB:Claud 
MH:Altolds. AOL Chats; JO:Pencil. a wrist; AB, J« 
JL, AM;French men; BD:a nitc of FF; DM:car; 
CK:carpool & a friend. 

I, Natasha Kelly, leave to Ed Sunset Brown, JP a If" 
game, KB a lesson, KF TCBY, JA a kiss, EK & S\ 
manicure. KH chisme. KE Pizza Hut . ER a locker 

1. Erica Kllduff, leave to MJ a phone call back. AI) 
therapy. LF D. Dancing & a walk In Canyon, LM . 
good fight, KS scrub free nights, ED a duet, MF a 
sellout, SB a party, MM LIVE, SW tough pants, IS 
shirt, KK my closet, and the jr. boys a dove. 

1. Tim King, leave to whoever finds if, my mind, M 
root downs, a windshield, NM-earrings. pool bridu 
cape trips. KH spaghetti, JD-driving lessons. MB 
handcuffs, AA-grilled cheez. AC-myself. 

Of The Class Of 1998 

I, Jesse Knudsen, leave NS a keeper; CZ a real truck 
(a Chevy): JH & MM the bus; EA a 5.0 GT w/ 
system: JR a tournament win in Maine & a Bass boat; 
DM a back rub; Everyone else my friendship and love. 

I, Jennifer M. LaCroix. leave to the entire senior class 
a lifetime supply of Haagen Das, polar fleece, my 
infamous cookies, Friday's, one swear, a Beamer & 
The Mothership & a vuide assortment of breath 

1, Erica Lawford, leave to AR a trip to Nantasket, a 
shopping partner and a Dave Matt's ticket, to KT a 
trip to Aloha, and to Pete 4 years of fun and good 

I, Pete Lukow. leave to MB a zillion outdoor lunches. 
ER & ED a zillion trips to the Max. to Drama a zillion 
more productions, to everyone else, a zillion laughs, a 
lot of puns, and oodles of mischief. 

I, Leith MacDonald, leave to Michelle Galvin Candid 
Candid, Pete Dr. Ugs, Ryan a World Tour. Ken + Bill 
Marlboro Golds. Trozzi Happiness. Connor the 
jWorld. Mangum Heaven. 

I. Matt Mangum leave, my "big " brother Sam NHS, a 
car, and a midnight border run, JA a band practice. 
ED sankos. LM. JP, JM, MG. EK an art class, DM a 
fall down the stairs, and Ash a Be Fri. 

I. Nick Mantia, leave to TK Cape Trips, new var. 
Vinny's; BD liquid refreshments, Lahouts; MG brown 
snow, PFunks, Rootdown, phat job; KH call back; LA 
day w/o crisis: PD M&M's; l-AC phone, a satellite, 
Lipton, ring, and my everlasting love. 

I, Doug Martin, leave BM a two to turn, MM Mormon 
jokes, IS a weekend to organize, Shep his flock. 

I. Amanda Mayhew, leave to AB bckstg pass to Jonny 
and the Janitors; JL carbonated tomato juice; JO 
coftee;TA a song a dance . . ., a driving buddy; and 
love to all my boys. 

I, Dayna Mazzola, leave to GL-coffee and a lollipop; 
AR-a snowpea + ferret; LW-a Mr Baahky+lndigo tix; 
SN-a ride to school; DM-a non-complicated life; SB-a 
gymnastics team; and AC-a better time than I had! 

I, Abigail Colby McCarthy, leave to JR Kool Aid 
memories, LT anything other than a K-car. IP a direct 
line to Granny. DM a Burton snowboard promo, JD 
me forever!, TP freedom + honor roll, PS Mike 

I, Dan McGloin. leave to JO ketchup + a movie we 
can watch together. AB Cheezits, MG a Cheech + 
Chong CD, DG a high-five, JL fleece wear. SW a 
lunch of your own, BD a tape player that works, to 
the football team another winning season, and to the 
class of 98 all of my love and luck in the years to 

I, Suzanne McLaughlin, leave to KB a social life + 
friendship. ET-Nintendo & a party, CZ-my life, 
dolphins, and changed personality, GM-3 yrs, advice, 
+ 4 ever a sis, JP-memories, BR-*1 in the race, BF-a 
nice day. DA-cternal happiness & a few thoughts. 

I, Joel Milliken, leave to M.F. a prototype and a life of 
Lax; To B.B. a new found pearl and a day of hard 
labor... unh; To I.S. a trip to Allman Bros; Some 
nuggets to whoever wants them, and to the 
girls... tough times but lots of laughs. 

I, Meghan O'Connor, leave LF a section wizard, LW a 
PF alaiTTi clock. JK & RS. a day w/o chem, math 
team a pres. KH a Scully/Mulder fling, BB kingpt & a 
girl on telemarketing skis, ER a Brendan of her own. 
KF gym clothes. CV nothing. FH team a win, DMcG 
a locker buddy. DM some emotion. 

I. Janmarie O'Donnell. leave to AB well shaken OJ & 
a brick. CK a friendring & a note, JL 1 1 more years 
& a receipt, BD a cat, dirt devil, and my love. DM 
catsup, MH a Clementine, SW a tent, AM nice pants. 

I. Jay Petitti. leave to JM a car that doesn't run on 10 
aa's, SR a car and the Dolphins winning the 
Superbowl, JH a record, JD a bowling alley and 
coffee shop, AW my heart, my soul, and my love, AC 
a meeting with Kain in an alley, JM. JH, JD, and SR 
my friendship. 

1, Jess Pithie. leave to SG + BS am rituals + good 
moods. AC attitude. MB evil. SM her own brain, ET 
bankbank. MS a fight. MC Smokey, DA day trip to 
Ptown, BF eyesight. JB Fri. am, MMJH scrubs. 
MMLM shoebox. NHS a party. 

I. Ian Price, leave to AM brownies full of laxative and 
a great life; JR a boogaloo to harass you throughout 
your sleep; CP a great four years of high school and 
lunch at McDonald's; Olga + Helga large enough 
restraints: SB one way ticket out of here. 

I, Andria Rampino, leave to SF a clean room and a 
slush puppy, EL a tinted passenger window and 
volume, KT jujyfruits. DM unlimited snowpeas, LR 
three more years. 

I, Amanda Reed, leave to EK and KE a candle and 
"The Crush"; JH a spunky monkey night, a quiet 
morning; ED KS AD EK Peach Lipton; MJ a choco 
lab pup, late night talk, my love and friendship. 

I, Jennifer Rosebach, leave to AM my friendship & G 
forever. IP $ for shopping. & a trip to NY, ST 
another one. GL mustard, RC my love & friendship 

I, Elisabeth Ryan, leave to MO caramel brownies, AC 
backstage dancing, KH a lifetime of Latin, the 2-5 
Club the Max, ACR Posh Spice & an anarchist world, 
ED vanilla cokes & NYC, SK Amnesty, and the old 
gang one more morning at the lockers. 

I. Tessa Sestina, leave RS Pink Sordid Water, MH 
"Flour" & a toaster, EG Bumble Bee Tuna, JL Hagen 
Daas, MF American Music, PL a substance free dorm, 
LC a maroon Jeep, LS a garter belt, KT Picasso, & 
JH a ride home. 

I, Beth Sharkin, leave to JP minibuns food, SG a 
fashion sense, MB $10, LT school spirit, AC art 
skills, MS a bittersweet attitude, SW a moving 
violation, BR a nice look, MP a license, NHS more 
sweet than bitter. 

1, Matt Sheehan, leave to BF a girl + some blues, MB 
caps + smooooth, BR some oranges, yellow lid, AC 
Rod, RO a striker, a good pass, EM my love, 
someone to hang out w/. All senior girls some 

I. Kelly Snell, leave to: AC a beeper + driving hour, 
SW a teeter-totter, AK a trip to the B-room + a 
restraining order, IS an unlocked door, H a drive in 
reverse, ED a pea coat, BB a road trip + NAN. F- 

piercing at Tribals, Amy and Amanda-my love and a 
good ride on 10! Amy-my heart. 

I. Patricia Stempleski, leave to KT-Picasso. AM-a new 
car. Bill to TU, art radio to DH, white paint to Ms 
Noiseux. my car to CS (not!), to MS-my place in art, 
to CW 3458251! 

I. Ryan Sullivan, leave to TS: new shins, another 
incident in locker room, LM: Bible o the Ebon Wurm. 
GL: golden cowbell, longshanks in chains, MH: you 
like my shoes?, PL: complete ballads of Pumpkin Jim, 
CW: to multiply -i- rule the world, TSh: dancing 
shoes, KG: China. 

1. Ian Sutherland, leave to BB: BF, FS: NN, MF: sac 
wac, AB: SI, KS: Lipton, AD: hug, KH: party, RF: 
trip to NH, KG; Jim, LP: drink, EK: toilet paper, ED: 
la da de, KE: prom date, DM: KF, FB: hut. 

I. Lisa A. Toth, leave to EGS-everything random and 
my sanity to balance. DEG-a shower, a laugh and 
plenty of clear floor space, KBH-breakfast, an Easter 
egg and a beach nite w/ MJ, Big Brucie B + Woo- 
one of "those" talks, SP-my scarf, and to BB, MO. 
ER. PL. CGM-another crazy summer. 

1, Katharine Tower, leave to RC a bench. CW the 
Spice Girls, AR -t- EL a job at Aloha. TS my 
Fleetwood Mac obsession. Tessa + MH Picasso, RS 
my guitar, the art room, white paint, + SS all my 

I. Elizabeth Trozzi, leave to SM tendo games & 
Wednesday night, KB a social life & a break, LM a 
cult, SHEA happiness, BB jaime, peppermints & ycr 
croissant girl, JH a day off, AS an orange blankie, 

1. Chris Truesdell, leave to Kenslea a door that's ajar, 
NHS soccer a state title, KH someone of age & a way 
to visit, to SM keep in touch. EC. MM. BM. RL. GG, 
etc: it was fun-come up w/GM. To Kate, all my love 
& support. 

1, Leigh Turner, leave to: KL a clean coat, KT all the 
$ I ever borrowed. AM a dry Floyd concert, PM my 
scat on the bus. Emo all my early morning stories, 
and to anyone over S'l" my height. 

I, Liz Weber, leave to KH- Joe Mac's Autograph; 
KLS- recycled ice; DM- ride to S.A.; JW- luck in 
everything you do; LA- highway trip; NA- cheez; MO- 
P.F. Dance; Decibelles- harmony; AW- bag of 

I, Courtenay Webster, leave to Galvin an afro, Megan 
an already made bagel, KK DMB tickets, KT better 
people in English class, KF leave you another crown. 
Miss Fad Miss Scott another year with senior girls, EG 
another dream about Carrot Man, BW princess. 

I, Alexandra Williams, leave to LW-CB, concert; KH- 
singing and gym partner; KLS-friend, karaoke; LA- 
ride to Cape; TW-big sister. 

I. Shannon Williams, leave to EK the National 
Anthem -i- a sketchy boyfriend, BS the chickings + a 
dirty look, KS nachos + Lipton, BD a retainer, KE a 
personal pan pizza -i- a day to sleep in, and BR a 

I, Chris Zona, leave to MB-Goldeneye 007 w/codes, 
DA-sailboat. SO-some BASS. BR-PME + my install 
skills, AC-fight@your house. SM-my trust + good 
change. KZ-2 more years. KV-happiness. NHS-3'. 

1. Megan Spearin, leave to Galuinaior-bananarama, a 
DMB ticket, and a hoochie outfit, Rheaultafe-free 

Superlatives . . . 

Brooks Buitta and Amanda Reed 



^ BESTil 

Restaurant - Friday's 
Movie - Titanic 
Band - Dave Matthew's Band 
^ Shoes - Doc Marten's 

Color - Blue fl^TB^ 
T.V. Show - Party of Five , ^ 

Clothing Store - Abercrombie & Fitch 
Pizza - Papa Gino's ^ 
School Activity - Rock the Quad 
Concert - Dave Matthew's 
Coffee Place - Dunkin' Donuts 
Ski Mountain - Attitash 
Magazine- YM 
Book - Animal Dreams 
CD - Puff Daddy & Family 

^ Survey 


Restaurant - Friendly's 
Movie - Cable Guy 
Band - Spice Girls 
Shoes - Platforms 
Color - Orange 
T.V. Show- 90210 
Clothing Store - Rave 
Pizza - Pizza Hut 
School Activity - Classes 
Concert - Horde 
Coffee Place - Quikava 
Ski Mountain - Blue Hills 
Magazine - Teen 
Book - Portrait of the Artist 

as a Young Man 
CD - Hanson 

Specially (oHePi by (hock/jllo jjuts 

_C Fifteen Years Into 

LJ The Year is 2013, and the members of the NHS 

Last Saturday evening, as former Class President Kelly Ennis was returning home from a meeting to plan 
fifteenth reunion for the Norwell High School Class of 1998, tragedy struck. Shortly after nine o'clock, at th 
intersection of Turner Ave. and J.R. Harty Drive, her brand new Mercedes was struck from the side by a log true 
driven by logger Dave Porccllo. Luckily, neither suffered any serious injury. However, when the bus tipped ove 
spilling logs all over the street, bus driver Nick Mantia was unable to stop his bus from hitting the logs and spinnir 
onto the front yard of Andria Rampino. Hearing the horrible crash, she ran to the phone to call 911. As luck wou^ 
have it, marathoner Kate Finkenstaedt was running by, and thanks to the CPR training she had learned in high scho 
from Ms. Tupper, she was able to aid the injured until paramedics Kate Tower, Bill Ford, and John Meddaug 
arrived at the scene . Unfortunately, however, firefighters Kristin Litchfield and Brian Delaney were too busy puttir 
out a fire at a factory owned by beanie baby manufacturer Patricia Stempleski to arrive at the crash site. Therefor^ 
call-firemen Dan McGloin and Justin Kirby were summoned away from their families in order to put out the smol^ 
created from the accident. 

As policeman Mike Galvin interviewed bus survivors Kelly Kilcoyne and Abby McCarthy, fellow bus ma 
Kelly Snell was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance driven by Josh Pilalas. Upon entering the hospital, she wi 
rushed immediately into the new emergency care wing, built by contractors Rich Cheverie and Merrill Comeau. Th 
wing was funded by heiress Amanda Bowen. There, doctor Chris Truesdell and nurse Jenn LaCroix worke 
diligently to stop the internal bleeding of their patient. With the help of organ specialist Tom Shea, their efforts wei 
successful and the patient was taken to the recovery room. Upon waking up the next morning, the dazed patient lookq 
across the hall to find Matt Finlayson's camera crew video taping as Janmarie O'Donnell gave birth to septuplet| 
Red Cross volunteer Erin Gibbons along with Sara Gifford, president of the NFL Players' Wives Association, weil 
running a telethon on the local access TV station, managed by Greg Laban, to raise funds for the family of the nei 
septuplets. Guests on the all-night telethon included Ryan Sullivan, who not only played his guitar but read poeti 
as well, and Leith MacDonald, who painted a picture of lucky audience member Leigh DiRenzo. Finance bank( 
Nick Henderson presented a check for $15,000 to the ecstatic mother in her hospital room. 

Elsewhere in the hospital, hockey player Tim King was treated by physical therapists Erica Kilduff ar 
Andrea Barber for a broken leg. Due to the extreme pain, he was admitted to the hospital for observation. Whi 
lying in his room, he turned on the television and began watching a variety show hosted by the dynamic duo of Robyi 
Foulsham and Kristin Goodwin. That night, their guests were trumpeter Scott Webber, gymnast Dayna Mazzokr 
and the Grammy Award winning singer Liz Trozzi. After a beautiful rendition of "Amazing Grace " by the a capel 
singer, news anchorman Ian Sutherland broke in on the program to announce the late breaking news that angi 
McDonald's employee Jason Petitti had locked himself and three hostages inside the local McDonald's upset that h 
had not received a promotion in his twenty-five year tenure. Among the hostages was nutritionist Natasha Kelly, wh 
was visiting the restaurant to scold manager Fred Bunker for the excessively large fat content of the so-called "lo 
fat veggie burger" . In an attempt to break up the tension, FBI agents Pat Kelley and Courtenay Webster were calk 
to the scene to attempt a peaceful negotiation. After a ten hour standoff, the conflict ended when another of tl 
hostages, artist Jess Pithie, struck the disgruntled man on the head with a fry-alator, knocking him unconscious, h 
was quickly arrested and taken to the mental ward of the hospital to be evaluated by psychologist Ashley Donoghu< 

Also at the hospital that night. Assistant District Attorney Sarah Flannery was being treated for a mi 
concussion suffered that day in court. In a high profile court case involving Calvin Klein models Matt Sheehan ai 
Aron Cingolani. the Assistant D.A. was prosecuting Amanda Beaudette, manufacturer of Blonde Beauty hair dyi 
on the grounds that her product caused the prized blonde locks of the models to turn to an irreversible putrid green cob 
Mayhem in the courtroom erupted when defense attorney Dave Gordon and the lead prosecute 
^^^H HH^H Erika Gully-Santiago began trash talking each others hair color. That is when a bottle of the I u' 
III dye was thrown, hitting the Assistant D.A. in the head. By orders of judge Lynsey Fitzgerald, bol 
^^^^H^f the prosecutor and the defense attorney were reprimanded by bailiff Joel Milliken and the trial wc 
H postponed until the following day. 

104 : 

The Future . . . 

Class of '98 are scattered across the United States... 

The mayhem in the courtroom became the buzz in Hollywood, where E! News correspondent Shannon 
Williams interviewed Calvin Klein clothing executive Lisa Allen to get her view on the catastrophe caused by the hair 
dye. She stated that through extensive research done by computer analysts Pete Lukow and Joe DeLuca, sales of 
the popular line of clothing have not suffered as the teenage population has warmly accepted Brian Reardon and 
Bobby Foye as the replacement models. She also stated that hopefully through a painless hair replacement operation 
performed by hair specialist Matt Fogarty, the scarred models would be able to return to work in the near future. Also 
featured on E! that night was a new edition of Talk Soup, hosted by Ian Price. That episode featured a segment from 
the Oprah Winfrey Show in which women's rights activist Meghan O'Connor and Amnesty International spokes- 
woman Elisabeth Ryan praised the efforts of Peace Corps member Kim Hogan for her heroic action against child 
abuse in the African Congo. She was presented with a medal of valor from Senator Brian Doherty. Also featured 
on that episode was the "clip of the week" compliments of the Jerry Springer Show. The episode featured angry 
audience member Kyrle Holland scolding guests Megan Spearin and Michelle Harding for their excessive body 
piercings and eccentric hair tones. The hostile audience member sprung from his seat, but fortunately stage manager 
Doug Martin restrained the man before he could reach the stage. 

As well, the courtroom ordeal became the brunt of the on-going joke told by comedian Matt Mangum, host 
of that night's Academy Awards. In the most talked about category of the night, presenter Sarah Buck, acclaimed 
actress of international films, presented the Oscar for Best Actress in a Dramatic Feature Film to Emilee Dennis. Her 
heart wrenching portrayal of Rose, in Jon Alabiso's remake of the earlier classic Titanic, edged out Claire Gerety- 
Mott's role as an American in Europe. Also picking up an award that night was Bruce Bryan for his inspiring 
performance based upon the life of NFL coach Steve O'Neill. The one setback of the night came when angry Rockettes 
Lisa Toth and Jenn Hasham staged a protest outside the auditorium, upset that their act had been bumped by show 
organizer Mike Brennan for a ballet duet performed by Christine Kelliher and Tessa Sestina. 

Following the awards ceremony, CFO, Chris Zona, hosted a post-Oscar party at Jen Ewart's new Hollywood 
restaurant Shot Put. Also spotted was Andrew Chin, the newest member of the British pop group, Oasis. Tabloid 
reporter Pam Denayer reported in her syndicated column the next day, that music executive Dave Campbell also 
-nade a brief appearance at the party, yet he spent most of his time chatting with the bartender, Suzanne McLaughlin. 
Despite reports that Olympic gold medal equestrian Amanda Reed was forced to leave the party due to a severe case 
of food poisoning suffered after she ate a tainted potato from Tara Acton's farm, FDA spokeswoman Katie Gibbons 
:alled the allegation unprecedented as no other party-goer suffered such a reaction. Adam Robertson, moonlighting 
as maitre'd of the party, returned to his day job early the next morning as a lawn care specialist at Dodgers Stadium. 
\Nh\\e mowing the outfield, he chatted with Dodger outfielder Steve Roffo and hot dog vender, Autumn Keene. That 
light, just as Liz Weber began her rendition of the National Anthem, a mild earthquake struck the region. Seismologist 
Jen Rosebach evaluated the quake as a 4.5 on the Richter scale. Due to some damage, head umpire Jesse Knudsen 
A/as forced to postpone the game so that tree and grounds specialist Frank Spring could repair the damaged infield. 
A/hile leaving the stadium. Dodger fan Erica Lawford generously agreed to give skateboarder Michelle Galvin a ride 
:o the airport so that she could return home to Norwell. While on the plane piloted by Melissa Conway, the 
skateboarder talked with stewardesses Katrina Bois and Alexandra Williams. Also returning to the Boston area on 
:hat flight was the well known writer Lori Dunford, author of The MariK; Uses of Elmer's Glue. Despite receiving harsh 
:riticism from New York Times critic Beth Sharkin, she was returning to attend a book signing at the bookstore owned 
by Amanda Mayhew. 

As the plane descended over Cape Cod Bay, a large island fortress could be viewed. The lone inhabitant of 
:he island was Brooks Buitta, who after discovering a rare earth metal at the age of twenty-four, 
A/as able to retire to his small island and lead his ideal life of idleness. His sole source of 
;ommunication with the outside world was when surfers Mark Bizzozero and Dan Anderson 
Dassed by and gave a nod. Also lost somewhere in the Atlantic were Alex Ayers and Ken 
Camerota as the former Class President, Kelly Ennis, was unable to locate the two men to send 
:hem invitations for the NHS Class of 1998 reunion. 

The Class of '98 

At Their Best! 

Don't envy our beauty! 

"Too many times we stand aside and let the waters^ 
slip away, what we put off 'til tomorrow has now 
become today - so don't sit upon the shoreline and 
say you're satisfied, choose to chance the rapids anc 
dare to dance the tides." 

- Garth Brooks 

National Honor Society 

(L To R) Back Row: Kelly Ennis, Natasha Kelly, Meghan O'Connor, Ryan Sullivan, Chris Trucsdell Middle Row: Christine Clark, Kate 
Finkenstaedt, Lynsey Fitzgerald, Erin Gibbons, Elisabeth Ryan, Tara Acton Front Row: Andrea Barber, Claire Gerety-Mott, Erika Gully- 
Santiago, Amanda Mayhew, Lisa Toth 

The anxiously awaited National Honor Society 
Induction, held on May 7, 1997, was a night of 
"great expectations". The sixteen new members, 
chosen on merits of Scholarship, Character, 
Leadership and Service, were ushered into the 
auditorium to hear congratulations from NHS 
advisor, Mrs. Rosenberg, and a speech presented 
by President Mike Brosnahan. Mr. Marshman 
presented awards, thus graciously ending the 

It was a night of glitter and glam, danc- 
ing and laughter, as the N H S Prom 
kicked off yet another successful night at 
the Ritter Country Club, on May 9, 1997. 
The rhythms and beats reverberated 
throughout the room, as the clinking of 
soda glasses and tapping of heels re- 
sounded, hushing only for the announce- 
ment of the King and Queen, Mike Bro- 
snahan and Lisa Allen, and their court, 
Pam Denayer and Amanda Reed. In- 
deed, 'twas a splendid evening! 

Quad '97 

Despite the brutal heat of the June afternoon, spirits were high as 
the entire student body enjoyed the first annual Rock the Quad cele- 
bration. A summer barbeque lunch was served, entertainment was 
provided by a slew of student bands, and elementary school rivalries 
were revived in a rousing game of tug o' war. Not surprisingly, the 
most popular activity was the "Dunk the Teacher" stand, at which 
scores of students hurled their best shots in hopes of soaking various 
good-natured faculty members. The afternoon was topped off by the 
proud crowning of the first ever Mr. and Miss NHS, the talented 
freshman Tim Ryan, and his companion, junior Kelly Ennis. 

Underclass Awards 

An impressive amount of people - including the entire 
faculty, student body, and scores of proud parents - gath- 
ered in the NHS auditorium on June 13, for the annual 
presentation of underclass awards. Dozens of awards 
were handed out for every aspect of the curriculum - ev- 
erything from achievement in English to dedication in 
health, from perfect attendance to the fastest chem boat, 
as well as special Principal's awards going to those out- 
standing students with recognition in multiple areas. All 
honors were well deserved, and the afternoon served as 
just another reminder of some of the exceptional individ- 
uals Norwell has fostered. 


Boys' Track And Fielc 




























The Boys' Track team ended the seas 
sporting a record of 3-4-1. Everyone's effor 
culminated at the season's most thrilling me 
versus Scituate. Norwell entered the meet 2 
the underdog, but through the leadership 
captains C. McNeil, C. Hunt (All-Star in th 
400), and J. O'Brien, the team proudi 
boasted a tie. Talented underclassmen incluc 
ing M. Mahoney, B. Morris, S. Meyer, and C 
Atkinson, supported the team. The Leagu 
Championships crowned sophomore E. Bow 
man first in the 800, and J. O'Brien first in th 
discus. O'Brien's win was the first time in sev 
enteen years that Norwell has placed first in . 
field event at the League Championships 
Next season's team will rely on the leadershi|; 
of junior sprinter K. Holland. 

Girls' Track And Field 

L-R from back) L. Finkenstaedt, E. Mackenzie, B. Sammartino, R. Brese, B. Rinch- 
uso, M. Gomez, B. DiTullio, E. Galvin, H. Reed, A. Anderson, L. Gosncll, J Vaughn, 
<. Finkenstaedt, K. Bois, K. Lindblom, K. Khachadoorian, T. Acton, D. Devlin, B 
A/ieden, K. Matarazzo, R. Lawrence, A. Smith, K. Thornton, A. Reed, K. Weeks, C. 
A/ebster, M. Galvin, A. Donoghue, N. Kelly, K. Tedeschi, J. O'Neill, A. Laban, H. 
^prea, K. Domey, S. Toomey, A. Kittler, K Angeloni, and K Watts 

The Girl's Track Team, as powerful as ever, 
continued its winning tradition by producing a 
record of 7-1. The success of the team can be 
credited to the leadership of the senior cap- 
tains and a strong group of underclassmen. 
The field events were dominated by juniors T. 
Acton, All-Star J. Ewart and discus League 
Champ, A. Anderson. Other All-Stars in- 
cluded A. Laban in the 300 hurdles, M. Barao 
in the javelin, K. Dorney in the 100, and N. 
Kelly in the high-jump. Next years team looks 
to be promising under the leadership of se- 
niors T. Acton, K. Finkenstaedt, and J. Ewart. 





























(L-R) Back Row: K. Barry, H. Choate, L. Weber, M. Doyle, L. Fitzgerald, A, 
Guiney, E. Gibbons, A. Donovan, Coach Gerety. Front Row: J. McCoy, K. 
Laubinger, J. Neves 














































The Girls' Softball team, finished with a solic 
record of 8-12. The team was led by senior All 
Stars K. Laubinger and J. McCoy, senior J 
Neves, and junior catcher E. Gibbons. Othe 
members include J. O'Donnell, L. Weber, L 
Fitzgerald, who, along with Gibbons, will step uf 
to lead the team next season. 

This season was one of rebuilding for the 
baseball team, as they ended with a record 
if 5-15. The team was guided by captains 
M Panarelli and D. Goodhue. The highlight 
of the season was the Clipper upset of 
league-leader Carver. Next year's team will 
oe led by seniors D. McGloin, D. Martin, M. 
Brennan, S. Roffo, and S. O'Neill. 


























{& Scituate 

















I ! 

Boys' Tennis 






























B.C. High 



(f' Carver 











Back Row (L-R): J. Sweeney, A. Selby, B. Rosen, A. Gordon, 
K. Isola, M. Bizzozero, G. Kelley, Coach Swartz Front Row 
(L-R): D. Gordon, C. Trucsdell, E. Kelley, D. Isola, A. Waldron, 
W. Shaw, B. Reardon 

"Impressive" is only or 
of many adjectives that ca 
be used to describe the ou 
standing season that th 
Boys Tennis team accon 
plished under the leadershi 
of captains Dana Isola, Er 
Kelley and Alex Waldroi 
This is their third year ckj^ 
South Shore Leagu 
Champs and their secon 
year as undefeated Leagu 
Champs. With four Sout 
Shore League All-Stars, W 
Shaw, Chris Truesdell, Isol 
and Kelley, along with th 
first time ever Globe Al 
Scholastic player, Wi 
Shaw, it is no surprise th< 
the Boys Tennis team mad 
it as semi-finalists in tournc 
ment. Although losing t 
Wellesley in tournament 
they defeated two of th] 
best teams in the leaguti 
D.S. and Canton. 

This year's girls tennis team had an excel- 
lent season, considering that the team was 
so young. The team was led by captains M. 
Peterson and C. Wieden. Michelle had a 
strong season finishing with the title of 
League All-Star. Although the team wasn't 
fortunate enough to make tournament, they 
received the League Sportsmanship award. 
The upcoming season should be one of the 
teams best. 


vs. Opponent 

Scituatc 5 


Hanover 3 


@ Cohasset 4 


@ Abington 

Cohasset 5 

@N. D. 5 


Norton 2 

@ Scituate 5 




@ Hanover 3 


@ Carver 2 

Notre Dame 5 


Carver 2 


The golf team had an impressive season, 
placing second in the league and fifth in the 
Eastern Mass. Tournament. The team has 
made tourney all six years of existence, and 
has placed second five times. S. Bowden, 
C. Eskin, and D. Spitz were named SSL 
All-Stars. Next season looks even more 
promising with returning members C. Stem- 
pleski, T. Hajjar, and D. Spitz. 











(fl Abington 








(g. Norton 












(a Hanover 








The Norwell Lacrosse team finished 
another season with a 1-13 record. 
The team was full of energy and enthu- 
siasm led by captains M. Brosnahan, 
K. Dawsyskiba, R. Holmes, and M. 
Fogarty. Leading scorer of the season 
was B. Foye, along with B. Doherty as 
most improved player, and D. Smith as 
most likely to get a penalty. But the 
real spirit within the team stems from 
the generosity of their outstanding 
coach. Jay Williams: "1 love lacrosse, 1 love my team, it's 
just too bad all the breaks went against us." 

Back row (L-R) N. Mantia, E. Ceplikas, D. Humphreys, R. 
Landers, B. Delaney, A. Eaton, R. Smith, J. Milikcn, B. Doherty, 
D. Anderson, J. Williams, L. Toomey. Front Row (L-R) D. Martin, 
L. McDevitt, R. Holmes, M. Fogarty, B. Foye, C. Volpe. 


vs. Opponent 


@ Sandwich 8 


@ Barnstable 6 


Falmouth 9 


Maiden Catholic 6 


Masconomet 10 


Cohasset 9 


@ Walpole 3 


Duxbury 14 

3 ( 

g) Maiden Catholic 9 


@ Marshfield 8 


Barnstable 8 


Hingham 9 


Sandwich 19 


@ Cohasset 8 

Spirit Week 

Mill, v»i»in, 

lSfe|Jtt^i|M|d|^^^|H ^^^^ 

As each day of the festive week passed, students showed their 
school spirit by arriving decked out in their pajamas, togas, blue 
and gold apparel, and the ever-popular random attire. Al- 
though each class worked diligently on their respective Home- 
coming walls, based on the theme of time periods, the undis- 
puted victor was the seniors, whose 'future' wall was impres- 
sively complemented by a multitude of white balloons that were 
dispersed across the gym at the conclusion of the dance. The 
controversial ruling that resulted in a tie between the seniors 
and the juniors was a surprise to all. The week was capped off 
by perfect weather for the win in the Homecoming game 
against South Boston and a successful dance. loo 


Students, parents, 
faculty and alumni- 
braving the freezing 
cold October weather, 
filled the NHS football 
stands, cheering the 
undefeated Clippers to 
a 27-0 victory over 
South Boston. At half- 
time, the homecoming 
court of freshman, 
John Bizzozero and 
Lydia Halloran, sopho- 
mores, Dan McNamara and Kelly Barry, Jun- | 
iors Tom Slavin and Noelle Anderson, and 
seniors, Matt Mangum, Matt Fogarty, Ian , 
Sutherland, Erica Kilduff, Kate Finkenstaedt 
and Shannon Williams, were paraded around 
the field in convertibles. Later that evening, thj 
students danced the night away, surrounded H 
the efforts of all four classes' creations of the 
time periods: future, modern, medieval and 
ancient. The seniors and juniors triumphed 
with their future and medieval tarps. Kate 
Finkenstaedt and Matt Fogarty were crowned 
the royals of the night and shared the spotligh 



This year's Thanksgiving Day festivities started with a bang as 
the entire student body gathered in the gym for a boisterous 
and humorous pep rally which was highlighted by a skit featur- 
ing Mr. Marshman and the "Hanover Cheerleaders". Later in 
the day, at the annual Powder Puff game, the senior girls 
demolished the junior gids by a score of 15-5. ('Nuff Said!) On 
Thanksgiving day, the Clippers put forth a strong effort against 
rivals Hanover, but the team fell in a heartbreaking loss, 18- 
1 7 . The Thanksgiving week activities provided fun for all 

The Norwell High School Fourth Wall Players em- 
barked on their most ambitious play yet, and presented 
a story on par with professional productions. With the 
hilarious, suspenseful comedy/murder mystery, Any 
Number Can Die , they revived the Drama Club, creat- 
ing a classic "who dunnit", complete with odd servants, 
eccentric detectives, porky heiresses and plenty of 
mistaken identities. The show, lead by new director 
Elizabeth Cloutier-Elliott, was a smashing success. The 
twenties came alive before the eyes of the audience. 

Boys' Soccer 

iiW Mr 

Back Row: Left to Right- Coach Osgood, C. Camerota, T. Slavin, D. McCarthy, G. 
Gainer, R. Olsen, K. Holland, B. Mahoney, R. Landers, L. Toomey, B. Naymie, J. 
Anderson. Front Row: Left to Right- J. Bennett, E. Ceplikas, B. Bryan, C. Truesdcll, M. 
Sheehan, M. Fogarty, B. Foye, K. Isola 

This year's soccer season was highlighted by an undefeated 
league championship. The team was led by the senior captai; 
Chris Truesdell, Matt Sheehan, and Matt Fogarty, as well as 
seniors Kyrle Holland, Bruce Bryan, and Bob Foye. Forward; 
Matt Sheehan and Ryan Olsen were both among the top five 
scorers in Eastern Mass., and the team set a school record 
with a total of 101 goals. The midfield play was dominated b^ 
Fogarty, Ethan Ceplikas, Liam Toomey, and freshmen Chris 
Camerota and Jarrod Anderson, while the defense was 
anchored by Truesdell, Holland. Brian Naymie, Ryan Landers 
and George Gainer. Tom Slavin, the Clipper's goalie, led the ; 
league with a .69 goals against average. The team's all-stars - 
were Sheehan, Truesdell, Slavin, Naymie, and Olsen. The best 
games of the year were the victories on the opposing fields at 
Hanover and Norton. The league championship was truly a 
great accomplishment and with a solid returning core of 
underclassmen, the team will surely look to repeat its 
dominance in the SSL in upcoming years. 


vs. Opponent 


Hanover 1 




Abington 2 


Norton 1 






E. Bridgewater 1 


Hull 1 


Hanover 1 


Carver 1 


Abington 1 






Cohasset 1 


E Bridgewater 1 


Girls' Soccer 

This year's girls soccer team 
surprised the league with their 
impressive play, as they finished 
the season with a league record 
of 10-5-1 before falling to 
Sacred Heart in the State 
Tourney. The team was led by 
captains Lynsey Fitzgerald, Sara 
Gifford, and Lori Dunford as well 
as All-Stars Erin Gibbons and 
Briana Rinchiuso. The highlight 
of the season was a thrilling 
victory against league power 
East Bridgewater. With a core of 
returning players, the team looks 
promising in upcoming years. 

Back Row: L. Dunford, L. Fitzgerald, Coach Emerson, S. Gifford, Middle Row: 
E. Gibbons, B. Rinchiuso, D. Murphy, J. O'Donnell, K. Thornton, A. Barber, 
V. Campbell, K. Collins, Bottom Row: J. Weber, M. Shute, M. Barao ,S. Nicastro 
A. Donovan, K. Harty 


Vs. Opponent 

@ Hanover 



@ Carver 





@ Norton 








@ E.B. 










@ Abington 


@ Rockland 



@ Cohasset 

E. Bridgewater 



@ Hull 



f ack: Coach McGrail Coach Kassatly, B. Kelly. K. Campbell M. Robertson, 1. Sim. D. 
uilivan M. Stempleski, J. Lewis, D. Mohr. M. Savoy. D. McNamara, T. Hajjar, D. Smith, 
Coach Sullivan. P. Alabiso. J. Geary Coach Willis. Middle: J. Tower M. Evans, K. 
Kavanaugh M. Jacobs, C. Sullivan, B. Fabrizio, M. Hanson, R. Smith, J. Edwards N. Hajjar. 
Front: N. Henderson, M. Galvin, D. McGloin, S. Webber, B. Buitta. B. Doherty. M. Mangum, 
SCTNeiii. M. Comeau, A Robertson, B. Ford 

This year's football season can be summed up inl 
one word: phenomenal. Coaches Sullivan, Willi j 
and Kassatly - along with each of their outstand- 1 
ing players - took the league, and the state, by 
storm. After a near-undefeated season with a 
record of 10-1, the NHS Clippers proceeded to 
crush Apponequet in a 35-0 Superbowl victory. 
The remarkable team was lead by senior captain 
Brooks Buitta, Brian Doherty, Matt Mangum, an 
Steve O'Neill. As well, five league All-Stars 
emerged - Brian Doherty, Matt Mangum, Brian 
Fabrizio, Ryan Smith, and Matt Evans. This 
year's championship team created an outpourinc 
of school spirit that brought NHS together. 


vs. Opponent 


@ Tyngsboro 









@ Carver 






South Boston 


@ Abington 







@ Cohasset 








By far, the Cheerleading squad 
had their best season ever. The 
large team of 22 girls was lead by 
senior captains Amanda 
Beaudette, Michelle Harding and 
Kate Tower. As well as cheering 
on the sidelines of all the football 
games, the team also competed 
in state competition for the first 
time in school history. Made up 
of a large number of underclass- 
men, the squad looks to be 
promising in upcoming years. 


Girls' Cross Country 

The girl's undefeated South Shore League Champions 
captured yet another crown. Their second place finish at 
the Class D meet was the highlight of the season. The 
team was led by seniors Kate Finkenstaedt, Michelle 
Galvin. and Courtenay Webster, all of whom were 
selected as SSL all-stars along with sophomore Bailey 
Weiden. Juniors Kristin Lindblom, Jackie Kelliher. and 
April Smith also contributed to the team's success. 
Freshman Lydia Halloran was also a welcome addition to 
this year's team. 

Left to Right: Lydia Halloran. Coach Kate Ryan, Courtenay 
Webster, April Smith, Kristin Lindblom, Michelle Galvin, Jackie] 
Kelliher, Bailey Wieden, Kate Finkenstaedt. 


vs Opponent 


Rockland 40 


Carver 33 


Abington 39 


Hanover 36 


E. Bridgewater 35 


It was a season marked by achievement and victory for the Boys Cross Country team, ending 
with a league record of 6-0. Led by All-Star captains Brian Morris and Mark Mahoney, the 
team placed fourth in the South Shore Principals' meet, ninth in the Eastern Mass. Champion- 
ships, and seventh in the Class D Competition. Other All-Stars included Eric Bowman and 
Geoff Atkinson. With the loss of only one valuable member to graduation, Andrew Chin, next 
year's team will look to continue its success. 

Field Hockey 


Vs. Opponent 



@ Notre Dame 








@ Hanover 





@ W.B 




Notre Dame 

@ E E. 




@ Hull 




Back Row: Coach O'Donnell, M. O'Connor, K. Litchfield, L. Weber, 

A. Donoghue, E. Dennis, Middle Row: E. Mackenzie, B. 
Sammartino, J. DeMarco, S. Holmes, C. Connolly, N. Anderson, J. 
Musso, P. Connolly, T. Perona, Front Row: K. Nyquist, C. Mullen, 

B. DiTullio, K. Tedeschi, A. Guiney, B. Cox 

It was a lot of hard work and a little gratification, but none- 
theless, this year's field hockey team enjoyed a fun filled 
season. Senior captains, Kristin Litchfield and Ashley 
Donoghue led the team through hard fought games despite 
their 0-12-2 record. With the help of fellow seniors Meghan 
O'Connor, Liz Weber, and Emilee Dennis and a contingent 
of juniors, the team improved tremendously as the season 
progressed. This year's field hockey team was represented 
at the All-Star game by sweeper, Kristin Litchfield, and 
goalie, Liz Weber. 


This year's Norwell football team surprised the 
league by their astonishing play. As a result of 
their hard fought league championship, the 
Clippers advanced to the Division 4 Super 
Bowl, held at Mass Maritime Academy. With 
the support of the students, teachers and 
administrators, the Clippers were honored to 
a school wide ovation prior to the big game. 
Led by senior captains Brian Doherty, Matt 
Mangum, Steve O'Neill, and Brooks Buitta, 
the team did not disappoint as they crushed 
Apponequet 35-0. Brian Fabrizio led the way 
with the first three touchdowns before Nick 
Hajjar and Merrill Comeau rushed for touch- 
downs. Mark Hanson had a strong game on 
special teams and, as usual, Ryan Smith 
played a great game. 


The Norwell Girls' soccer team surprised 
everyone this year by their stellar performao' 
in the South Shore League. As a result, the 
team not only qualified for the state tourna- 
ment, but was awarded a home tourney gam 
because of their great record. Led by senior 
captains Lynsey Fitzgerald, Sara Gifford, anc 
Lori Dunford, the team gave a valiant effort 
against their opponent. Sacred Heart of 
Kingston. Even with other strong perfor- 
mances from Erin Gibbons and Briana 
Rinchiuso, the Clippers could not come bad' 
from a 1-0 deficit. Despite the first round 
loss, the team exceeded all expectations and 
played an outstanding season. 

The boys' soccer team finished their undefeated season' 
and came within one goal of the state finals, losing to 
Wilmington. This was the best boys's soccer tourname 
showing in school history. The boys' rolled over Tri- 
County, Holbrook and Medway, scoring 15 goals and 
only allowing 2. In the South Sectional final, the team 
came from behind to beat an outstanding Dover- 
Sherborn team. The team was led offensively by Liam 
Toomey, Ryan Olsen and Matt Sheehan. Ethan 
Ceplikas, Chris Camerota and Matt Fogarty helped 
control the midfield, while Chris Truesdell, Kyrle Hollar 
and Ryan Landers anchored the defense. Goalie Tom 
Slavin, once again, came up big with solid games again 
the first three teams, and a spectacular game versus 
Dover-Sherborn . 



After a winning season, the boys" and 
girls" cross country teams gave a 
strong performance at the Eastern 
Mass. Cross Country Championships 
held at Franklin Park. Kate 
Finkenstaedt came in 9th for Norwell 
and Michelle Galvin placed 20th 
followed by Courtenay Webster in 
35th to give the girls" team a second 
place finish among twenty teams. For 
the boys" team, Geoff Atkinson placed 
8th and Mark Mahoney finished 37th. 
Eric Bowman followed up in 53rd 
place. The boys" team placed 8th out 
of twenty-four teams. 

For the first time in Norwell High School 
history, the fall cheer-leading squad 
entered competition. Under the leader- 
ship of captains, Amanda Beaudette and 
Kate Tower, the cheerleaders took third 
place at the South Sectionals, hosted by 
Norwell. They then moved on to the 
Regionals at Framingham High School, 
where they placed second. Finally, after 
much hard work, in the State competi- 
tion, held in Brockton, the NHS cheer- 
leaders won a third place. Coach 
Mazzola was very proud of her young 
team's success. 



Globe Santa '97 

Christmas Concert 


Boys' Winter Track 

B.Row (L to R) D. Leary, J. Alpert M.Row I. Richardsoi 
R. Sui, M. McClellan, J. Collins, M. Mahoney F.Row E. 
Milliken, E. Bowman, B. Morris, A. Chin 


The Norwell Track team may have 
been lacking in numbers but it was 
not lacking in effort. The young 
team was led by senior Andrew 
Chin as well as juniors Mark 
Mahoney and Brian Morris. Eric 
Bowman also had a fine season as 
he once again showed that he is 
one of the top runners in the 
league. One of the contributing 
underclassmen was Jeffrey Collins 
who was a leader for the team in 
the distance races. Erik Milliken, 
Ryan Sui, Mark McClelland, Jon 
Alpert, and Dennis Leary were the 
other freshmen who have promis- 
ing futures with the team. 

Norwell vs. Opponent 

9 Hingham 77 

15 New Bedford 66 

32 Plymouth North 41 

37 Randolph 49 

36 Norton 50 

Girls' Winter Track 

Back Row: (L to R)Coach Norton, E. Kilduff. B. Lavery, S. Acton, M. Dye. D. Smith, D. Sullivan, D. Gordon, D. 
McGloin, D. Davis, C. Volpe, J. Caruso, J. Alpert, Coach Sullivan. Front Row: (L to R) A. Walker, A. Jones. K. 
Hickey, M. Robertson. G. Spradlin. A. Jacobs. R. Anderson. J. Ewart. S. Mott, A. Neves. K. Palimeri. 

Norwell vs. Opponent 


N. Quincy 

































This year's wrestling team had an 
excellent season. The team was 
lead by the performances of 
senior captains Dave Gordon and 
Dan McGloin. Other outstanding 
contributors included sophomore 
powers Mike Robertson, Adam 
Jacobs, Grant Spradlin and Steve 
Mott. The team will compete in 
the Division 3 State Tournament 
with hopes of a state title. 


Back Row (L to R) Coach Diamond, J. Rinchiuso, J. Adams, S. McBrine, D. Ghilardi, G. Thibeault, J. 
McDonough, M. Petty, I. Sim, D. Smith, Coach Murphy. Front Row (L to R) J. Geary, T. Slavin, M. 
Evans, B. McNamara, J. DeLuca, T. Perona, S. Casey, T. King. 


This year's young Norwell Clipper Hockey team surprised both its fans and 
the league with its impressive record of 1 1-9 and qualified for its first ever 
tournament berth. The key to the team's success was strong goaltending by 
senior captain and all-star Timothy King and a strong defense in players Matt 
Evans, Shawn McBrine and Joe McDonough. Other key players included all- 
star Tom Slavin, sophomore Matt Petty and senior captain Joe Deluca. With 
the success of this year the future looks promising for this young team. 


vs. Opponent 





@ Harwich 


@ Randolph 



@ Provincetown 


@ Wareham 


@ Hull 





@ Rockland 








Blue Hills 








@ Abington 





Boys' Basketball 

Back Row (L to R): I. Sutherland, K. Holland, J. Edwards, 
D. McNamara, D. Martin, F. Bunker, Coach Willis Front Row : 
S. O'Neil, J. Lewis, N. Hajjar, K. Kavanaugh, A.J. Morrill 

The Clippers boys' basketball team was lead by captain Ian 
Sutherland who capped his senior season with fine board play 
and a strong inside game. Other starters included sophomores 
Dan McNamara and Jim Lewis, and juniors Jay Edwards and 
Nick Hajjar. McNamara, averaging about twenty points a 
game, was a perennial all-star while Edwards and Hajjar were 
combined to make a formidable back court. Doug Martin, A.J. 
Morrill, and Bob Mahoney came off the bench to give the team 
an added boost, while contributing to the team's success. 
Additional support was contributed by seniors Stephen O'Neil, 
Fred Bunker and Kyrle Holland. The team reached ten wins 
faster than it has it recent years. 


















































E B. 





Girls' Basketball 

Back Row: (L to R) Coach Gerety, K. Goodwin, L. Fitzgerald, 
K. Ennis, T. Acton, M. O'Connor, L. Weber, Coach Norton, 
Front Row: J. Weber, B. Rinchiuso, K. Sutherland, M. Barao. 

This year's girls' basketball team surprised the entire league as 
the young Clipper squad played spectacularly and tied for the 
League Championship. Led by senior guard Lynsey 
Fitzgerald, and forwards Meghan O'Connor and Kelly Ennis, 
the team acquired an overall record of 15-5. Other great 
contributors were junior Briana Rinchiuso and the freshman 
duo of Jessie Weber and Maeve Barao. With the strong 
support of seniors Tara Acton, Liz Weber and Kristin 
Goodwin, the team won thrilling victories over league rivals 
Hanover and Abington. Lynsey Fitzgerald and Jessie Weber 
were selected to represent the team at the All-Star game. 
With a strong underclass, the team looks promising in years 
to come. 


vs. Opponent 








@ Abington 












E. Bridgewater 






@ Hanover 



@ Carver 






@ Norton 



@ Rockland 



@ Cohasset 



@ E.B. 



@ Hull 


Winter Cheerleading 

The winter cheerlead- 
ing squad riled up the 
crowd at this season's 
girls' and boys' bas- 
ketball games. Led by 
captains Ann Marie 
Cummings and Mel- 
issa Wilson, the young 
team performed com- 
plicated lifts and en- 
thusiastic routines 
flawlessly. The team 
was instructed by the 
excellent coaching of 
Ms. Mazzola. 




This year's boys" basketball team capped off a great 
league season by earning a berth in the state tourna- 
ment. The Clippers travelled to Old Rochester High 
School in the opening round to play the sharp 
shooting ORR Bulldogs. Although a valiant effort 
was given by all, the Clippers fell in a tight game with 
a score of 64-56. Leading the way for the Clippers 
was the all-around impressive play of sophomore 
forward, Dan McNamara, who finished the game 
with 16 points. As well, junior point guard Nick 
Hajjar played spectacular defense and scored 15 
points. Other key players in the game were senior 
forward, Ian Sutherland, who finished with 10 points, 
and junior Jay Edwards who contributed 11 points. 
Despite the loss, this was one of the finest teams in 
recent history. Coach Willis added that, "this was the 
hardest working group of guys I've ever coached." 

The Norwell Girls' basketball team was a 
surprise to the league this year as they 
captured the league title. As a result, the 
Lady Clippers were allotted a home tourna- 
ment game. In the opening round, the 
seventh-seeded Clippers lost in a tough 
fought game to tenth-seeded Medfied, 69-5: 
Despite the loss, the Clippers were led 
offensively by freshman Jessie Weber who 
led all scorers with 20 points. Guards Lynsd 
Fitzgerald and Briana Rinchiuso played solid 
defense and distributed the ball well, and 
g forwards Meghan O'Connor and Maeve 
Barao played tough under the boards. It was: 
a stellar season for the six seniors and seven' 
returning underclassmen. 

For the first time in school history, the 
Norwell hockey team qualified for the 
state tournament as they finished the 
regular season with a record of 11-9. 
The Clippers faced Martha's Vineyard 
High School in the first round in a 
game held at the Gallo Arena in 
Bourne. Despite an amazing 45-save 
game from goalie, Tim King, the 
Clippers lost in a 5-1 match. Tom 
Slavin scored the lone Norwell goal 
unassisted. Unfortunately for the 
Clippers, many key players were out 
due to injury and could not play. Yet, 
the young team gained great experi- 
ence and provided excitement for all. 


After completing a great regular 
season, many of Norwell's wrestlers 
earned the right to compete at the 
South Sectionals. At the meet, 
Sophomore Mike Robertson placed 
4th in the 135 weight class. Wrestling 
at the 171 weight class, Steve Mott 
placed 5th. Earning 6th place finishes 
were Dave Gordon in the 125 weight 
class and Mike Dye in the 145 weight 
class. Sophomore Grant Spradlin 
placed 8th competing in the 140 
weight class. Overall, the Clipper 
squad achieved a 9th place, scoring a 
total of 58 points. Robertson, Mott, 
Gordon and Dye all advanced to the 
state meet from the Sectionals. 

For this year's Boys" indoor track team, three 
members qualified to run in the Class D State 
Championship. At the Class D meet, Brian 
Morris placed 6th in the 600m, Mark Mahoney 
placed 9th in the mile run, and Eric Bowman 
placed 5th in the 1000m. With his 5th place 
finish, Eric Bowman qualified for the All-State 
Finals. For the Girls' team, Kate Finkensteadt, 
Bailey Weiden and Michelle Galvin all qualified 
for the Class D meet in the mile run. Jen Ewart 
placed 6th in the shot put, Natasha Kelly placed 
3rd in the high jump and the 4x800m relay 
team of Lindsay Gosnell, Galvin, Finkenstaedt 
and Wieden placed 6th. Natasha Kelly was the 
lone female to advance to the All-State Finals. 
There, she placed 6th with a jump of 5'2". For 
a small team, the showing was great. 

For the first time in their ten year 
history, the Norwell High School 
Math team qualified for the 
SMML play-offs. With league 
high scoring sophomores Dave 
Monteiro, Alex Gordon, and 
Doug McClean, the team placed 
tenth overall in the league; a feat 
which earned them a place in the 
playoffs. Seniors Meghan 
O'Connor, Elisabeth Ryan and 
Matt Finlayson gave solid perfor- 
mances. Juniors Madhu 
Krishnan, Doug Molla, Joel 
Kutska and Mark Hanson sup- 
ported the team's success. 

Drama Festival 


On February 28, the Norwell High 
School Drama Club participated in 
the Boston Globe High School Drama 
Club Festival with their production of 
Dracula . With a spectacular set and 
outstanding acting, they thrilled the 
judges and were allotted one of the 
three slots to advance to the semi- 
finals. The show was directed by 
ElizaBeth Cloutier Elliot and student 
directed by Elisabeth Ryan. Actors 
Corey Sullivan, Pete Lukow, Helen 
Harvester and Jeff Clark received act- 
ing awards and Marie Brown received 
an award for excellence in tech. 


During February vacation, nineteen 
French students, along with Mrs. 
Rosenberg and Mr. Dargis, voyaged to 
France. For nine days, they toured the 
city of Paris and then lived with French 
families in the town of Auxerre. In 
return, they will now house their French 
correspondances in April. Among the 
highlights of the trip were: lost on the 
metro back from the Bateaux Mouches, 
Helen getting hit by a car, I'orangina, 
copa cabana, singing on the bus, 'Ay 
Norman, gigantic..., power walking 
through Paris, St. Joseph, pains au 
chocolat, Ethan shirtless on the bridge, 
Papa Smurf, too many churches, out- 
house at the windmill, fondu et raclette 
dinner. Quick Burger, and the farewell 
dinner. C etait chouette! 

Class Officers 

Senior Class 

Junior Class 

(to the left) 


Kelly Ennis 
Vice President: 

Chris Truesdell 

Amanda Reed 

Kim Hogan 

Dave Gordon 


President: Liam Toomey 
V.P.: Pam Connolly 
Treasurer: Sean Meyer 
Secretary: Mark Mahoney 
Historian: Ethan Ceplikas 




Sophomore Class 

(to the right) 

President: Tim Moses 
Vice President: Dan McNamara 
Treasurer: Sam Mangum 
Secretary: Geoff Atkinson 
Historian: Amy Guiney 

Freshman Class 

(to the left) 

President: Mike Boutross 
Vice President: Jhilam Biswas 
Treasurer: Margaret Shute 
Secretary: Panagiota Koutrubas 
Historian: Maeve Barao 

Diversity Club and 
Gay-Straight Alliance 

Diversity Awareness Club 

"he Diversity Club works hard to create a tolerant environ- 
nent here at NHS. Last year the club sponsored their 
liannual Diversity Day. The club invited a multitude of 
peakers from diverse cultural, racial, religious and ethnic 
lackgrounds to speak to students. This year the club held 
1 "Dance Like No Other" to celebrate the diversity at 
^IHS. Club plans include bringing more speakers to 
^HS, hosting a cultural potluck and painting a mural 
'ntitled the Tolerance Wall. 

Gay -Straight Alliance 
n its only second year of existence, the GSA continued to 
jrow and learn, advised by Dr. Gerety and Ms. Ward. By 
providing a safe and supportive environment for all 
■tudents, the GSA worked to increase its own education, 
ts well the awareness of those throughout the high school. 

Under the leadership of president Elisabeth Ryan, vice president 
Bruce Bryan, secretary Sarai King, treasurer Meghan O'Connor, 
publicity representatives Lisa Toth and Erika Gully-Santiago, and 
faculty advisors Mr. Farrow and Mrs. Butler, Amnesty Internationa 
continued to fight for human rights around the world. By writing 
letters to free prisoners of conscience all over the world - including 
China, Kenya, Turkey, and Mexico - the members have taken 
action against human rights abuses. They wrote more than one 
hundred holiday cards to let political prisoners everywhere know 
that they were remembered, and they focused much of their time 
on educating themselves about the history and culture of Tibet, 
and, most importantly, how to aid them in achieving freedom fron 
oppression. Do not think that a small group of people cannot 
change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. 

Math Team 

There was definitely cause for 
the math team to celebrate with 
a round of High Pi's this year. 
After consistently performing 
at a top-notch level, the proud, 
self-proclaimed math nerds 
placed tenth in the Southeast- 
ern Massachusetts Mathemat- 
ics League and advanced to the 
sectional play-offs. Armed with 
their pocket protectors and TI- 
83s, lead by president Meghan 
O'Connor, vice president Bruce 
Bryan, and secretary Elisabeth 
Ryan, and of course Mrs. 
Giordano, this year's team cer- 
tainly lived up to their slogan of 
being Infinitely Radical. 

Mock Trial 

beginning the season with the 
itle of the 1 997 Plymouth County 
:hampions, the mock trial team 
vas more than ready to tackle 
he case of the Commonwealth 
Df Massachusetts vs. Mickey Pe- 
ers, an involuntary manslaugh- 
er case involving a teenager 
:harged with causing the deaths 
Df two people as a result of tam- 
pering with a stop sign. With 
Doth the prosecution and the 
lefense deserving Dream Team 
.tatus, helped of course by local 
awyers and NHS's own legal 
expert Mr. Farrow, the team was 
n indisputable success. 

Peer Education 

With a large and active membership this year, the substance free group continued to work closely wit 
Norwell fifth and seventh graders, as well as with the freshman in the successful Project School Famih 
program. Led this year by Dr. Gerety and Mr. Webber, the group undertook a campaign to cut dowr 
on drinking and driving. They distributed plaid ribbons throughout the school to raise awareness 
about the serious problem of drinking and driving, and they created a wall in the spine on which 
students could sign their name, pledging their support to help end this widespread problem. 

Art Club 

Ashia Lau 

Vice President 
Amanda Freed 

Julie Appel 

Alicia Finlayson 

Hannah Harvester 

Chem Club 



he drama club had a phenom- 
nal year - with a new director, 
HS grad ElizaBeth Cloutier 
lliott, the Fourth Wall Players 
'eated mystery in the fall, with 
,ny Number Can Die, horror in 
le winter, with the highly ac- 
aimed and award winning Festi- 
al piece Dracula, and classic 
lischief with A Midsummer 
light's Dream in the spring, 
very person was given the op- 
ortunity to demonstrate their love 
)r theater, whether it be through 
cting, directing, set, costume, 
hting, sound, or makeup de- 
gn. With after school acting 
asses offered, NHS was lucky to 
ave such a phenomenal group of 
Bvoted and talented young drama 


Dave Gordon 
& Jenn LaCroix 

Natasha Kelly, 
Mark Hanson 
& Adam Selby 

Ashia Lau 

Arts & Entertainment 
Helen Harvester 

Clubs & Classes 
Alex Gordon 

Jennifer Gallagher 

Doug McClean 

David Monteiro 

Bill Shanley 

Faculty Advisor 
Ms. Connor 


Student Government 

Shannon Williams 

Vice President: 
Natasha Kelly 

Katrina Bois 

Kate Finkenstaedt 

Liam Toomey & 
Kristin Lindblom 

Junior State of America 

Rousing political debate is the main activity of the newly- 
founded Junior State of America. Presidents Steve Mott and 
Alex Gordon led the club to their best debates ever, covering 
topics from the President's personal life to the rights of stu- 
dents to funding for space exploration. Regional level confer- 
ences in the fall and spring were a big hit and several members 
held regional offices with the brand new Northeastern State, 
encompassing New England and New York. 

JSA Officers 


.Alex Gordon 
Steven Mott 

David Monteiro 

Dir. of Finance 

Social Activities Dir. 

Adam Selby 

Greg Bunker / 
Sam Mangum 

Dir. of Publicity and Membership 
Dir. of Debate 

Bill Shanley 

Doug McClean 

Faculty Advisor. 

Mr. Kenslea 


Faculty Advisor: Mrs. Giordano 


Managing: Lynsey Fitzgerald and Meghan O'Connor 
Photo: Dave Gordon 

Business: Jon Alabiso, Erica Kilduff, Jen LaCroix and 
Kate Tower 

Senior Section: Tara Acton, Andrea Barber, Katrina 
Bois, Claire Gerety-Mott, Kristin Goodwin, Amanda 
Reed and Lisa Toth 

Art: Michelle Harding, Leith MacDonald, Jess Pithie, 
Tessa Sestina and Patricia Stempleski 
Candids: Amanda Beaudette, Ashley Donoghue and 
Natasha Kelly 

Sports and Activities: Kelly Ennis, Erin Gibbons, 
Kyde Holland, Ian Sutherland, Chris Truesdell and 
Shannon Williams 

Faculty/Underclass: Pam Denayer, Sara Gifford, 
Kate Finkenstaedt, Abby McCarthy and Ian Price 
Copy: Sarah Flannery, Erika Gully-Santiago and 
Elisabeth Ryan 

(^QIYiputer* Pete LukoW For answers to "Guess who" (p.S) see p. ISO 

Brian and Ashley 




Answers to Guess Who... (pg 8 ) :1.M, 2.G, 3.H, 4.E, 5.L, 6.A, 7.D, 8.K. 9.F, lO.B. ll.I, 12.J, 13.N, 14.C. 

Good Luck Class of '98 

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the Class of '98 
Alabiso Woodworking 

Good Luck 
Class of 1998 

A 15-day school strike in Ontario, 
Canada, affects 2.1 million 
students. Late in October, 
128,000 teachers walk out to 
protest a controversial bill that 
would alter educational funding 
and centralize government 
control of (■diiralioii 

Jan 1, 2000 

Governments and businesses 
worldwide race to remedy the 
"Year 2000" problem. Unless 
key computer systems are 
reprogramnied to recognize dates 
in the new century the world faces 
the threat of catastrophic failure 
in critical areas like banking, air 
safety, public utilities and defense. 

^ Asian economic turmoil triggers 
global unrest. In October, Hong 
Kong's stock market crashes. Asian 
countries receive billions in bailout 
dollars from the International 
Monetarv Fund. 

A Hong Kong reverts to China at I2;01 a.m., .luly 1, 
after 156 years of British colonial rule. China says 
Hong Kong will continue its Western way of life 
and free-market economy 

Montserrat, once called 
"the Emerald Isle of the 
Caribbean," is devastated 

ongoing eruptions 
from a volcano that had 
been dormant for '! 
years. TVo-thirds of the 
populace evacuates. 

Saviiio, Sipa 

\ The remains of Ernesto "Che" 
Guevara, martyred Marxist 
revolutionary, are laid to rest in 
Cuba in October, .'iO years after 
his execution in Bolivia, where his 
bones recently had been found. 

After 32 years of autocratic rule, 
President Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire 
is deposed in May 1997 and later dies 
in exile. His successor, Laurent 
Kabila, changes Zaire's name to 
Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

Change sweeps Great Britain as 
Labor Party leader Tony Blair's 
landslide election in May 1997 
ousts the Conservatives and makes 
Blair, at 44, Britain's youngest 
prime minister in 185 years. 

Hurricane Pauline slams into 
Mexico's Pacific coast in October, 
causing flash floods, landslides 
and at least 200 fatalities. 
The resort city of Acapuico is 
heavily damaged. 

Powerful earthquakes in central 
Italy kill 1 1 people and damage 
art treasures, including centuries-old 
frescoes by Italian Renaissance 
painters, in the Basilica of St. Francis 
of AssisL 

Halloween fever seizes France. 
At the base of the Eiffel Tower 
in Paris 8,000 pumpkins are 
displayed, and French children 
participate in an American-style 
Halloween celebration. 

President Jiang Zemin of China meets for summit tall<s witti 
President Bill Clinton in October, the first visit in 12 years of 
a Chinese leader to the U.S. During his stay, demonstrators 
protest China's treatment of Tibet. 

Diana, Princess of Wales, one of 
the world's most famous and 
admired women, dies at 36 in a 
violent car crash in Paris on 
August 31. 

One of the most poignant images of Dii 
following her coffin into Westminster 


Crisis flares again in Iraq in 
late 1997 as Saddam Hussein 
protests U.N. sanctions 
and blocks inspection of 
suspected Iraqi weapon sites. 

rkmlv itrnui;ht and 

i M MWfT fwirint. As nuny 
I Morlti Moream ili* 


In June, shortly before Diana's death, an auction 
of 79 of her evening gowns raises $3.26 milhon 
for AIDS and cancer charities. Top price paid for 
a single gown: $222,500. 


I World 


Brouks Krafl, S^-gma 

I On July 23 suspected murderer 
Andrew Cunanan, 27, commits suicide 
in Miami Beach. Cunanan was tlie 
prime suspect in a cross-country killing 
spree that left five dead, including 
fashion designer Gianni Versace. 

In April 1997, floods ravage the entire Red River 
Valley between Minnesota and the Dakotas, 
Ninety percent of downtown Grand Forks, North 
Dakota, is under water 

Once-mighty Apple Computer is 
close to failure when arch-rival 
Bill Gates of Microsoft "rescues" 
it with a $150 million bail-out in 
August. The event opens a new 
era of cooperation between 
formerly fierce competitors. 

ReuterVAfthive Plioti 

I Americans join 
"Stop the Violence" 
campaigns nationwide 
in an attempt to generate 
awareness of and solutions 
to the problem of violence 
in America. 

.loe Camel is snuffed out as the 
Federal Trade Commission bans 
tobacco advertising aimed at minors 
and institutes sweeping tobacco 
advertising restrictions. 


British nanny Louise Woodward, 19, 
is convicted in Massachusetts of 
murdering a child in her care. 
The judge later reduces the charge 
to involuntary manslaughter and 
releases her. 

Timothy McVeigh is convicted of 
murder and conspiracy in June for 
the April 1995 bombing of the Alfred 
R Murrah Federal Building in 
Oklahoma City. McVeigh is later 
sentenced to death. 

Hieodore Kaczynski admits he is 
the Unabomber responsible for 
killing 3 people and injuring 29 
others in an 18-year bombing 
campaign. His Januaiy 1998 guilty 
plea spares Kaczynski the death 
penalty but condemns him to 
life in prison with no possibility 

UPS woiliers take to the picket 
lines in an August sbike lasting 
15 days. The eventual settlement 
is seen as a major labor vkrtoiy. 

First Lt. Kelly Flinn accepts a general 
discharge from the Air Force, avoiding 
court-martial for lying about an affair 
and disobeying orders. Flinn had been 
the first and only female B-52 pilot in 
the service. 

ArlhutHm.-, Thi- Muini HtraW 

Reuters/Arcliive Photos 

A rarn urban tornado prowls 
through Miami on May 12, 
uprooting trees, shattering 
windows and snapping 
power lines. Fortunately, 
the storm inflicts only 
minor injuries. 

Attorney General Janet Reno refuses to name an independent 
prosecutor to investigate Clinton administration fundraising, causing 
friction with FBI Director Louis Freeh. 

Terry Nichols is found guilty of 
conspiracy and manslaughter in 
the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. 
Nichols is spared a federal death 
sentence in January 1998, but still 
faces Oklahoma state charges. 

©Richard Ellis, Sygma 

UFO enthusiasts 
gather in Roswell, 
New Mexico, to 
celebrate the 50th 
anniversary of the 
alleged UFO crash 
there in July 1947. 


Fast-food giant Burger King is forced to stop serving burgers 
when supplier Hudson Foods recalls 25 million pounds of 
hamburger suspected of contamination with £ coli bacteria. 
It is the biggest beef recall in U.S. history. 

The alt-male Promise Keepers 
movement inspires praise and 
controversy for its message of 
spiritual revival and personal 
responsibility for men. bi October, 
the group holds a giant rally in 
Washington, D.C. 

Once-secret tape recordings of 
foimer presidents Kennedy and 
Nbton are released publicly. The 
tapes provide an unvarnished, and 
sometimes unflattering, glimpse 
into the two presidents' actions and 
conversations in the White House. 

Bobbi McCaughey, Carlisle, Iowa, 
gives birth November 19 to seven 
babies, the U.S.'s first living 
septuplets. McCaughey and 
her husband Kenny now have 
eight children. 

Rpulers/Archive Photos 


At the internet/Online Summit 
in December, Vice President 
Al Gore announces government 
initiatives to protect young Internet 
users from online pornography 

I On October 25, at least 300,000 
African-American women gather in 
Philadelphia for the Million Woman 
March. Winnie Madikizela-Mandela 
is one of th 


Viewers worldwide see the first-ever 
high-resolution color pictures of 
Mars when the Pathfinder %^xmA\\. 
lands July 4. The lander and its rover, 
Sojourner, collect and transmit 
extraordinary- data for three months. 

For $8.36 million, Chicago's Field Museum of Natural 
Histor\' buys "Sue," the most complete Tyrmmosaums 
rex fossil yet discovered. The sale occurs October ^ 
at Sotheby's in New York. 

, Russia's aging Mir space station 
collides with an unmanned supply 
vehicle in June and is seriously 
damaged. This is only one in a 
series of crises casting doubt on 
the viability of the station. 

I In September, CAT scans 
of petrified dinosaur eggs 
found in China reveal a 
dinosaur embrvo. 

Reuters/Archive Photos 

Scottish scientists in February 1997 
announce the world's first cloning of 
an adult mammal. The sheep, named 
Dolly, fuels controversy over possible 
misuse of the technology. 

) Research produces medical break- 
throughs, including a genetically 
engineered "bullet" molecule being 
tested to fight cancer and new 
drugs to control or prevent 
Parkinson's disease, osteoporosis 
and congestive heart failure. 

The popular diet regimen fen-phen is 
pulled off the market in September. 
The combination of fenfluramine and 
phentermine is shown to cause heart 
valve disorders, as is the diet drug 
Redux, also recalled. 

Fuel cells that convert a fuel's 
energy directiy Into electricity are 
being developed for use in cars, 
making possible an efficient, 
knv-emission car of the future. 

The first prescription pill for 
male-pattem baldness is 
approved by the Food and Drag 
Administration in December. 
Hie drug Propecia is made by 
Merck and Company. 

Aided by the Hubble Space 
Telescope, astronomers discover the 
Pistol Star — the brightest star yet 
observed in the Milky Way The Pistol 
Star is 25,000 light years from Earth. 

Comet Hale-Bopp 
captures imaginations 
worldwide as it streaks past 
Earth for the first time in 
4,200 years— or, since 2203 
B.C. Hale-Bopp next returns 
in 4397. 

^ On October 13, the British jet car fte/^^C becomes the first vehicle 
to breal( the sound barrier on land, traveling 766.6 miles per hour in the 
Nevada desert. 

^ In December, 159 nations 
gather in Kyoto, Japan, and 
negotiate a climate treaty* 
to combat global warming by 
reducing greenhouse gases. 

The Food and Drug 
approves a dental laser 
for treating cavities. 
Unlike traditional 
dental drills, the laser 
in most cases causes 
virtuallv no discomfort. 

Premier Laser Systems, Iitc. 


^ Riven, the 
computer adventure 
game sequel to Myst, 
proves to be just as 
popular and even 
more sophisticated 
visually than its 

Hong Kong authorities in 
December order the slaughter of 
more than a million chickens in an 
effort to halt the spread of a bird 
flu vims that killed six people. 

The space shuttle Columbia 
releases the errant Spartan 
satellite in November. U.S. 
astronaut Winston Scott and 
Takao Doi, the first Japanese 
astronaut to do a space walk, 
retrieve the satellite for return 

El Nifio stirs up global weather 
patterns. Caused by warmer-than- 
normal water temperatures in the 
equatorial Pacific, the '97 El Nitio 
is blamed for storms and weather 
problems worldwide. 

Protesters unsuccessfully attempt 
to prevent the October launch of 
NASA's Cassini spacecraft to 
Saturn, fearing an accident could 
shower the Earih with the rocket's 
radioactive plutonium. 

French oceanographer and 
award-winning filmmaker Jacques 
Cousteau dies in June at 87. His work 
gained renown through the popular 
television series 
"The Undersea World 
of .lacques Cousteau,' 

Teen People a sawy monthly magazine 
for and about teenagers, premieres in 
February 1998. 

line _ 

in October, a cyberfashion show at the M.l.T. Media Lab Wearable 
Symposium features fashions with built-in computer devices and 
electronic hardware. M.l.T. students designed the high-tech fashions. 

Princess Diana tribute merchandise 
abounds, including a double CD 
set and a new Beanie Baby named 
Princess, a royal purple bear 
adorned with a rose. Profits 
benefit the Diana, Princess of Wales 
Memorial Fund. 

Fashion advertising and clothing trends inspire the 
popularity of the color orange, which replaces neon 
green as the fad color of the year. 

Fashion looks to the Far East. The 
stick-on bindi, a tiny decorative 
accent worn in the middle of the 
forehead, is popularized by Gwen 
Stefani, lead singer of the band 
No Doubt. 

This year's look in 
cosmetics is glimmering, 
sparkling and colorful. 
Riding this wave, 
cosmetics giant Christian 
Dior introduces Ma.scara 
Rash, temporary hair 
color in a variety of 
outrageous tints. 

Platform shoes, a fashion statement 
during the di.sco 70s, make a style 
comeback in a big way in 1997, 
inspiring even platform sneakers. 

Nike introduces a new "I Can" 
advertising campaign on New 
Year's Day. The company does not 
plan to abandon its "Just Do tt" 
slogan, introduced in 1985, which 
will continue to appear on T-shirts 
and posters. 

Diet Scent Patches are introduced 
in June by Slimline, a British 
company. Designed to help people 
diet successhilly, the small arm 
stickers produce an unpleasant 
odor to discourage the wearer 
from eating sweets. 

"T\vo Fat Ladies" becomes the Food 
Network's hottest new cooking show 
in the U.S., attracting fans with its 
unconventional British stars, two 
overweight, middle-aged women. 

I The Chevrolet Corvette 
is named Motor Trend 
magazine's 1998 Carol 
the Year. 

Softer Hairstyle 

A new $50 bill featuring a larger, off-center portrait of President Ulysses S. Grant is 
unveiled in October Design details make the bill more difficult to forge. 

Mattel introduces Share a Smile 
Beck)' in May 1997. Seated in a 
bright pink wheelchair, the doll is 
marketed as a friend to the 
traditional Barbie. 

Smaller Chest 

Larger Waist 
Smaller Hips 

After nearly 40 years, 
Mattel's Barbie doll 
takes on a more realistic 
face and body shape 
than the Barbie of the 
'60s. The new doll will 
begin to appear in 
stores in early 199 

Mehndi, intricate 
designs painted on the 
body with henna dye, 
is a popular expression 
of the fashion trend 
toward Eastern themes 
and patterns. 

Digital "pets" are a 1997 toy craze. These 
virtual critters keep their owners busy by 
beeping when they need care or feeding. 
If ignored, they "die." 

Canada issues a Superhero postage 
stamp series that includes a 45-cent 
stamp featuring the colorful, 
comic-book image of Superman. 

^ , ABC's gritt)' police drama "NYPD Blue" remains one of the most 
popular one-hour dramas on television in 1997, capturing four 
Emmy Awards. 

y The Lost World, Slewn 

Spielberg's yura4s/c Park sequel, 
breaks summer box-office 
records everywhere. It earns 
$229 million in the U.S. 

Comedian Chris Farley dies at 33 of a drug overdose 
on December 18. He starred in NBC's "Saturday 
Night Live" and movies including Toniiny Bo\ and 
Beuerly Hills Ninja. 

t'dltinilud^andalay Ifom Itie Kobal Colleclion 

Unlvenal Sludms, lilt . Itoni Shiwrini; .Slaf 

^ Jerry Seinfeld, creator 
' and star of the NBC hit 
"Seinfeld," announces 
In December that the 1997- 
l998 sea.son is the show's 
last. The final episode airs 
in May, ending the popular 
show's nine-year run. 

Gtno Mihud, SFioolinfi Hit 

I Fox network launches "King of 
the Hill," an animated show that 
focuses on the lives of a propane 
dealer from Texas and his family. 
The show goes on to become a 
smash hit 

Scream 2, the chilling hit sequel to 
Scream, is a wildly successful mix 
of carnage and comedy starring 
Neve Campbell, Jerry O'Connell, 
Tori Spelling, ,lada Pinkett and a host 
of other stars. 

In its second season, the WB's 
campy sitcom "Buffy the Vampire 
Slayer" blossoms into a huge 
favorite with many viewers. 

Jenny McCarthy stars in a new 
fall NBC comedy "Jenny" that, 
in January 1998, goes into hiatus 
only a few months into its first 
season. McCarthy had been an 
MTV personality before moving to 
the networt(. 


Horror films draw teenagers to the 
box office. I Know What You Did Last 
Summer, starring Jennifer Love Hewitt 
and Sarah Michelle Cellar, is one of 
the year's biggest atirartions. 

Critically acclaimed /Im/.sVarf, 
directed by Steven Spielberg, tells 
the story of an 1839 slave ship mutiny. 
The film culminates years of effort by 
producer Debbie Allen to bring the 
story to life. 

Religion is a common theme 
on eight fall-season network 
TV shows inspired by the 
success of CBS's "Touched 
by an Angel" starring Roma 
Downey, Delia Reese and 
John Dj e. New programs 
include ABC's "Nothing 
Sacred" and "Teen Angel." 

CBS EnleMainmenl from Shooting Star 

Michael Flatley's pulsating 
show "Lord of the Dance" 
fuels the extraordinary 
popularity of Irish dance. 
The show tours 15 cities in 
the U.S. through October 

Titanic is a huge critical and box-office success. The movie event of the 
year, this $200 million picture is the most costly in history After 45 days 
in the theaters, Titanic had earned $308 million. 

I Star Wars captures a new generation of fans when 
George Lucas re-releases the film trilogy 20 years 
after the first film was shown. In Washington, D.C., 
the National Air and Space Museum mounts a huge 
exhibition of now-historic ftor Wars artifacts. 

In the fall. Fox debuts 
"Ally McBeal," a 
comedy/drama starrin: 
Calista Flockhart as a 
young Boston attorney 
The show captures a 
Golden Globe Award 
in January 1998 for best 
series/musical or comedy 

Matt Damon stars as an attorney 
in The Rainmalier, a movie based 
on the John Grisham novel. 
Damon's successes also include 
the film Good Will Hunting. 

©Fox from Shooling Slar 

Summer blockbuster 
Men in Black grosses 
more than $500 million 
worldwide to become 
1997's biggest hit. 
The sci-fi comedy stars 
Smith and Tommy 
Lee Jones. 

The Wonderful Wotid of Disney 
presents its adaptation of 
"Rodgers & Hammerstein's 
Cinderella" on ABC, starring 
Brandy as Cinderella and Whitney 
Houston as the Fairy Godmother. 

Tomorrow Never Dies , starring 
Pierce Brosnan as 007, is a 
holiday box-office hit and 
confirms the endurir^ popularity 
of James Bond movies. 

The 1997 season premiere 
episode of "ER" is broadcast 
live and draws 42.7 million 
viewers for NBC, including 
those who watch it on a 
giant screen in Times Square. 



Fiona Apple, 20, one o( rock's 
female superstars, is named 
MTVs Best New Artist in a Video. 
Her single "Criminal" soars to 
the top o( the charts. 

riiumbawamba's hit single 
Tiibthumping" brings long-awaited 
success to this British band. 
The song becomes popular at 
pro sports events, kicking off 
games for several teams. 

Rap artist the Notorious B.I.G. Is killed m a 
March 1997 drive-by shooting in Los Angeles. 
He is posthumously awarded MTV's 1997 Best Rap 
Video Award for "Hypnotize" and is lameiSpin 
magazine's Artist of the Year. 

With their hit single 
"MMMBop," three young 
brothers from 1\ilsa 
become one of the 
biggest breakthrough 
acts of 1997 as the 
band Hanson. 

Lilith Fair, an all-female summer rock 
concert, draws large crowds on its 
37-stop tour. Canadian singer-songwriter 
Sarah McLachlan masterminds the festival 
and releases a hit a\bm,Surfacin!j. 

I Country music superstar 
Garth Brooks releases 5ew/;i, 
his first album in two years. 
The album sells 800,000 copies 
the first week. 

W alk This Way: The Autobiography 
ofAcrosmilh chronicles the long 
career of the band notorious for its 
excesses in the '70s and '80s. The 
group's new album Nine Lives is 
nominated for a 1998 Grammy . 

A '^"lash Mouth popularizes a genre 
alternative rock known as neo-ska 
with its hit single "Walkin' on the Sun" 
and debut album Fiish Yu Mang. 

British pop phenomenon, 
the Spice Girls, makes 
millions with mega-hits 
such as "Wannabe" and sells 
14 million albums and 
10 million singles. 

I Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys engineers the second Tibetan 
Freedom Concert, held in June in New York, offering 27 music acts 
and a free-Tibet political message. 

I The album /VoWm-Ouf by Puff 
Daddy & the Family goes 
multiplatinum. Puffy's single 
"I'll Be Missing You," an elegy 
to his friend the Notorious B.I.G., 
also tops the charts. 

Sixteen-year-old R&B 
phenom .lonny Lang 
opens for the Rolling 
Stones' fall tour and 
spends 16 weeks at 
No. 1 on Billboards 
blues chart with his 
album Lie to Me. 

©David Corio. Relna 

Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, superstar 
producer songwriter singer, receives more 1998 
Grammy nominations than any other artist, including 
one for his album The Day. Edmonds and wife 
Traceyalso produce the \MSoulFood in 1997. 

Metallka releases a seventh album, 
Re-Load, that confirms its position 
as the premier heavy-metal l>and in 
the music worid. 

Radwhead is Spin magazine's Band 
of the Year. Critics praise 
Radiohead's album OK Computer, 
variously described as haunting, 
revolting, inscnitable, stunning 
and gorgeous. Hie album receives 
a 1998 Grammy nomination for 
Rock/Pop Album of the Year. 

Third Eye Blind, after several 
years in San Francisco's 
underground music scene, 
goes big time in 1997. Their 
song "Semi-Charmed Life" is 
listed as the top-selling 
modern rock single for 1997 
in Billboard magazine. 

At 15, country music sensation 
LeAnn Rimes sells more than 12.5 
million recordings in the U.S. in 
1997 and is named Billboard Music 
Awards Artist of the Year. Her single 
"How Do I Live" is one of the year's 
best sellers. 

In July, 16-year-old Swiss tennis star 
Martina Hingis becomes the youngest 
Wimbledon champion since 1887. 
Hingis wins three of the four 1997 
Grand Slam events. 

Quarterback John Elway leads 
the Denver Broncos to a 31-24 
victory over the Green Bay 
Packers in Super Bowl XXXll in 
San Diego, January 25, 1998. It is 
Elway's first Super Bowl win in 
four appearances. 

The Florida Marlins are baseball's 1997 World Series 
champs and the first team ever to win the Series 
without winning its league pennant. The Marlins 
defeat the Cleveland Indians in seven games. 

I Tiger Woods, 21, becomes 
the youngest golfer ever to 
win the Masters Tournament. 
His 18-under-par score sets 
a Masters record. Woods 
wins 3 other tournaments 
and sets a PGA Tour earnings 
record of $2.1 million for 
the season. 

Mike lyson bites off part of Evander 
Holyfield's ear and is disqualified in 
the WBA Heavyweight rematch in June 
1997. Tyson is fined nearly $3 million 
and his boxing license is revoked. 

fteuters/Afchjvf Ptiolos 


Pittsburgh Penguins' Mario 
Lenneux retires in April 1997 after 
a spectacular comeback from 
Hodgkin's disease and injury. 
Lemieux is elected to the Hockey 
Hall of Fame in September. 

In April 1997, the premier issue of 
Sporls Illustrated Women hits 
the newsstands. The magazine 
reflects the explosive growth of 
female participation in sports. 

Swedish golfing phenomenon 
Annika Sorenstam, 26, tops the 
LPGA earnings list in 1997 wHh a 
record $1,236,789. 

Professional sports salaries keep 
skyrocketing. One of the most 
puUwiied of 1997 is Kevin 
Gamett's $126 millwn contract to 
play baskettiall for the Minnesota 

Charles Woodson, Michigan's versatile 
junior cornerback, becomes the first 
primarily defensive player to win the 
Heisman TYophy, awarded in December. 


Jeff Gordon, at 26, wins the 
1997 NASCAR Winston Cup, his 
second Winston Cup point title 
in tfiree \ears. Gordon's 1997 
points total 4,710. 


insham. NB.V.\llsp«rt 

Nagano, Japan, hosts the 
Winter Olympic Games during 
Februar)'. Three new medal 
sports make their Olympic debut: 
curling, snowboarding and 
women's ice hockey. 

Detroit Red Wings captain 
Steve Yzerman powers his 
team to the 1997 Stanley 
Cup championship, its first 
in 42 years, by sweeping 
the Philadelphia Flyers in 
four games. 

In its debut season, the 
WNBA exceeds all league 
expectations for success. 
The Houston Comets' 
championship win 
over the New 
York Liberty caps 
the 1997 season. 

The Chicago Bulls 
beat the Utah Jazz 
in June 1997 for 
their fifth NBA 
championship in 
seven years. Michael 
Jordan is chosen 
Finals MVP a record 
fifth time. 

When the college football 
season ends, two teams 
share the national 
championship. Michigan (12-0) 
is named No. 1 by the sports 
writers' poll, and Nebraska 
(13-0) by the coaches' poll. 

©Dous Dpnsrnser Allsport 

Reuteri'ArchKe Photos 

Women officiate in an all-male 
professional sports league for 
the first time. The pioneers, 
Dee Kanter and Violet Palmer, 
are referees in the NBA. 

MaritlVlcGwipe, of the St. Louis 
Cardinals, slams 52 homers in 
1996 and 58 in 1997. IVIcGwire 
becomes only the second player in 
baseball histoiy with back-to-back, 
SO-home-run seasons, the other 
being Babe Ruth. 

Dean Smith, winningest coach in 
college basketball history, retires in 
October after 36 seasons at North 
Carolina. Sports Illustrated names 
him 1997 Sportsman of the Year. 

Miss Illinois. Katherine Shindle, is 
crowned Miss America 1998, For the 
lirsl time in its 77 year history the 
pageant allows contestants to wear 
two-piece swimsuits in competition. 

Beloved actor Jimmy Stewart dies in .luly at 89. 
Stewart's enduring nice-guy popularity is 
exemplified by It's a Wonderful Life, his 1 946 
movie that is now an American cultural icon. 

Chelsea Clinton begins her 
freshman year at Stanford 
University in Palo Alto, California 
Despite security measures, she 
reportedly will lead as normal a 
college life as possible. 

For the first time, a computer 
beats a world chess champion 
when IBM's Deep Blue beats 
Russian Garry Kasparov in a 
six-game match in May 1997. 

I T MjfHjIlan, San Union Tyibune 

I Roman Catholic nun Mother Teresa of Calcutta 
dies September 5 at the age of 87. Revered 
for a lifetime of helping the poorest of the 
poor, her many honors include the 1979 Nobel 
Peace Prize. 

American Jody Williams and the 
International Campaign to Ban Land 
Mines are awarded the 1997 Nobel 
Peace Prize in October. Ttie U.S. and 
China refuse to sign an international 
treaty that would ban land mines. 

Ted Turner, vice tliairnian of the 
Time Warner media empire, pledges 
$1 billion to United Nations programs. 
It is the largest single gift in 
philanthropic history. 

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, 
appears in ads as a spokesperson 
for Weight Watchers International. 
She is the former wife of England's 
Prince Andrew.